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  1. Thank you! I was following your work aswell, interesting to see some different aspects of artists view at one place. Did a runaround on your map, great finished work, especially visuals! Good luck, hoping to see your work on finals!
  2. Sadfully I couldn't finish this map on time... Good luck to everyone else who could. Maybe next time I'll have more time to work on mapping, but now life does its corrections. Wanted to share some latest screenshots of my work. Thank you guys for feedback and your opinions! Happy mapping!
  3. Reworked A site, old site design felt too complex and like @zombi said was a little wierd. CT Spawn
  4. Currently working on A site, made a bell tower as a landmark for A site. Can be seen almost across the map. After finishing work on site A, I'll do some optimization. After optimization process, I'll upload a playable version of the map. P.S. I removed "nuclear explosion" lights.
  5. Finally got myself a new PC to work with. Compile times are like 5x faster and I can afford to take 4K, max quality screens. So enjoy the new, hi-res quality screenshots... I try to use hi-res textures as much as possible.
  6. Some screenshots of progress at B site.
  7. Sun adds bright lighting to walls that is good for visibility, but I am trying to make shadows bright enough to make lighting unusual (exotic). When there is no crisp shadows, you don't have to worry about player model shadows that only others can see.
  8. Updated A site. Made some visuals on A site and fixed some angles that were too narrow. Added a pit-like spot for interesting gameplay. There are 2 entrances to site now. I am considering adding a boost option or some kind of doorway as a third.
  9. Middle in current state. Currently I am experimenting with lighting color theme and brightness of level. Guys, how do you like sunset theme or is it better to go with mainstream daylight with crisp shadows?
  10. Hello, everyone! This is my entry to this contest. Had to pause current project, to make something exotic. Map is situated in Georgia, somewhere in old Tbilisi. Made some art to get feeling of the place I am making. Haven't posted to workshop yet, play-test version soon. P.S. Sorry for bad quality of pictures.
  11. illG

    [WIP][CS:GO] Jupiter

    Status Update: Current state overview. Simple story overview: CT SPAWN: MIDDLE: B SITE: A SITE:
  12. illG

    [WIP][CS:GO] Jupiter

    Status Update: Middle to A building have been changed, you can see before and after comparison. I made building bigger so that T's could easier smoke off vision from A site. This picture is a CT's approach to middle with stack of boxes as cover and boost options up on metal beams. Before: After:
  13. illG

    [WIP][CS:GO] Jupiter

    Status Update: CT SPAWN Made junkyard theme at CT spawn. B SITE Added two silos for fun round angles to play with. B SHORT B short now have a boost spot over wooden fence from B long for T's to have more gameplay options and easier B short take. MIDDLE FROM T SIDE In middle T's now have a scaffolding with ladder to play with if they are smoked off in middle. TOP VIEW FROM B LONG Overall view with changes I've made for B site. As you can see from B site picture, added a large ramp that reminds me a dusts A pit with only cover that is the ground. T spawn now have a 45degree garages for better saving options.
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