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  1. < Previous tutorial Post format: RED - LINK ; PURPLE - DELETE THIS! ; OTHER COLORS - TEXT ; QUOTE - Important text! Hello, again! Last time I talked about how to add grass from the new game mode to the map, now I can talk about how to remove restrictions on the placement of grass and talk about custom textures. [In the previous tutorial I forgot to do it] How to remove restrictions to grass placement? 1) Open your GCFSCAPE and after open pak01_dir.vpk in Counter-Strike:Global Offensive > cs:go > pak01_dir.vpk go to materials > hr_massive and found there "broken_road_1_4wayblend_1.vmt". Extract that file into your materials folder [Example: "cs:go > materials > theowl_res"]. (Rename that file, if you need that) 2) Return to GCFSCAPE. Find into "materials > detail" .vmt file "detailsprites_survival" and extract him to "cs:go > materials > detail". 3) Open your extracted file ("detailsprites_mycustommap.vmt") and delete that lines: $worldspacetint "detail/test_massive9_grass_tint" $worldspacetype "detail/test_massive9_grass_type" (These are textures that help control grass levels on map. Experiment with this yourself) [$basetexture inside this file, that grass textures. Replace it, if you have custom grass] 4) Go to "Counter-Strike: Global Offensive > cs:go" and find there "detail.vbsp"; Open him (You can use Notepad++) and find there the cluster "survival_grass_2". Copy that and paste after that cluster, but with new name (Example: survival_grass_theowl); Find line (inside the cluster) "associated_material" "detail\detailsprites_survival" and replace "detail\detailsprites_survival" to your custom texture which you created recently (Example: "associated_material" "detail\detailsprites_mycustommap") 5) Inside your custom texture file ("broken_road_1_4wayblend_1.vmt") you should replace "%detailtype survival_grass_2" to "%detailtype [your name of cluster inside detail.vbsp]" (Example: %detailtype survival_grass_theowl) DOWNLOAD "GCFSCAPE" (>) DOWNLOAD "VMT EDITOR" (>) DOWNLOAD NOTEPAD++ (>) How to replace textures? Everything is as usual here. Open the .vmt file with "4wayblend" (Example: "broken_road_1_4wayblend_1.vmt") and change everything as you need. Experiment with it and create cool maps!
  2. Next tutorial > [dz_bs - info about use "4wayblend" textures #2] Hello! On Mapcore for the first time, so I don’t know if you write something like that here. In general, I recently encountered a problem I had been thinking about for a long time, and the solution was the simplest... 4wayblend textures stumped me and I didn't understand how to work with them. Since I could not find any articles about this issue, I decided to write about them. What if the texture details don't work? In order for 4wayblend textures to use grass, you must write the path to these details in the map parameters. (The path you must follow is shown below) Find a button "Map" on top panel in Hammer World Editor > Further Map Properties > Detail Material file > detail/detailsprites_survival (Put this path inside "Detail Material File") (!) To set the grass, use "Paint Alpha" How blend multiple textures? Go to the settings [displacement] and select there [Sculpt], then find the button [Blend] and there select the desired texture. (Use the left mouse button to paint, and clamping the right one will reduce the radius of the paint area) (!) If the camera mode in 3D view is set to "3D Shaded Textured Polygons", then you will not see the drawn part of the texture. Camera mode should be set to "3D Textured" when drawing
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