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  1. Bunglo

    Corona Virus

    I had covid back at the start of February. Had I not lost most of my sense of taste, I wouldn't have known I had it. I had to take a nap every now and then, I had hangovers that were worse. It was nothing for me, so it's very strange seeing the measures the entire planet took and is still taking after having had it. Edit: I also had what's known has covid toes a few weeks after quarantine. It's an inflammation in your toes caused by a your immune systems response or something. Usually occurs in people who have little to no symptoms, such as myself. Apparently some people test negative for
  2. Is it over already? I checked my spam folder, nada. I only get invites to shit games like D3
  3. only streamers who never played d2 are worthy of an alpha invite
  4. im watching this after i see the movie, the trailer spilled enough goods
  5. the longevity of this game will probably be pretty shit but them aliens are sexy edit: ign really watermarked those weapon renders lmao
  6. https://diablo2.io/resurrected/ I feel like I'm in the 6th grade again or some shit
  7. This looks dope, I've re-watched the trailer more times than I should have at this point. I kind of want to see this in theaters but you know, southern california and the corona.
  8. How can you keep chains hanging from Andariel's nips and decided to cover her ass?
  9. I wonder if they're doing something similar to the sc remastered for this. I thought they did a pretty good job with it from what I've seen, I've yet to actually play it though.
  10. Signed up for the technical alpha after the announcement yesterday. The inventory looks damn sexy.
  11. Have I told you guys I'm getting a PS4? I'm gonna be a Sony fanboy before I know it... gawd damn it.
  12. Looks like I'm buying a PS4.
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