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  1. this is exactly what I do not understand. I haven't found these textures even in atexture browser. Where did they came from? It's good if i can just replace these textures, but I need to explain how they are shown if they aren't show even after decompile the map (used "extract embedded files"). Sry my eng, hope you understand well.
  2. Can somebody explain me how does it work? I decompiled the map, found 4 env_projectedtextures entities called and other stuff like cases,timers and maths. Also,i see some func_illusionaries In the place where the images should be displayed. how the projector shows image? I feel awkward by asking this question, but this important thing for me. I haven't found any images associated with the image output. Just env_projectedtextures with the texture names effects/slideshow_projector_01/02/03/04
  3. evilcore

    compile time

    Hey guys. I need to know about how much time do you usually spend by compiling full map and what are your pc spec? I.E those maps, which a large number of props (agency,zoo,nuke,resort (new nuke ofc) e.t.c) - Full compile -both -final (slow) - Fast $light compile (with -StaticPropLighting -StaticPropSampleScale 0.25 and def) And what's the different between This compile and default valve compile?
  4. Oh, thank you. I will definitely download these maps and see how they look inside
  5. I have not enough experience in this case. I Decompiled the map to see how it looks from the inside. I have never used area portal,clip, no draw, etc textures in my projects. Therefore, So it is interesting to me.
  6. Yes, I noticed that in all the places where the missing textures, are located area portals. In addition, after several recompilations, these problems disappeared yourself But anyway, thanks for the reply. (Its strange that your messages were not displayed)
  7. I decompiled the map de_mirage, but after running it I saw that the textures disappear turning on some parts of the map. Who knows, how to fix it? (screen at the entrance to the B house)
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