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  1. seedee

    [CS1.6] Dust 2 2020

    I've made too many changes to count, but I've finally released the map today and exactly 20 years after the release of the original. Notable features include a model for visuals beyond the playable area and breakable awnings which respawn every round. I've sacrificed the dumb hallways for the sake of more rooftop access. You can get to most areas in this map, expect to get killed from the stupidest camping spots ever. There is also a map designed for competitive play which should mostly be the same to the original layout. https://gamebanana.com/maps/215430
  2. Made a quick graphic which explains the differences between the different vis terms
  3. seedee

    [CS1.6] Dust 2 2020

    I just love torturing old game engines! Just checked the original dust 2, and I'm surprised by how bright the tunnels actually were. Thanks for bringing this to my attention. As for the poles, they won't cause issues with collison.
  4. seedee

    [CS1.6] Dust 2 2020

    A small change from that hideous white box somewhere behind the cliffs.
  5. seedee

    [CS1.6] Dust 2 2020

    Hello again, I've made some more progress on the map. There is a new connector to the doors at the top of middle coming out of T spawn. The second door leading to outside B tunnels has been closed. I've also closed one of the windows on A for balancing purposes. Here's an overview of the map so far. Old routes are marked in red, new routes are marked in cyan: AllocBlock is 51/64, so I'd say it's about 80% completed. I want to pack in as much detail as possible before I finish optimizing visiblility. Here are some pics:
  6. The following is just WIP content. Skip to the map release post here https://www.mapcore.org/topic/23889-cs16-dust-2-2020/?do=findComment&comment=463281 I've always wanted to make my own dust2 clone with new textures and details, so I'm making this for the 20th anniversary of the game. I'm also making a seperate version of the map for my friends who run a server, and they want me to add new connectors. I would appreciate feedback to make sure it's balanced properly. Here's what I made so far: I added stairs from CT spawn to short A (https://imgur.com/lHcu8pI). This would give CTs easier mid control, which is why I have opened the double doors from outside B tunnels to top middle (https://imgur.com/6nlaWdX). I'm considering adding a connector from T spawn to the new tunnel I've made so Ts can access top mid faster, then close off the other doors leading to outside tunnels. You can also get to B site from lower tunnel with these new stairs (https://imgur.com/eCe28XW). CTs will now be able to see into lower tunnel from short. These windows have been opened (https://imgur.com/8l2Ss1T) (https://imgur.com/hXbLbQ5). Door from short A (https://imgur.com/cciYw11) leading up to a new window room (https://imgur.com/dN6jS7U) (https://imgur.com/6OulXo2). You can also get to the room from a side door on long A. (https://imgur.com/TRa0NdL) (https://imgur.com/i0ioZtS).
  7. seedee

    [CS1.6] Cocaine

    someone could probably write an amx mod for that
  8. seedee

    [CS1.6] Cocaine

    Updated the map, fixed some bugs. This is the final version. https://gamebanana.com/maps/206924 https://twhl.info/vault/view/6373 https://csm.dev/threads/de_cocaine.39672/ Waypoints: https://gamebanana.com/gamefiles/10243 de_cocaine.zip
  9. seedee

    [CS1.6] Cocaine

    Cocaine - Bomb/Defuse *** CounterStrikeDudes.com exclusive *** by seedee ([email protected]) I started it around a year ago and now decided to finish it. This map is inspired by my friend's map, de_waypass. It wasn't very good, but it had a good aesthetic. Also, the cocaine on the table is snortable.
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