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  1. I didn't know this thread existed until now... It disgusts me..
  2. Currently trying to broaden my competence as a level designer. Growing really tired of having ideas and not be able to create them. It always feel that there are crucial materials, models or assets that are missing. Therefore I am currently picking up 3DS max to learn how to model my own assets and Substance Designer to create my own materials. As I think Bastion here on mapcore said "A real level designer can model". That got me going.
  3. I like your portfolio! Some pointers in my opinion. At the front page I would place a line in between your works like this. This is to create some space so that everything feels separate. At the moment it just feels like everything is floating together. White is a dangerous color to have since it can be very straining on the eyes to watch depending on screen brightness and real life environmental factors. Maybe think about doing it more grayish so it is more easy to look at. Lastly I would remove the text when you hover over an image. I find it very annoying and it feels incomplete. Some pictures have a lot of text and some barely none. Also, when you write what you have done on the game, try to make some things in BOLD. This will make it easier to read and navigate. For example: Engine: Unity = Engine: Unity Also spellcheck your comments! Some sentences ends with ; and others with . so go through and settle down with a normal .. Otherwise it looks good with both videos and images. Hope it helped!
  4. I do not believe this will work in CSGO. The tunnels are too narrow to maneuver and exact representations of reality are seldom good in games. If they don't feel awkward they have bad gameplay.
  5. Hello everyone! My portfolio is now up and running! If you have any tips and feedback I would appreciate it! http://www.egld.se/ Thanks!
  6. GRiNET

    [CS:GO][WIP] De_Cement

    No, I haven't tried it ingame yet. If the upper part is non-walkable, I think it is fine!
  7. GRiNET

    [CS:GO][WIP] De_Cement

    I like the overall feeling of this. However, I have two things that I am not entirely sold on. From the view from the screenshot depicting site it it looks very hard to defend du to the complex shape of the site. Bombsite B looks way to big. Otherwise looking good, will be interesting to see how this progresses!
  8. WIP of my Unreal Tournament map. DM-Cove Inspired by Underland and sharing its assets.
  9. I want to feel glad and positive but I don't. What about improved siege-tank ai? What about unit grouping? And I certainly don't want to pay for this. I mean come on, this isn't a new game. We who already own sc1, sc1:bw or sc2 should not pay this IMO. A symbolic donation of 5$ maybe but not more.
  10. I do have a basic knowledge of how to navigate and BSP blockout in the level. I also can manage a few scripts in the visual scripting for blueprints. I was just curious about the whole level design approach. When I think level design, I firstly and mostly think greybox/whitebox and setting the flow and pacing of the map. But then there are the "artsy" part of it with the dressing and the lighting. I guess a level designer that wants to break in to the industry will have to "master" them all in a way before they can narrow down and focus on one part.
  11. Thank you guys for the replies! I'll check it out! You did LostTomb? Another question. Coming from mapping in the source engine is there anything particular I should note about Unreal except the really obvious things? For example are there any specific keybinds and/or functions that are really good which isn't quite so obvious for a beginner?
  12. Hello everyone! My next project is going to be a tight 1v1 duel Unreal Tournament map. I have some questions to anyone comfortable/used to make maps for Unreal Tournament. I can't seem to find a specific level design workflow from Epic Games. What I have found is that I should block the level out using BSP, and since I don't create my own assets, I will have to dress the map with theirs. I wonder if there are any general guidelines to think about when designing an UT map. Any help would be appreciated!
  13. Hello everyone. I am proud to announce that the mod I have been working on for the last six weeks is now done and ready for download! If you own HL2 or HL2EP2 try it out and tell me what you think! http://www.moddb.com/mods/aurora-reinstated
  14. GRiNET

    [HL2EP2] Mod Aurora

    UPDATE 2017-03-10 Hello everyone! The mod has now been uploaded to MODDB. Try it out and tell me what you think! http://www.moddb.com/mods/aurora-reinstated
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