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  1. WD

    Rage 2

    Looking forward for this one.
  2. This editor revolutionized how I do my maps. You can do everything from just one viewport!
  3. Dunno about bottlenecks, don't work in the industry but I've seen far too many UI/UX riddled with no clear coherence. How can this be that we apparently have to discover the same wheel every time it comes to this? There should be a standardized tool for that or at least a scaffold to build upon.
  4. WD

    Altered Carbon

    Loved the setting and the visuals which were really well pulled off. Not so good in terms of the story and characters. Almost as good as The Expanse so it's worth a look in my opinion.
  5. WD


    Great game. Loved every minute of just exploring the wrecks, unknown depths and mysteries. I had to rely on console commands on a few glitches when I was clipped through my sub and one time from the Aurora wreck. I wish there were just more things you could interact with the environment. The game felt too samey after the first half.
  6. Finished the current season some time ago. Loved the environments and the intricate details, it's something I've always liked about Hitman games. I also liked the look and feel of the UI, elegant and always showing the relevant information and never too much. I think the minimap/radar was completely useless though since the levels always had signs and they were constructed like real places so there was a certain sense of familiarity to them. Sapienza was really awesome, like something straight out of a bond film
  7. WD

    Shotgun Evolved (2-4 players /top-down shooter)

    Yet one more to the pile.
  8. Next week is Nazi killing time!
  9. WD

    E3 2017

    4k has become such a buzzword in so many different contexts that I can barely even understand what they actually mean by that.
  10. WD

    Far Cry 5

    I hope this time it has a true co-op where you can play the whole game with a buddy. It was a bit disappointing in the last one that you only could just fart around in co-op and only complete the optional missions and have the main ones locked away.
  11. WD


    I completed 'human' run too. I pretty much agree with @PogoP, it does get a bit repetitive towards the end but I really liked the focus the game has. It forces you to experiment different ways to use your environment against the enemies by limiting you to just shooting them. At the beginning I did ambushes with triggered mines and turrets, I did fire traps from oil puddles, I bashed em with whatever I picked up from the ground, I used explosive objects to pulverize em, but once my weapons got so much more powerful and I was swimming with resources I just started shooting them in the end because bullets were not an issue anymore. There was also a whole arsenal of psionic powers on the alien side of neuromods I didn't even touch. I maybe should have tried them. The biggest issue was just the open world concept and never knowing how the player might proceed with the game if I had done way less side missions the game would have advanced better giving more variations, but I chose to sidetrack the main quest and collect huge amount of stuff along the way. The game was still totally awesome and really worth it. The ending also was quite something. On to the next run with alien powers!
  12. WD

    totally random texture thread

    @Vancrom I think it looks great! My critique only depends on the usage of the texture. I would remove some of the unique parts to avoid some obvious repetition. If it's never going to be used in any large surfaces then it's fine to leave them.
  13. WD


    I like how the game only gives you a few guns to damage the enemies. It forces you to get creative and plan how to deal with the bigger aliens using the environment. Every encounter with the aliens at the beginning feels really scary especially with the bigger ones. Luring them into my turret buddies is so satisfying. It turned out I had to manipulate the config file to enable steam controller
  14. WD


    Any thoughts ? I think its really great in terms of gameplay and story but techically it's really buggy at launch. The game freezes every time I make graphical changes although they are not many you can change anyways. It seems to be running poorly in terms of the quality what I'm seeing, altought I have a old GPU the game still looks a bit dated compared to other games. But then again it seems all the lighting is dynamic and my GPU is just running out of VRAM. My Steam controller does not work it just does not register any inputs.