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  1. I think those are pretty much sold out too, so unless Nvidia is able to up the production of them, I doubt anything will really change. I would imagine miners wouldn't mind shelling out the dough for them though, assuming the cost to performance ratio outweighs snagging up cards in mass like they've been doing.
  2. One of my favorite post-mortems. I could listen to Brevik all day. Higher quality version: https://gdcvault.com/play/1023469/Classic-Game-Postmortem And here's a recent post-mortem on D2:
  3. It's pretty nuts how bad shit is right now. I have a feeling we'll be seeing a renascence in smaller/indie devs & mod teams putting out quality work. With all these studios crashing to the ground, maybe we're finally about to get back to making games that are driven by passion and not the almighty dollar???
  4. Definitely. That introspection is carried through out the series. I think one reason might be because you're following three different stories/characters, instead of being "apart" of Easy Company like in BoB. Watch it man. I've been going through a WWII binge these past few months, it opened up the pacific theater to me in a way I didn't realize I was missing. Good shit.
  5. Oh there's plenty of action bro, like a fuck ton. The focus is on the action, that's what makes you see how shitty war actually is.
  6. Finished The Pacific. It took a bit for me to get into, most likely because I was expecting Band of Brothers, but in the pacific theater instead of Europe. Once I realized this mini series has a greater emphasis on how shitty war actually is and how it fucks the men over mentally and physically who are in it, the entire thing is damn good.
  7. I installed san andreas on steam yesterday to see if my copy still worked. Looks like as long as you had it prior to the release of this pile of garbage you're still good. This remaster trend is pissing me off to no end. If you're going to do it, do it properly and for the right reasons. Yes, money is always the main reason, these are businesses after all. But if that's the only reason, the ones greenlighting these disasters can fuck off.
  8. The release isn't until 2022 but from my understanding From held a networking test that selected individuals were able to participate in. I'm not sure if it's the same version that people are posting 70+ hours of play time in though.
  9. I'm trying to go into the game as blind as possible but damn am I tempted to watched these vids.
  10. I started making my way through it. It's good but Band of Brothers is hard to beat or meet even.
  11. Finished watching Band of Brothers for the hundredth time, still absolutely incredible. I'm going to start The Pacific next which, apart from 20 minutes or so when it first came out, I've yet to see.
  12. Sounds like a better solution than spending $70+ on one.
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