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  1. To break the silence here's a WIP model screenshot. Nothing special but I'm working on more. Also I made some changes to several areas to set them up for the visuals. Layout still remains the same. I hope we can put out a bigger update soon
  2. Mapping Contest by Epic Games and Mapcore - Yay! It's for Showdown - Oh no Anyway it may be a good motivation for me to work on my DM map.
  3. Awesome work, really looking forward to this map. As mentioned before, good work with the rocks and of course all the other self-made stuff Are waterfalls completely gone or will they return? Would love to know how you made them. Anyway I just added you on steam.
  4. I'll just use this thread because it's not that old and it already partly covers what I'm looking for. Finally I've learned the basic of blender and I think I'm ready to make some models. Well, just meshes for now, I'll get to texturing and stuff like that later. But maybe I can already do some stuff which I can use in my map later. So basically what I'm looking for is ways to make trees, grass and ivy in Blender. I've already seen that there are things like "ivy generators" - but are the results good to be used in the source engine? Recently I discovered a nice tutorial which I decided to go through. It's from 2010 and based on an older version of Blender. But the guy shows how to make a greek column with ivy on it, so I just had to watch it. I was like 75% through but then the guy suddenly comes up with a script to attach the leaves to the branches of the ivy. He switches to some kind of scripts window, which I just can't find and executes a "tree from curves" script. Maybe somebody can help me out and tell me what I have to do. And as I said before, I'm happy about any other advice on making trees, grass and ivy. Just keep in mind that I'm still a beginner Links to good (and up to date) tutorials are also fine!
  5. ​It's basically just the bombspots which I recreated. I'll post a playable version of the layout soon, maybe you want to take a look at it then. What about reusing assets, is this allowed? Of course I won't overdo it, but some of them would fit pretty good.
  6. Is it okay if the map is inspired and slightly based on an existing map? Means modified versions of the bombspots, but overall complete new layout. Also everything made from scratch, no copy&paste. Maybe reuse of some textures, of course only with permission. It'll be a complete new map, just some small parts may be recognizable (but that's in fact intended).
  7. Damn, no remakes So I have to come up with a new idea and start from scratch. Got a bit lack of time, but I'll see what I can do. Great contest anyway.
  8. ​great job too bad I have to work all day, but will be excited to see the announcement in the evening
  9. Sadly I have to cancel my playtest on 24.02. Would take a spot on 05.03. instead.
  10. If swst.turn doesn't mind I would also like to have that slot on 24.02. for my map de_losttemple. Did a long break, so the map is still not that far, but I could really use some input and feedback from the community
  11. I'll add it for him We'll add this map on our public server soon.
  12. Same here, I'm trying to learn 3D modeling to get better at mapping and be able to create unique environments in the future. Will be a long way to go, but I hope it's worth it Talked to a guy recently, he told me to choose one of the big three (3DS Max, Maya, Blender) and stick with it. Because I can't pay like 4000€ a year, the choice was easy for me: Blender. The advantage is that you've always got the most recent version and yeah, it's free. But if you're planning to get a job in the industry some day, then you won't get far with Blender. You'll have to learn the expensive professional software from Autodesk then. Anyway, I wanted to ask if someone here knows good tutorials for Blender which especially help with creating static props for games like CS:GO?
  13. I played it two days ago and I really enjoyed it. Totally feels like a mixture between Rankin and Ironic, but I like both maps, so it's ok for me Movement flow is also good, you can easily jump from one floor to another. Thanks for making this map, I'll definitely play it once in a while.
  14. First of all: No, I'm not one of the original authors. The original de_losttemple was made by Magikus and StarD00d (as But there's a little bit of background story. Back in the days of Counter-Strike: Source Magikus and I were part of a team running a german CS Fansite. I learned how to use the hammer editor because of his mapping tutorials. But Magikus quit many years ago and nowadays I'm running the site. SirK joined our team during the CS:GO Beta. So the remake is not from the same people, but from the same community And yes we've got permission from StarD00d to port the map, he also sent us the original VMF (thanks to him at this point!). Now let's get to your feedback. During the playtest I felt that the map is too much T-sided. The new connector doesn't work out that well, you're right with that. It feels like the Terrorists have to much options and as CT you just don't know what exactly you should cover. I think I'll just remove the connector and focus on the other routes. Which brings me to your second point. The scale of the whole map is the same, but it changed a little in the individual parts of the map. I'll take your advice and try to make some of the areas (including the middle route) a bit narrower to make it harder for the terrorists to get through. About the visuals: As you guessed correctly where going for a roman/greek temple style. I think the next version will include some custom textures as well. Thanks for your feedback!
  15. Would love to get the second spot on 17.04. for a first playtest of de_losttemple by SirK and me. Map is still in an early stage, but it would be great to get some layout and gameplay feedback.