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  1. Hi! Just submitted for a playtest of my map de_golden on sunday 20170820. Is it possible to reschedule to thursday 20170817 instead?
  2. My first upload of the defusal map de_golden (previously named de_stockholm). This is my first mapping project. I've done some basic texturing and detailing to get a feel for the atmosphere and theme. De_golden is a map set in the older parts of Stockholm, Sweden. A terrorist cell from a jihadist militant group from the Sinai Province has executed an attack in the heart of Stockholm called “The Old Town”. Their objective is the create chaos in the normally modest and safe capital. The Counter Terrorist unit called GIGN from France has reinforced the district since the national police force is inadequate and is struggling to handle the situation. Be sure to enjoy the level and I appreciate all the feedback and comments I can get! Here´s the link to the map on the Steam Workshop: Middle with A bombsite on the far right. A bombsite. Close up of a café in middle. Middle with some thematic detailing and the B bombsite straight ahead. Fastest route to B from Terrorist spawn. B bombsite.