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  1. JamieGamez


    Didn't properly know about func_detail until 5 hours into compile. Just done it in 45 mins! XD
  2. JamieGamez


    Well that was optimistic for the rate my PC compiles maps...
  3. JamieGamez


    Final tweaks to be made later and the final version and screenshots will be on by 22:30 GMT tonight!
  4. JamieGamez


    Couldn't agree more. I need to change the way I build and prepare sites in future to avoid this. Gonna be watching more of 3kliksphilips tutorials before I start my next map to give me more tools to work with.
  5. JamieGamez


    Bit harsh but I can see where you're coming from with all those points.
  6. JamieGamez


    Thanks for the suggestions! I'm tempted to move the harz sign onto the map so that it is visible from most of the map. Gonna fine tune the displacements on the road and lower the gate.
  7. JamieGamez


    In the northern town of Woldsdale a group of activists attempt to demolish a preserved area of important listed buildings as a political statement. Only the SAS can stop them... Many thanks to BehindTheCookie, ˙·٠•ArcusMagicus•٠·˙, twisterzz, Improbable, Mattyrl30, jack1047, ScranENG, JustMalachy and BritishNinja for playtesting this map and suggesting improvements. This is my first completed map, having started using hammer about 4 weeks ago. It was built by growing from middle and then expanding elsewhere. I decided on the theme once I had completed the layout and tweaked the way that the map plays. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=500769298 Below are screenshots of my map:
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