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Fallout 3 Concept used in al-Qaeda video


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Whilst at work tonight, on my break, I was reading through the Daily Mail when I read an article about al-Qaeda releasing a propaganda video against the West. It apparently focuses on the idea of a nuclear attack against the West, and the following image is shown in the video, of Washington DC in the aftermath of a nuclear strike:


I instantly thought, 'Woah, that looks really familar'. Intrigued, I took a photo of it on my phone and when I got home, searched for 'Fallout 3' concept art. To my amazement, I found the exact same image on the Fallout 3 website! al-Qaeda used this piece of concept art in their video!

Read more here:


"Still no word if Bethsoft is going to contact Al Qaeda in order for them to remove the copyrighted pictures!"

Just goes to show, even Terrorists play video games!

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I think it's genuinely chilling they'd absolutely love to see that happen to the west, and that if they had the chance they'd do it without a moment of hesitation.

Pretty funny that game concept art created by westerners was used, though. :D

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