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  1. Heck, I'm totally up for this, will be pretty sweet seeing what the results will be like with additional engines involved now.
  2. Hello folks! Thought I'd introduce myself as I've not been around for a while, I'm FRAG I'm a level designer for Operation Black Mesa & I'm also a Technical Demonstrator at Plymouth College of Art where I cover Level Design and Unreal Engine 4. I've also made my way onto the Discord but I'm hoping to become active around here again. So howdy o/
  3. Was great watching this contest unfold, shame I couldn't carry on with mine but dayum congratulations to the winners (and everyone else) such impressive content all round, look forward to the next one!
  4. Back in December we had a media release for Operation: Black Mesa and I posted a few WIP areas from my work on of2a1 (first map in the chapter "Missing In Action" for Opposing Force) and I believe I posted them here too, after chatting with the community at large I made some changes to better fit the atmosphere that was set in the original map, the changes to this effect are mostly lighting based with a few texture adjustments but I've also made some additions to the geometry to flesh out the area a bit more, so first here is the area that was posted in December 2015 As you can see it's quite bright and friendly compared to the original level which looks like this. So here is how my version of the level now looks, this is the fan room for OF2A1 as of July 2016 There is still stuff that needs to be done, my next plan is to work on the particle effects I need for the area and fix up the "smog" that emits from the fans which can't be screenshotted for some odd reason, seems to be a bug that has popped up for us and makes the room look too clean for the lights to make sense in some cases.
  5. Thanks @Sprony just got home from work so going to get started and hopefully make it in time!
  6. I won't be able to re-submit mine, The editor has been "packaging" my level for about 4 hours now with no visible packing actually done, If I can finish work tomorrow in time then I'll give it another shot.
  7. I believe you can refine the layout during phase 2, if you need to finish the layout you'll probably be able to do that but that's for the mapcore admins to decide.
  8. No, Phase 1 is over, what has been submitted to the Phase 1 thread you must leave alone as the deadline has now passed! Start on Phase 2 and go nuts!
  9. I would add the disclaimer but I don't have the ability to edit my post, I'm assuming that is due to it being locked now?
  10. Name: Oliver Curtis Alias: FRAG Map Name: DM-Metro Download Link: DM-Metro The idea is this is a re-purposed metro station for the tournament, it's located in the middle of a metropolis which means that life is still going on around, maybe even a train or two (TBD) Environment setting: Metro, Urban, Metropolis Theme: Clean, re-purposed. Player Count: 3 to 6 Story: Metro Station 87 is located in the center of Atmos, a city that prides itself on it's polished facility's and clean public spaces, they have kindly re-purposed this station to host the tournament and allowed the locals to watch for their own pleasure, would be a shame if someone spilled blood here wouldn't it? I agree that this content constitutes a Submission under the Unreal Engine EULA ( https://www.unrealengine.com/eula ).
  11. Yeah that's fine, will use the old shell in phase 2, thanks for replying @Sprony
  12. I'm in a bit of a state at the moment but I know I'll get an answer here I got hospitalised today and I won't have access to my latest content until after the submission date, I do have a copy of the original metro map I worked on, I know we can evolve our shells in phase 2 but would it be possible to submit my old content for now and then push through with the new shell in phase 2? The new shell isn't a drastic change, it just works off subtractive methods instead of being solely additive, which has allowed for better refinement of paths I wanted to create. If I can't then no problem, I'll use the old shell and get it up to speed in phase 2.
  13. Yeah I've actually just gone back and done this myself @Sigma Although I was enjoying the approach I was taking, I've managed to achieve a much better whitebox by using subtractive design, will be updating my thread and submitting my submission asap.
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