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    Hello guys, the new guy's here... I started this project mid june and this is how far Ive come I guess. This town is placed in Schweiz, heavy influenced from the city Thun. The skybox is going to be removed and changed to something more Schweizy like. But this will be for now. And the details ive done sofar is still under construction, nothing is finished yet. A bombsite. B bombsite. Mid from Ts view. Mid from CTs view. Connector from A to Mid. A very W.I.P tourist place with still Alot of room to work with. CTspawn. Tspawn. ...And the (what to come) wine storage at B site. Alot of the errors I already know of , like clipping/skybox etc. ..and Ive not gotten this layout testet yet, https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2514823127 All feedback are appreciated! Best regards, bawwan.
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