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  1. Hi! I completely forgot to do this. The map has been out for about two weeks now, and even had an update today. I'm glad you clicked! Workshop page: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1999336985 Some factors Difficulty: Medium-Hard There is no portal gun Map is relatively short Solution on my YT channel and on the workshop You can basically smell summer The map wouldn't have been here, hadn't it been for the amazing TWP and Mapcore communities! Thanks guys
  2. Do you want to collaborate? THIS IS UNPAID WORK Hi! Over the years I've made several maps with Hammer and I personally love mapping and game development. To see what I've managed, a link to my workshop page is provided down below. For over a year now I have been excitingly working on this ambitious Portal 2 map, however due to college and lack of motivation I struggle to finish it. I think it would be a shame if all that time and effort goes to waste, so now I'm seeking help. That's where you come in! I'm looking for an experienced indivudal who's well familiar with Hammer, who can finish one of the puzzle rooms for me. Then I can finish the rest of the map. This is what I need help with. The biggest obstacle for me is the second puzzle. The main structure and puzzle-design is already made, however it is not decorated yet. I need you to make the whole room look overgrown and decayed, but you are free to be creative. I encourage you to add your own touch to it and make this room hella awesome! We will chat together to see which changes make fit, and give insight to map details, but the process will be mostly up to you. Qualifications ..? There are no qualifications, however if you have good experience with hammer you are likely to be prioritized. I'd like to collaborate! That's awesome! Just comment on this post that you want to join in, and preferably post a link to your workshop page. If you stand out, chances are I'll send you a pm knowing you've been picked. (I will keep this post up till December 1st) What will you get out of it? Unfortunately, I won't be able to pay you. You will however be added as a contributer on the steam workshop, and be credited for your work. I think it would be fun to make something together, so please tell me if you're interested! For reference, this is the sort of theme you will have to replicate: Screenshot of the first puzzle. And here are screenshots of the area that you will be working on. Above view More reference photos in this zipped folder: reference.zip I'd say the map is about 70% complete, meaning you'll release a full map for the price of a 1/4. I hope you consider this opportunity and take it as good experience. By contacting you will be provided with the map file (only the area shown), and I can give you more insight to the puzzle to give you a better idea for what to do. Additionally here is my steam workshop page: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198073108235/myworkshopfiles/ If you read through it all you are a super awesome person!
  3. Hi I'm pancakesandsyrup, I've been in the mapping scene for quite a while. Mainly on Portal 2, but I've made a decent csgo map too. I wish you all good luck on this contest Update 1: I've made the greybox, and decided to go for a spain, small town setting.
  4. Ah shit, here we go again. Good luck to everyone who partakes!
  5. Hello everyone! I make maps on the source engine, and today I just launched my website/portfolio. Any kind of feedback would be really appreciated! Link: https://www.pancakessyrup.com/index.html I didn't use a site builder, just raw html/css/javascript coding.
  6. Hi, so I worked on this map for a while, but sadly, I don't think I will ever finnish it. So I thought, instead of deleting the map, I'd just share it with you. Do whatever you want with it, and have fun mapping. I'd love to see what you come up with Here's the dropbox link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/8ph3a2z18irsp97/map_files.zip?dl=0 Here are some pics:
  7. Map download link (steam): https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1403454857 Please read the description =)
  8. I'm making a really deep hole, but I want to have linked_portal_door s inbetween so that I can shuffle between rooms. However, when I look down the hole it won't show anything beyond the 4th portal (picture). Are there any parameters that fixes this?
  9. Thanks, and you're right, I'm not an expert at mapping. I believe this also happened before using "r_novis", but I didn't realize it until I set the graphics (shader detail) to high, because that's when it's most apparent. As you can see in the video, when I change back to low settings, it's less noticable. However, someone else suggested it was due to many expensive textures/ textures with high shadow complexity. I still don't really know the issue, but I will gladly take your advice into consideration
  10. I am actually stumbling across every possible bug right now, would you please like to help me with this issue? This is happening to me now: I'm sorry for begging, but I am really short on time and I really want to be in the contest bigissue - converted with Clipchamp.mp4
  11. Hey! This happens on my map de_retail, what could it be?? bigissue - converted with Clipchamp.mp4 Thanks, I would really appreciate any help!
  12. Okay, thanks I'll do that next time Thanks! That's exactly what I needed
  13. Pancakesandsyrup123


    I really like this, and I think the setting is awesome. Good work, and wish you good luck with the contest!
  14. Hi! I'm having an issue with creating the radar for my map de_retail (previously de_mall but I changed it), because when I type in cl_leveloverview (number) parts of my level are not being rendered, but I believe that is due to the hint brushes that I recently placed. Is there a way to deactivate them or toggle off their effects in game? Because I would like to have the full level rendered for the radar Thanks for your attention, and good luck to everyone in the contest!
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