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  1. WD

    The random model thread!

    Could you present your model some more? I can see only about 30% of it because of the picture angle and blur.
  2. I'd like to learn to love blender. Whenever I try, the polygon tools just doesn't seem to work for me. I'm too used to think how I would do things 3dsMax style. I get frustrated and quit and return to using max
  3. Good choice. Here's an Internet fist bump for Finland being "exotic"
  4. Breakthrough is pretty much the only game mode I play with my buddies. We play other modes only when there's no players to fill a match. It's one of the few modes where you might witness a rare sight of a well orchestrated artillery barrage followed by a team wide push to the objective. Frontlines is a fun mode as well but it's a hit or miss, some times the match length just drag into infinity.
  5. I love the idea of playing classic WoW. But that's it, just the idea of it. It won't be the same. It will never be the same.
  6. Amnesia & Soma has some decent mod tools I think. Judging from the workshop page people have achieved to make some nice stuff with it.
  7. Had a small taste from the open beta. I liked the current maps and the overall feel of the gameplay. Less ammo and longer respawn slowed the game down a notch and it feels a bit more tactical now, I think. I also like how the scale of the indoors and outdoors just work this time around. Battlefield 1 had some really awkward staircases to navigate and fight in, especially in small houses. I don't know if it's the scale or the speed of the movement or both but I like it. But I really didn't like how the HUD is swaying while you run and reacts to other movements constantly. It was hard keeping track of the information that is laid out, like the HUD was simulating what having dyslexia feels like.
  8. That gameplay video sure ticked all the boxes what cyberpunk is all about Now excuse me, I seem to have lost my jaw.
  9. Oh god. It's going to be a battleroyale, isn't it?
  10. Those alt fire modes remind me of some of the crazy stuff Painkiller had. Someone should reboot that franchise, btw. I miss the old telephone pole gun
  11. It's true. UE4's bsp tool does feel unwieldy compared to hammer's but then again you don't have to live and die by the grid because of the fear of leaks. It can be too intimidating to think the grid as just a measuring/alignment tool rather than something that is whole foundation of the level. YES YOU DON'T HAVE TO ABSOLUTELY FOLLOW THE GRID AND THAT IS FINE AND YOU ARE NOT A NOOB FOR DOING SO depends what youre building tho.
  12. WD

    The random model thread!

    I haven't touched zbrush in a very long time. So I did this just for the fun of it. ranaldsGift.webm Rendered in UE4
  13. WD

    Rage 2

    Looking forward for this one.
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