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  1. Due to the slope and buildings, wallbang is impossible in the conditions you said.
  2. Some artworks for Cappadocia. I am very hardly working for Cappadocia's patterns. I have drawn too many shapes and I share some of the artworks for yours.
  3. Probably Hl:Alyx will release like Blue Shift
  4. Nice props keep developing.Just one things. Door fracture may be better if it disrupts flatness.
  5. Film equipments for Cappadocia. I have completed in the period which I didn't share anything, custom model sets and some interesting information about the map will announce. If you have any questions about map, feel free to ask. Equipment sets include 8 static 1 phys prop
  6. Thank you for your comment. Issue of darkness areas is known issues and i ll fix until release.
  7. Map Diary 2 Firstly I'm sorry about didn't share anything about map situation. Until November I was trying to developing the map. I got feedbacks about map's layout (Thank you for SE and Mapcore Discord feedbackers) and I fixed feedbacks issues. But lastly I decided redesign layout (reason: some areas optimization problem, timing and some area very advantageous for snipers).Last 2 week I redesign and fixed lots of new layout bugs. Layout Firstly I can share to you old and new layouts. In old layout T have a some vision advantege. Also CT timing to hostage is not well. (Min Arrive time:22 sec. Max. Arrive time:32 sec.) New layout is better than old layout about optimization, timing, balance. (Min arrive time:18 sec Max arrive time: 27 sec.) Screenshots Here some screenshots about Cappadocia. I am very hard working to making sunrise lighting hopefully you will like it. Some models and textures is not ready. therefore i used Dev textures and referance Valve models.Also I didn't start to make detail some rooms so you can see some area empty. I will publish 1 or 2 weeks later this map on Workshop. Until this time I will fixing other bugs and making priority custom models. If you any feedback (layouts, models, lightings, bugs, improvement etc.) please post here.
  8. Based on Hostage Rescue mode, Cappadocia. Still working, balancing and fixing...
  9. @snaileny Thank you for advice. Before when I planning map location i searched all location on Cappadocia and i decided Goreme. Goreme is very convenient side for hostage rescue mode(also Urgup). Map layout nearly complete. And lastly Uchisar Castle, fairy chimneys, flyings ballons will add this map's 3D skybox.
  10. Map Diary 1 Status I already developing map and map is not ready for compile (%75 complete for compile ). Reasons for long development: I'm doing the whole project by myself. I have other works besides this project. Maps plan changes As soon as possible I will share map's WIP version. Contents Map is already developing but some textures (especially tiles) is ready. Considering the place where the map bases, I plan to build a appropriate lighting for the magical atmosphere of Cappadocia. I started by designing custom glow effects. Here photos. Plan Firstly previous layout I shared is now obsolete. I changed many things. For examples CT Spawn and surrounding area completely changed. Some textures ready but I didn't start make custom models but I can some referance photos about custom models. And lastly I planning add new mechanic for hostage mode. I didn't share more details temporality but my plan is this mechanic can be ready with WIP version.
  11. The Balkan use Slavic accent (probably Serbian or Chechen). Not Turkish
  12. I will share ws link when I finish WIP version. Referance photos maybe help for real map view
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