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  1. Working on a World At War map (Borred about Cs:go) Sorry for the bad mapping, first time in radiant I'm looking of everything is woking in this engine ! Textures done myself
  2. It was in the first topic page, using doors to make walls ^^
  3. Hey, I don't really like textures you used, but in global it look really good !
  4. nicoreda


    I use blender since 2.49a, so far the software has involed during the time. I tried 3dsmax, maya, but I'm always turning back to Blender, because shorcuts, the way to use, is so different it's hard to try another tools. I would recommend to use http://graphics.uni-konstanz.de/~luft/ivy_generator/ to make ivy and other things, but it's not the best for making low poly foliages. http://images.akamai.steamusercontent.com/ugc/449584961009402712/44AAF5BBEABD39915209923CA987C10A7243CC07/ Baking branches high to low, using planar branches (got textures on textures.com) can be a good idea. Edit: you can add some addons in blender, check in "add curves" the addon "Sapling" and "IvyGen" it can be a good start Sapling: and IvyGen from blender
  5. Currently I got this http://images.akamai.steamusercontent.com/ugc/403433347029526183/D7898D24DBF3B02A32A206B548A99658B5F761E1/ (not as screenshot to not spam forum about my content) I set the floor as displacement here. I know it's bad on source making entirely model, because there is no vis, so you have to cut with brush manually every pieces, so you have bsp behind models etc... I really hope Source 2 for cs:go will fix this issue.
  6. Making bigger parts... yes but not entirely. I'm scared about the lighting on this engine with models, I really don't know for now. I'm in a state of making an "asset store" (I don't know the name in english, but making all models I need to make a map with them). I have made this level http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=135458640 using a lot of single part models, without performances problem on a GTS 250, so I think it's not necessary, well I'll see, thanks for the feedback
  7. Yeah I think it can impact performances but I'm not sure if it's only in hammer or also ingame. I have to check that, but it's possible since it do bad perf with multiple prop_static of grass.
  8. Only the one of the first screenshot
  9. Soo I tried to do something fun with this little rock... Even it don't look good, it was funny to do this This is for a remake of my old de_chanda
  10. Working on my level named "disctrict 45" for CS:GO.
  11. I've done easier things using this view dd You really understand what are you doing in your system
  12. Hey ! I don't know if someone know that, hammer has logical for entities, like a hud to view how your entities are working, it's not real time preview, but you can see how are linked your entities. Result: but, how to get that ? Easy ! open regedit, search HKEY_CURRENT_USER/Software/Valve/Hammer/Splitter Then you have "drawtype0,0" "drawtype0,1" "drawtype1,0" "drawtype1,1" 0,0 is camera view, 0,1 is top, 1,0 is side, 1,1 is front Then you have 4 views to change, you can change what you want. For this test, use 1,1 Then you can start hammer, select one map exist, you will see the magic ! It do not look like this at start, you have to move entities etc. To get the grid, save your vmf, open it with text editor, search the text "bShowLogicalGrid" change the "0" to "1" and load your map. It's glitchy, it can go black everytime. Et voila ! Edit: You can try 11 and 12 disabled on csgo, it's light preview
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