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    I loved the atmosphere in map and this map giving Dishonored vibe. Good work. Keep going!
  2. Hi everyone, Cappadocia updated! This update totally focused layout improvement.Here the update details: OPTIMIZATION -Expensive prop poly count reduced. -Skybox design improved. -More optimization work. LIGHTING -Environment lighting rebuilded. -Some darken areas lighen up. -Added new light effects on Bathroom -Some props shader build rebuild. GENERAL -Whole map layout improvement. -Storage place name change to Squeaky. -Ruin place name change to Underpass. -Some displacement black hole for weapon and phycics props except in Pit side fixed. -Added more clips -Whole fairy chimneys props retextured -Added new artworks and props. -Several minor bugs fixed.
  3. Complementary Update released. UPDATE NOTE Hostage spawn amount reduced. Some props fade out readjusted. Missing lower radar issue fixed. Removed plane soundFX. Removed some details. Added missing details on family room. Fixed some minor bugs. Updated place names.
  4. Hi everyone Feedback update is released. This weekend i release one more update for some minor bugs and issue of Hostage spawn. In the meantime, you can also give feedback. UPDATE NOTE Map file name changed to "cs_cappa" General optimization improved. Environment lighting boosted and long shadow issue fixed. Sun overley become smaller. Some props and brush shader build remake Rescue zone and surrounded area redesign. TSpawn moved to MainHall Main Hall as diveded into two side near the Ruins. Some areas (restaurant, heaven, left alley etc.) layout improved. Some place adapted theme. Map color theme become simplify. Unnecesary details removed. Added new props. Added new artworks. All soundFX(without plane i forgot fixing next update) sound level reduced. A hostage moved to Heaven A radar issue fixed Place name updated. Fixed minor bugs.
  5. New update coming soon based on all feedbacks. First test compiles photos for new update: Again thank you for all feedbacks.
  6. Thank you for feedbacks. The main cause of visual confusing is due to the theme. Because real Cappadocia include "TOO MUCH" things and I thought a lot about how I could simplify. (Just Turkish Bathroom not suitable for this theme.) And as I understand from the feedback I got, it's still very complicated. I sharing my reference about hotel design and rescue zone Referance hotel Google maps link Referance hotel link 2 Referance Rescue Zone Google Maps In conclusion I fixing all problem based on feedbacks and I already working next update. Note: My all maps is my babies. Everytime i will working my maps
  7. Hi everyone, This contest is very competitive and Cappadocia has gotten "Honorable Mentions". With all my best wishes good luck all finalists. I would like to express my endless thanks to everyone who gave me feedbacks and reported their supports. During judging i prepare new update and fixed lots of problem about playing, visual and optimization. And now i releasing new update for Cappadocia. Hayrat(TR): Schools, fountains, hospitals etc. made for the benefit of the public, structure OPTIMIZATION -Rebuilded all Hint-Skip optimization. -Added more optimization options. LIGHTING -Some props shader build changed. -Bathroom color correction rebuilded. - Some darknest corners lighten up. -Playable side's some lens flare sprites removed, moved position or changed with simple variations - Some props light build rebuild GENERAL -Added more weapon clip -Fixed some clipped side -Added new props -Added new details. -All door bells and recepcion bell build rebuilded (You can press all door bells, also shooting reception bells [but not work properly]) -Added new soundFXs -Some brick textures changes to new unique textures -Added new artworks -Fixed minor bugs -Radar's wrong T spawn position fixed. -Deathmatch spawn factor changed.
  8. UPDATE NOTE Corner trim's bad lighting issue fixed. Some balloons animation frame jumps issue fixed. Map's color correction rebuilded. All map clipped( If you found any need clipping points please feedback to me) Some prop textures rebuilded Some props lighting fixed(Ty Zool) Some expensive props polycount reduced. Some props visual quality boosted. Some areas optimized. Props fade out rebuild Added new props Radar updated.
  9. File bugs fixed Steam Workshop Link updated: New Steam Workshop Link
  10. Thanks to for report Fırst time seems this problem and i know probably reason (probably occluder cuting vision) next update i ll fix
  11. I know i already released new update few minutes ago and it is fixed
  12. Welcome to Paradise Cave Hotel Cappadocia Released! Steam Workshop Link WARNING! This version is beta version. You can see lots of bugs. KNOWN ISSUES Corner trims have light issue. Some balloons have a animation problem. Optimization Some areas have a visibility leak. Some models wrong position Some areas need clip Interior tv animated texture is not worked. T Spawn tv screen texture wrong scale 3D skybox roads model bad texture Lighting issues
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