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  1. I usually do basic geometry with brushes, and add the more detail over it as a func_detail.
  2. Make sure that non blocking and complex geometry is func_detail.
  3. I really like this detail that there is no actual snow beneath the car. I believe the "no snow" area is sticking a little too much tho. Also you should remove snow on the street to indicate that the care rode there not long ago. I don't know if you know what I mean.
  4. Update 7 Redesigned A site. Redesigned paths to B.
  5. Update 6: Remade B site Reworked brushwork on the whole map.
  6. The latest version of the layout. Gonna submit this version for playtests.
  7. CT's have only one window on left side, there is no ladded into sniper room right now
  8. Actually even more redesigned version.
  9. This is what I'm thinking about right now.
  10. Current wip layout and planned changes. Please give some feedback.
  11. That wouldn't be bad. Also I'm working on some covers on dojo site. Should be done soon.
  12. RedSkittleFox

    [CS:GO] de_Shrine

    I think we are working on similarly themed maps, we could trade some references, resources and knowledge of you want.
  13. This is the latest minimap I've made. Any thoughts on the layout?
  14. Update 6: Started testing bamboos made by Almaas. Gonna fix it tomorrow. Early screenshots here:
  15. Update 5: Started working on graybox version.
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