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  1. Amazing work can't wait to see more of your work
  2. I would use the UE4 game engine and build the game with Blue prints no coding skills neeed and is really easy to pick up and from the blue prints you can create a fps ,topdown or isometric game view, also with the UE4 there free game style samples you can use and build on https://docs.unrealengine.com/latest/INT/Engine/Blueprints/
  3. taz-ed

    [HL2EP2] Mod Aurora

    i like the idea of your little mod and will be exciting to make, for you requirments of dialogue you'll need to use faceposer " a lil tut here " but if you just want to have the npc's in a camera long shot you could get a way with trigger a set up of ambient_generic's playing your cstom .wav files ,, looking forward to playing this mod when its released
  4. it could be you have a leak using train_metalgrate01 as a floor texture, with the transparent parts allowing a view to the void post your compile log
  5. you can use _ssbump with $bumpmap maybe that what your thinking about ??
  6. this line "$bumpmap" "custom/de_samba/broken_brick_plaster_bottom_bump" should be _normal not _bump
  7. Is there an update to how this mod is coming along ? "any concept art or map previews"
  8. yes, it will work, but again, you have to do stuff like "export as ..., then import into another program, than export from that program, dowload one more program, import into 'one more' program, then export as ..., and import that, export this, import this, but don't forget about this and so on..." oh my god. I think your over thinking it, you make your level in Blender export as a .map use crafty to convert to a .vmf and you can then finish the level off in CS.go hammer
  9. You might find this an interesting read http://forums.steampowered.com/forums/showthread.php?t=654523
  10. Long time member, 1st post I just downloaded and played this test game and got to say i think it is great some nice puzzles and really good levels i think tis game will go far http://www.croteam.com/
  11. i use a trust MI-2500x optical, and been using the same one to play Counter strike source to doom3 for the last 3 years now
  12. taz-ed

    City Block

    hi is there an update to this or is to early to see a part finished view ??
  13. If you guys have source sdk you try doing this http://developer.valvesoftware.com/wiki ... Hammer_4.x and map using the lastest hammer version
  14. taz-ed

    Learning Hammer

    You could load the .vmf in the 2007 hammer then compile and hope there are no errors or use VBCT to compile the map but instead of using the orangebox compile tools set it up to use the source2007 compile tools
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