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  1. Congratulations @Buddy Please send your dildo to me upon receipt of said dildo. Thank you.
  2. As an official Contributor to mapcore, I am requiring all registered members give me their dildos once they have received them from Cooper and Norman. Thank you.
  3. I watched the trailer, this will be terrible.
  4. Still need to play the first 3. I have a feeling I'll end up watching other people play this and 4. Who knows if I'll ever pick up a ps5. Obviously I blow my load over the art, the guys at Sony Santa Monica have been killing it.
  5. Holy shit, I completely forget this was even a thing. I'm far more willing to give this a chance than the sequels.
  6. Yep it's fucking ridiculous. I honestly would be fine with a rtx 3060 but not for $800. This fucking 3090 cost more than my entire PC I built 7 years ago, which I'm still using. If the opportunity pops up, I'd rather sell this 3090 to someone for what I paid and buy a 3060 or 70 when the prices return to normal. I've never been about buying the best parts on the market but fuck, this has been the only opportunity to buy a GPU that didn't have it's price throttled to the roof.
  7. I managed to get a EVGA 3090 for retail which means I just spend $2000 on a GPU...
  8. I still haven't seen any of the films after the 1st one. I'm afraid they'll ruin The Matrix for me. I'm basically ignoring this one too.
  9. Far Cry, the game that had 5 sequels without having an actual sequel.
  10. Into the Spider-verse is hands down one of my all time favorite movies ever. I saw it for the first time during the initial lockdowns in LA, seen it probably 6 or 7 times since, and bought the art of book. Sony absolutely knocked it out of the park.
  11. I've seen none of them and am a better person because of that. It's just the same movie over and over again as far as I can tell.
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