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  1. The Balkan use Slavic accent (probably Serbian or Chechen). Not Turkish
  2. I will share ws link when I finish WIP version. Referance photos maybe help for real map view
  3. Layout, place names and story is finally ready. Lots of props position is not certain. (After realese wip version, all prop position can finalize.) If you any feedback for map design please tell me. Story Terrorists learned that a rich businnesman and family go on vacation to Cappadocia, Turkiye. They decided took this businessman and family hostage for money. Terrorists found the hotel and attacked in sunrise. A few minutes later police learned this hostage crisis. In a short time police, and special forces has been arrived and closed surrounding areas. Terrorist want to 3 Million $ , helicopter for safety exit in return hostage. Police refused this offer and preparing intervention.
  4. Here some referance photos. Map based hotel and this map will hostage rescue map. Map plan is not ready.
  5. Map plan is not ready but probably this map will build hostage rescue map
  6. @Freaky_Banana I noticed and i ll change next update.
  7. Map updated. Building designs revised. Interior designs revised by color harmony. Some custom models revised. Added new unique custom models and textures. All Interior lighting revised. Helicopter propeller animation and soundFX no longer work on Competitve, Casual and Wingman mode. Bot navigation improved and updated. Added new details. Some place name changed.
  8. I think this icon would be helpful vector icon
  9. I think you can made this building with blueprint method but you need this building's blueprint. This video is sample of blueprint modelling method. video
  10. You can find this link how to make collision mesh with each 3D modelling program for Source Engine. Collision mesh wiki page
  11. I am sharing first test compile result without static prop lighting before update. I changed some building design and some model texture adapted to ambiance but some model already preparing(crates,electrical box etc.) I am looking forward to your positive negative comments.
  12. My advice this poster need remake. I search 20's advertisement poster and the common style of these posters is that they look like oil paint. I share a sample. Coca Cola 1920's Advertisement Sample
  13. Actually I didn't want to process a fully abandoned facility on this map. The story of this map is about 1 hour after the disaster so some places may seem a little new.(Some soundFXs and clock model processing this story.) After your comments, I changed the designs of some buildings and textures. With these changes, I aim for a color, atmosphere integrity locally. I already preparing this update and I will share result.
  14. Hmm you re right. I already preparing next update and i took note about this issue and i ll fix it.
  15. @blackdog I forgot to change ceiling texture. It is final result.
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