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  1. Crafter Soniusz


    Thanks for your comment. I am working on some gameplay changes so i hope map will be better
  2. Crafter Soniusz

    [Wingman] Villas

    This place is very empty, also you should make these doors available to open. Except this, map is really cool! I would like to see it as an official map in csgo actually. I hope valve will make operation this year and add some wingman maps from workshop.
  3. Crafter Soniusz


    WORKSHOP LINK Bomb defusal map called de_pavement. It may has some bugs but they can be easily fixed right.
  4. Crafter Soniusz

    [CS:GO] Evening

    WORKSHOP LINK Hello, i want to share with my map de_evening. I am still fixing bugs etc. and i would like to know is it good for 5v5 and what changes should i make.