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  1. Try using a tar_mark to basically cover that area? I'm not that experienced with tar too lol
  2. Here's a maybe big update? Maybe multiple updates in once, anyway it's not thaaat big. I added a roof (wow!) and some minor fixes and I honestly lost track of everything.. I also got some new and fancy screenshots!
  3. I'm adding you right away! Thanks for helping
  4. Another update! This one's kindaaa big, not really, don't know tbf - Made some big changes to mid, added a truck and some elevation, will probably tweak later - Added a tree to A site and made the lower wall bigger That's all really, here's the updated radar: As always, feedback would be appreciated! I'm starting to need some more idea's that aren't mine Edit: Will get some updated pictures soon!
  5. Updated the map on the workshop: - Mostly just added a bit of cover here and there - Textured the ground, still needs some blending and bumpy ground though Also, here's the updated radar I guess:
  6. I forgot to add the Steam workshop page of the map! Here's the link I also edited the original post and yeah, I hope you guys like it and have some feedback so I can improve the map!
  7. Steam workshop link As of right now there's not a particular theme in mind and I don't have any reference pictures - which btw if anybody has any ideas please tell me! - , but I do have a functioning map! Here's the layout of the map in it's current state: And of course some screenshots of the map, but only the 'pretty' and 'detailed' area's haha Feel free to leave any feedback you have! I'll be trying to improve the map as much as I can in the meantime and schedule a playtest when I'm ready
  8. I like the theme, maybe when you've got a good layout and you feel confident enough you could schedule a TopHATTWaffle or Mapcore playtest!
  9. Damn, it looks pretty good. Especially for who just got back into mapping after some years, when do you think we'll get the workshop version?
  10. For the love of god, PLEASE update the workshop version! I need to see this in-game!
  11. @Interfearance I won't recommend doing so either xd
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