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  1. Hey guys. I have been thinking about this for a while, but haven't really got to it because I don't know how to do it, but what about making a frames per second version of Mirage, Dust 2, Cache and all other popular DM maps. My thinking would be to shrink the skybox, as open skyboxes are not needed in deathmatch. This way you could make more enclosed areas. Also removing certain props and models could possibly lower cpu usage. This version could then be used by deathmatch servers exclusively. My FPS in this game has gone down severly since I started playing on release, and it is particularly bad on deathmatch. What do you guys think? Is this something someone would be interested in helping with? Haven't posted here in years, stopped mapping when Valve "ruined" SDK and rendering went from taking 5 minutes to an hour, so my mapping skills are nonexistent.
  2. Bodd Jonar

    compile time

    Nope, went back and checked very old VMF's, and all have the same values. Also, it takes around 30 minutes to compile, when it used to take 5 minutes, is there a way to shorten the compile time? Waiting 30 minutes to see if one small detail works is tiresome.
  3. Bodd Jonar

    compile time

    I tried that, but now the ground looks blue at some places, like the lightning is really weird.
  4. Bodd Jonar

    compile time

    I steal this topic; I tried to compile now for the first time since forever, and all models are black and the lightning is way off. I remember that they changed something a while ago, but is there a guide to compiling or something?
  5. Bodd Jonar


    Congrats on the release! The map looks amazing. Small feedback; The A site feels a little "poor", not much room to play with. Consider adding a box or something here; http://images.akamai.steamusercontent.com/ugc/491275750283579839/9410D9BDB5DABC6B407DB7703A132FD7A5E822AF/ For example, Xbox on Bsite dust2 makes that bombsite so much better, both for CT and T, because you can play every angle on it, It's fun with something that you can run around, like quad on cache, or your own B site.
  6. Bodd Jonar


    I will have to agree with this, the lightning does not look realistic one bit.
  7. I don't really like the theme you are going for. Depressing brick buildings with pale interiors. I recommend that you spend some time on google and find a good theme, something a little happier, it is the very first step that you should take if you have a basic layout.
  8. This smoke is no longer possible, as it hits the diagonal wall https://youtu.be/g9WfIXWgU5s?t=79 Did you add anything here? https://gyazo.com/1f7aadbf83ff7d3411a9cf7e21802246 Because somehow it always bounces on that thing now. Ok found another way to throw the smoke, but from on top of the crate. But I noticed that jumping up on the crate is pretty messed up, your character are forced into a crouch position, it can't stand up because of the fence above it.
  9. Valve has so much money but won't spend a dime on keeping the community in check, it's a big joke. Before I started playing PC I thought Valve was the best developer since their games was given so much love, well I don't think that anymore. Sure they do a lot of good stuff like operations, SDK support etc, but their customer support is a punch in our face. That this hasn't been solved yet is not only sad, it's pathetic even, spend some money on the community ffs. on topic: I don't think that's how you are "supposed" to do it, look at this thread etc: https://www.reddit.com/r/GlobalOffensive/comments/46erxf/the_new_radar_is_really_good/ It will look really weird if you just remove the rest of the map from the minimap when you go down to A. What about teammates that are not down there, they will just be in the dark?
  10. True, source sucks, but I think you are misinformed about what CoD gameplay was before. It was just like cs, but called search and destroy. The maps were built for that gamemode. The true reason to why maps are like they are now is probably because of what you said, source limitations, but also because it is the easy way to make maps, it is very easy to get an idea on how the map will be played, control rotation times, timings etc. I like it, but more open maps would be welcomed.
  11. In my opinion space like that is the reason to why CS maps are so linear and full och corridors. Maps are mostly a theme and then a random set of corridors. Early cod games handled maps much better, with little to no "negative space". Look at maps like Crash, strike, terminal, highrise, backlot etc, all amazing competitive maps. I think mappers spend too little time on layout, mostly they spend the first few hours, weeks on it, and then months on the theme. @fmpone: What is the name of the brick textures used in the map? Like this one http://puu.sh/l8qP4/fb7a98d77d.jpg to the right. Customs I guess since I have never seen it in another map.
  12. Currently switched to paleo since I started working out. As long as I don't mix fast carbs and meat my stomach seems to handle it just fine. I'm not trying to lose weight, so I eat a lot of chicken with my sallad, and walnuts, fruits etc. I also "cheat" the diet by adding feta to my sallad, it just adds so much flavor. For my sallad today I will have cucumber, carrots, iceberg lettuce, chicken and feta, and after I usually eat a banana or an apple, and some walnuts. If you skip the walnuts you should be deficient in calories.
  13. Got the highest grade in two courses in a row now and started going to the gym. My diet is working like a charm and my stomach feels better, but it will take weeks before I know for sure how my gut handles it. Soon I have caught up with school, so tired of being behind. But for the first time in months I feel like everything in life is moving forward, each day is a step forward. A mixed feeling of happy but also extremely stressed.
  14. You can search for "log" in your csgo folder, after a compile, the latest compile log will be at the top. In the log, simply search for "numportal" and see what number it says. I started out with something like 17k which is way to much, got it down to around 2900 after hours of func detailing.
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