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  1. I've had great times with this game, and it's real fun to play, but there still are some really frustrating things about the game, and as soon as they get fixed this game will get all of my love <3
  2. I'm really getting frustrated over the fact that there still aren't, and probably never will be dedicated servers, It's almost impossible to play a game with your friends, unless you play a private match, that won't give you any xp. And you have to be lucky with your NAT type because you'll probably have a shitty network that you can't fix which makes it even harder to play a decent game. Also, it's even more annoying that when you're playing a game it suddenly stops for host migration, and often just can't find a new host and the game just stops without a match bonus or anything. Also, a lot of the hosts in servers are really laggy, I see stathackers or just hackers each 3 servers I go in. And did I mention that it takes an hour to connect with a good server, because as soon as I click the gamemode like free for all, demolition, anything I just connect to a server and 5 secs later I'm in the middle of a game without even having the choice to pick a map or see what players are in the server. OK so they made a game that's fun but they should really care more about their costumers, I paid like €60 for this game so I expect it to not be a pain in the ass to play it properly. And yeah their going to bring out a DLC with some new callsigns, maps etc, but guess what, we'll probably have to pay for it? And that still doesn't fix any of the problems I mentioned. It's about time they do something about all this because there are a lot of players getting tired of the game already because of this...
  3. Punky

    Punky's photography thread

    Wow, long time since I updated my thread I took lots and lots of pics since my last update and learned a lot of new things! I selected some, ranging from old to new;
  4. I only bought the body, since I still have two canon lenses from my previous camera The body + memory + camera stand in total cost me €490
  5. This baby <3 And a cheap, but good camera stand, finally
  6. That would be me. I had the same, I loved running around in the maps and looking at the environments but I just stopped playing after about 4 hours because the combat bored me...
  7. Downloading it right now, seriously want to have a look around in the editor
  8. Very nice! My mod team was looking into that engine already for a couple of months and were already concidering doing some indie work in it and now that it's going to be free ! nice! Also, you gave the wrong link Warby, it's .com, not .org; http://unity3d.com/
  9. Why is this always such a big deal, it's just video game, it's not real, even if you play satan shooting jesus, god and all Christians of the world, and you enjoy it, well it's a videogame, you enjoy it because you know it's impossible or extremely illegal/wrong to do it in real life and it's possible on your computer, even the littlest kid knows the difference between these two, so what does it matter who you are and who you're shooting, it's not real!
  10. I hope some of you already saw it, if not, watch it now! This is the new trailer for Bioshock 2, which looks absolutely amazing I think. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oPY3CbiUqOk
  11. Added to my RSS-feeds already, if you manage to get a blog filled with top-quality scenes like the two that are in it now then it'll be a really interesting blog!
  12. The trailer was a bit boring in my opinion, but I can imagine that playing the game itself can be pretty fun and intense.
  13. Used a G5 for about a year and loved it, but then it started to get bugged and started to annoy me, now I'm using a Razer diamondback, it's a good and useful mouse for gaming, but not really suitable for other uses...
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