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  1. neptune

    [CSGO][WIP] Downtown

    yep it is close but alternative road and tactically important
  2. neptune

    [CSGO][WIP] Downtown

    All offical competitive map at least 3 entryway including Dust 2's Bombsite B and Inferno's Bombsites you should search it.
  3. neptune

    [CSGO][WIP] Downtown

    Your bombsites need 3th or more entryway. I looked your screenshots and i understand your map's bombsites only 2 entry option. You should change it. Lastly remove explosive barrel.
  4. neptune

    [CS:GO] Crossfire Remake

    Thank you for your comment. I will remove this crane. I just added Competitive mode for playable option but Wingman mode is very fun and map design very convenient.
  5. neptune

    WIP in WIP, post your level screenshots!

    the municipality is working.
  6. neptune

    [CS:GO] Crossfire Remake

    Hi everyone, This map is remake version of Half-Life Crossfire. Firstly I released this map in 2015 and I updated regularly. Now I changed whole map design and details but i protect map's main lines. The map's story goes through after the test chamber accident time. Map support Competitive, ,Casual, Wingman, Deathmatch and Custom game mod, Custom game mod is basic Half - Life Deathmatch mod without turret and HLDM weapons. Nuke button, lifts, secret room, etc. still have and improved. Only nuke button blocked Competitive, Casual, Wingman game mod. Here workshop page --> Crossfire Custom Deathmatch Gameplay Details Total game time limit is 20 minutes. All players default start weapon is Glock and Knife. Grenade carry limit is 5. Healthshot carry limit is 1. Friendly fire is on and all player is enemy. Weapon and grenade can't drop after die. All weapon and items on ground. Map have 4 resupply point. 2 resupply point on left CT Spawn 2 resupply point on right CT Spawn. Weapons and Item Lists Revolver XM1014 Healthshot M4A4 M249 Armor MP5-SD Nova Health Charger AWP HE Grenade Low Jump Module(just change gravity) FAMAS Flashbang AUG Incendiary Grenade P90 Decoy Grenade SSG-07 Smoke Grenade Desert Eagle Sensor Grenade
  7. neptune

    [CS:GO] dz_junglity (Danger Zone)

    Looks nice good job
  8. neptune

    WIP in WIP, post your level screenshots!

    I adapted CS GO mechanics, compatible with Competitive, Wingman and Deathmatch mode and I made like Half-Life Deathmatch mod without useable turret and HL DM weapons I replaced with equivalent CS:GO weapons for this mod.
  9. neptune

    WIP in WIP, post your level screenshots!

    I still preparing new update to my Crossfire Remake map for CS:GO and i redesigned inside of bunker, improved models textures quality, made new custom textures and re-adjusted Wingman and Custom Deathmatch mod.
  10. neptune

    WIP in WIP, post your level screenshots!

    I preparing new update to my Crossfire Remake map for CS:GO and i adding lots of new details. This is test compile screenshot.
  11. neptune

    [Wingman] Villas

    I think this map need more details. For example your buildings's main design is well but not have a enough details. You should search this classic wooden Ottoman house and made it. Example
  12. neptune

    [CS:GO] Metro

    Hi everyone. Firstly I designed this map in 2016 but this version is bad and after 2 years i ve decided redesign this map. Metro is hostage rescue scenario bases in Turkey. This map have 4 multiple levels. Some building designs is real and all location and subway line name is fake. I want to improve my map tactically with your help. Thanks in advice. Metro Workshop Page Here some screenshot:
  13. neptune

    Residence Rescue

    I forgot to mention onething. My advice if you add little dirt detail to glass door texture it would be better.
  14. neptune

    Residence Rescue

    Have played hostage rescue version and i liked your map but i found some problem. 1- Major problem: Bridge border. If you take hostage and jump other side of bridge goodbye this hostage. You should clip bridge's border. 2- Optimization: CT, T Base and Bridge around optimization is bad.( I tested lowest settings with my potato computer). 3- Some used soundscape name is wrong. This is console screenshot: Console Screenshot