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  1. That is not gonna prevent you from running into the issue I've mentioned before. But yes, all the ornaments and non blocking geometry should be func_detail. The reason for that is that source engine uses binary space partitioning as an occulusion culling method. It needs to generate the series of rooms and all the ornaments would create too much splits thus make ur vis-leaf graph very complex. Here is the link to a good video talking about binary space partitioning if you are interested, it's more from a programmers point of view but still very interesting. The reason why the vertex count for all the brushes on the map is 65k is that all vertices get put into one big vertex buffer. To later draw it you use index buffers. Source engine uses 16bit integers for that, so the maximal number of vertices you can have in your vertex buffer is 2^16. Edit: Each model is loaded into separate vertex buffer (sometimes can be combined to minimize gpu calls), so you can have more than 2^16 in your sceen at the time.
  2. Top 10 Anime Comebacks. It's a little dark. Try using this tool to make the radar: https://github.com/Terri00/CS-GO-Auto-Radar Layout seems kinda strange, have you tested ct-t timings? The map may also be too complex.
  3. If those aren't models, make sure to convert them to models or you will run into vertex limit which is around 65 000 (2^16).
  4. Update 9.1 Remade route from T to B Fixed timings for CTs Fixed strange angle on B Site
  5. Update 9 Changes Remade A Site Remade B Site Remade Routes to B Remade CT Side Map has been shrunken
  6. Update 8 Redesigned A Site Redesigned B Site Redesigned Mid -> A Site connector Redesigned CT Graybox details
  7. I usually do basic geometry with brushes, and add the more detail over it as a func_detail.
  8. Make sure that non blocking and complex geometry is func_detail.
  9. I really like this detail that there is no actual snow beneath the car. I believe the "no snow" area is sticking a little too much tho. Also you should remove snow on the street to indicate that the care rode there not long ago. I don't know if you know what I mean.
  10. Update 7 Redesigned A site. Redesigned paths to B.
  11. Update 6: Remade B site Reworked brushwork on the whole map.
  12. The latest version of the layout. Gonna submit this version for playtests.
  13. CT's have only one window on left side, there is no ladded into sniper room right now
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