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  1. First off, sorry for not posting here for so long I have been very busy the past couple days and haven't had a chance to update you guys here but I have made progress -Added ledge in mid for faster rotates -Finished graybox for B/mid entrance -worked on mid graybox -finished A entrance graybox
  2. Those not actually holes in the ground, lol. I added in those lines to some of the ramps around the level as decoration (of course they will be clipped and such) but thanks for looking out anyway.
  3. Day 4: -build out a lot more architecture around A site -began building some mid scaffolding
  4. Day 3: -Not much time to work toady and probably tomorrow but I continued working on building out the A route graybox architecture -added a couple more boxes/moved boxes around in mid and B -looked up some more reference material and added it to the art board (no update tomorrow prob
  5. Day 2: -Added cover to both sites although this is likely to change as detail gets built up around it -Started some very basic graybox shapes and deco near the A site (just playing around at this point) -changed the layout mainly around Long A/Alt mid to shorten it and give it a different feel /play style then mid -Added a couple corners and "nooks" around bombsites for players to hold angles and play in -finished visual idea board --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Idea board (spoiler because it is quite big): B site cover: A site Cover: New Layout: Test Deco:
  6. Hello everybody, I know I am a little late to post here and begin my maps thread but after a little break from mapping I want to come back to have a go at this contest. I am a terrible procrastinator, so maybe a little bit of peer pressure will help me get more work done as I have a lot to do in the coming months. So to keep me working I will try and post every day here with any new work. As far as the map the theme will be a military base inside and around desert ruins and temples. Bombsite A will be outside the temple where materials are being transported away from the area and bombsite B will be inside the temple where the military have set up operation to extract goods from inside. For the layout right now, its rough. A lot of paths are very boxy and uninteresting but as I begin building up the world around the map I hope to bring some more natural shapes and paths into the layout. The layout's main concept is having 2 mid like areas. One main mid and another alt mid or long A that will serve as a rout to A but also will allow T's to execute some interesting strategies as it also connects to mid window and can be used to rotate over to B. Before I start I made a couple Photoshop idea boards for the map so I will post them here. I will also post the main picture that sparked the idea for the map, its a little futuristic but don't worry it will be toned down for cs
  7. @FMPONE I think just keeping the contest simple and basic like you said and like the previous contest is best for everyone! I cant wait
  8. Good point I guess I am a little bit bias because I have never liked the hostage game mode but maybe that is just because we have never really had good hostage maps and a contest like this would help create some
  9. Its a good point but don't you think if a hostage map is really good enough to draw valve's attention it would also beat out other defuse maps in the competition? I like your idea of trying to use the prize money to branch into other areas of the game but I think the defuse game mode is really what defines modern counter strike and if a hostage map is created that is better then the defusal maps it should win anyway. Plus even if you make a great defuse map it is very hard to get any traction and competitions like this are the only way (unless you get extremely lucky) to even have a chance at getting your map recognition and into the pro rotation. +adding on here: I'm not sure but would it be a good idea to have separate competitions for each game mode, split the prize pool? I don't think so... but it is an option
  10. I'm not sure about hostage rescue though. The big problem is competitive and getting pro teams to play a new game mode will be very hard for valve as most teams wont even play any maps that went made 4+ years ago. In my opinion if any maps right now have a chance to break into the competitive scene and be taken seriously it would be a bomb map so excluding them from a competition for map making would kind of suck .
  11. Plexium_


    Wow looks awesome! I love the style, theme and atheistic. Cant wait to try it out! If you could post an overview image that would be great.
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