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  1. Thanks for replying! As you mentioned, I am having some trouble with quest writing at the moment for my mod. What games would you recommend if I wanted to focus on becoming a effective level designer? I do want to make a great map but I'm not sure about making custom assets...
  2. Hi guys! I'm a newly graduated CS: Game design major who decided that he doesn't like programming. With that said, I've decided to give myself a few months to try to learn level design and create a good enough portfolio to apply for a low level level design job (hopefully this is a good idea...). Anyways, I've been working on a small dungeon mod for Fallout 4 before I discovered this amazing site. I can't help but wonder if I've been wasting my time as I mostly see CS:GO maps here. Should I keep working on creation kit, making my own levels/maps there, or should I try and switch to HAMMER and work on some L4D/CS:GO maps? The reason I chose creation kit was it already had assets that I could use, so I can focus on just level design itself. But I've noticed that I can't really greybox/whitebox on it as I can only put assets down (The idea of greybox/whitebox is to create a fast and dirty layout of the map with simple blocks right?). I guess I should also add that I haven't tried to make any assets. I want to apply for low level level design jobs, so should I start learning that too? I can't draw at all. Wouldn't making assets be crossing over to ENV ART? Also, is there any advice anyone could give me to help me accomplish my goal of creating a good presentable portfolio for a low level design job in a couple of months?
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