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  1. Some screenshots of progress at B site.
  2. Sun adds bright lighting to walls that is good for visibility, but I am trying to make shadows bright enough to make lighting unusual (exotic). When there is no crisp shadows, you don't have to worry about player model shadows that only others can see.
  3. Updated A site. Made some visuals on A site and fixed some angles that were too narrow. Added a pit-like spot for interesting gameplay. There are 2 entrances to site now. I am considering adding a boost option or some kind of doorway as a third.
  4. Middle in current state. Currently I am experimenting with lighting color theme and brightness of level. Guys, how do you like sunset theme or is it better to go with mainstream daylight with crisp shadows?
  5. Hello, everyone! This is my entry to this contest. Had to pause current project, to make something exotic. Map is situated in Georgia, somewhere in old Tbilisi. Made some art to get feeling of the place I am making. Haven't posted to workshop yet, play-test version soon. P.S. Sorry for bad quality of pictures.
  6. illG

    [WIP][CS:GO] Jupiter

    Status Update: Current state overview. Simple story overview: CT SPAWN: MIDDLE: B SITE: A SITE:
  7. illG

    [WIP][CS:GO] Jupiter

    Status Update: Middle to A building have been changed, you can see before and after comparison. I made building bigger so that T's could easier smoke off vision from A site. This picture is a CT's approach to middle with stack of boxes as cover and boost options up on metal beams. Before: After:
  8. illG

    [WIP][CS:GO] Jupiter

    Status Update: CT SPAWN Made junkyard theme at CT spawn. B SITE Added two silos for fun round angles to play with. B SHORT B short now have a boost spot over wooden fence from B long for T's to have more gameplay options and easier B short take. MIDDLE FROM T SIDE In middle T's now have a scaffolding with ladder to play with if they are smoked off in middle. TOP VIEW FROM B LONG Overall view with changes I've made for B site. As you can see from B site picture, added a large ramp that reminds me a dusts A pit with only cover that is the ground. T spawn now have a 45degree garages for better saving options.
  9. illG

    [WIP][CS:GO] Jupiter

    Status Update: Added high overpass to CT spawn and made interesting geometry for radio tower building. Also moved "Jupiter Sign" up towards A site, for better smoke lineup options. Thank you for your opinion! Hopefully I will make test-able version soon for people to share thoughts of timings and gameplay. Middle: CT's get there 5 - 6 seconds. T's get there about 7-8 secs. I want to make middle CT's controlled at start of round that T's have to fight for. Some easy to smoke spots and more cover to get to will do the work for T's. A and B timings will be corrected for play-test version.
  10. illG

    [WIP][CS:GO] Jupiter

    B site is quite empty because I deleted half of the site, things that I didn't find working for the layout. Working on that right now. Thank you for your opinion.
  11. illG

    [WIP][CS:GO] Jupiter

    CS:GO Map "Jupiter" Hello everyone! I want to show my current 2019 project called "Jupiter". Work in progress... Map is situated at industrial zone. Color pallet for this map is red brick, gray metal and concrete as you can see in screenshots. I want to make layout as simple as possible, with interesting aspects in some places like boosts, risk->reward action for both sides and easy to learn smoke executes. Right now map isn't ready for playtesting and I havent uploaded it to workshop. Just wanted to hear your opinion and maybe you can help me think out a story for this project. I have some toughts for story, but I would like to hear something from you guys. Map's name "Jupiter" is meant for name of this industrial zone that I want to make look huge. MIDDLE A SITE I wanted to ask you guys - How good would be idea that you could surf on this almost 45 degree corrugated metal roof on A site? Right now jump has to be made from high platform on right of screenshot. B SITE T Entrance to MID Layout right now, minor changes will be made, but map will look something like this.
  12. illG

    [WIP] Pipelines

    The contest has ended, unfortunately I didn't finish the map, the problem was that I wanted to make a perfect layout for competitive and fun gameplay. Tested a lot of stages and got the results I wanted. Now all I need to do is design. Cangi^ P.S. I would like to thank Mapcore and Faceit for making this great contest and huge shoutout to "esport.lv" (Latvian e-sport community) for playtests and helping me developing this map.
  13. illG

    [WIP] Pipelines

    New update open for testing, working hard to finish. ;D Added some pictures. T Spawn. Sewers filled with water for better sound recognition. Changed upper lobby configuration, adding vents to sewer for surprise attacks and more fun gameplay. A Main, minor changes. To see more, please see the map by yourself, I am open for suggestions and bug report.
  14. illG

    [WIP] Pipelines

    Hello, I'm looking for someone who could help me with map test, hopefully 5v5.
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