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  1. This thread inspired me to get an ergonomic mouse. Thanks @Buddy, how's that logitech partnership going along? I'll just add my 2 cents here. While I haven't suffered from strain from using a regular mouse. I do feel it now after I got used to the ergonomic one, which only tells me my wrist just got used being strained 24/7. I'm pretty certain this will save me from wrist related pain/injury in the long run.
  2. Awesome! Though I would hate to play against another player playing the hunter all the time. Just like playing Starcraft 2 1on1 or Chess, when it's only my mistakes that count. I just don't do it.
  3. I ordered Original Prusa MINI, got the upgraded version of that since it apparently had just been launched. So a pleasant surprise there. Took almost half a day to assemble and to calibrate correctly but once that's done it's been working perfectly.
  4. Got me a printer just not too long ago. It's amazing how good quality printer you can get nowadays for the price your paying for it. I can barely even notice the print pattern it does when I crank the print quality to max, manufacturer calls it an entry-level printer. They've gone a mile ahead since the early days.
  5. Hmm, yes. Patreon. Is this some kink game or something?
  6. Red Dead Redemption 2 - Finally got around to it this year, its simply the best thing ever. Half-Life: Alyx Death Stranding on PC - been a long time since a game made me shed a tear Animal Crossing Doom Eternal Cyberpunk 2077 - Absolutely stunning with ray tracing. I loved exploring Night City, the level of detail is just Just got Hades the other week for Switch, been great though not my cup of tea. I've yet to be able to beat it despite having almost maxed all my darkness upgrades.
  7. Been slowly finishing these massive open world games from my backlog.. until Death Stranding was released, then I had to finish that one too. Before going back to finishing Red dead and Origins. Feels weird to have spent more than half a year mostly playing just these three games. Its taken more or less close to 100 hours to a single play through and I've enjoyed every second of them. What an incredible bunch.
  8. Ah, I guess it just goes to show how difficult making games sometimes is. Bummer. At least we got this remake to look for. It still looks great regardless how bumpy the development has been this far.
  9. In my opinion this was the most solid VR game up to date in terms of depth and narrative. It felt like a solid single player campaing experience with no compromises. We need more of those.
  10. I hope this means next gen games will stay under 100 gigs in disk space if we don't need so much texture budget from now on. I hate owning multiple disks, and SSDs still aint cheap enough!
  11. I kinda liked Witcher 3 from the very start since I knew what was coming for me from the previous games so I really can't tell where it starts getting awesome. But once after you start knotting the threads of the bigger plot line it really starts to get you more invested in it. My friend also had the first impression of Witcher 3 of being not really his type of game but he said he really started to enjoy it after playing for a while. So I'd guess definitely once you get to the big city of Novigrad.
  12. Have you tried turning it off and on again?
  13. It's gonna get real cold and dark soon. Stay active and eat vitamins or you'll be miserable for the next 4 months when it's dark and you're freezing your balls off all the time. At least the snow is pretty once it stops melting and being slushy mess. Welcome!
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