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  1. Jesus Christ this looks sick man, keep the pace up
  2. Ah, good ol' Baghdad..
  3. @That50'sGuy good luck with finding a job, earn bling bling cash
  4. Yeah it's obvious that it's stolen unless he can prove that he is Noyark or Eldeen. Either way, map can't be entered into the competition bceause it was already released to the public before the competition started
  5. Looks pretty good so far, I'm actually pretty excited for the first release of the map. maybe use reflectivity textures next time though ty love u too
  6. Multi-level radar is when the radar changes to a different radar, for lower and higher area's like de_nuke for example. What I mean by using tar_overlap gives it stripes to indicate you're able to stand below and under it. You would use this for making a tunnel that would go under mix for example. Of course I'm not the best teacher so I would recommend watching TopHATTWaffle video on TAR if you still don't get it.
  7. Btw, shouldn't you be able to use a tar_overpass or something like that for the tunnel?
  8. The update has been released but I'm honestly not sure what I've changed since I'm awful at keeping track of things xd Let's just say I made updates to the layout and uhhh have fun lol You can of course find the update on the Steam Workshop page On another note, I'm probably gonna have a playtest too soon but I'm not really sure when.
  9. I'm currently working on another pretty big update for my map, I'm also currently fixing the timings on my map. Big update coming soon, stay tuned!!
  10. Can't wait for the first playable version of the map! This is one of those maps where I would just walk around just for the sake of walking around and exploring
  11. It's a shame this couldn't be entered into the Exotic Places contest xd
  12. Wow, I really haven't been active in a while.. I had a TopHATTWaffle playtest yesterday evening and got tons of feedback so that means post-playtest update time! Here's the updated radar and everything I mentioned in the change log: : I think for now I'll just keep tweaking the layout a bit more since there's still some feedback left, I'll probably schedule another playtest pretty soon so stay tuned! Of course new screenshots can be found on the Steam Workshop page which at the moment of writing this is still waiting to get approved, but it'll probably be approved pretty shortly. Anyway, that's it! Keep mapping my dudes
  13. I'm loving the theme!
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