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  1. Have I told you guys I'm getting a PS4? I'm gonna be a Sony fanboy before I know it... gawd damn it.
  2. Looks like I'm buying a PS4.
  3. Origin or not, PC day 1 buy. Mirror's Edge... UGH! No words man, no words.
  4. A digital paints of sorts
  5. I'll be gearing up to move back to my home state of Southern California to attend Watts Atelier of the Arts in October. It's funny, all the shit I've been through these past two years is exactly what it took to make me realize what direction I want to take my life in, and the doors are simply opening up. I'm excited as fuck to put it lightly.
  6. Probably my top sequel I've been waiting for aside from Mirror's Edge.
  7. http://serge-marshennikov.tumblr.com/ Dude knows how to paint woman! Here's my copy painting of one of my favorites he's done.
  8. Thanks Sprony! I'm pretty much just painting away and figuring out what works for me. I'll read up on certain aspects of art, such as gesture drawing, composition, or whatever for a general overview, so I can try and understand what I should look for. I also look at videos of painting but that's mainly because I enjoy watching the process of others. Personally I steer clear of following tutorials or videos because I tend to turn all of that into rules instead of suggestions, which is what everything in art is, for the most part anyway.
  9. I spent time with Jesus today!
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