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  1. dimes2dope


    Selfillum Should do that by Default, does it not? - it uses the alpha Channel of the base texture to see how bright each pixel should be So the metal would not be bright, because the alpha channel makes it not bright. Thats the whole point of using Selfillum over UnlitGeneric I thought, (among other things I guess) Does it not work without what you put? Here's how it looks with and without a separate mask, because in the first one it uses the base textures alpha channel. Edit: hope you saw this @grapen Selfillum should do by default, what you were trying to do with $basealphaenvmapmask 1 so that may be what caused the problem.
  2. dimes2dope


    Yea, may not matter. FYI I cant Reproduce it either: (static props hidden) No issues on my end with the texture. Did you get any other details from the guys - Graphics settings? GPU? etc. I tried on Low and High Settings, no effect, different ansiotropic - did nothing Currently Running 2 GTX 580s - probably with slightly out dated drivers No issues for me. The screenshot u showed kind of looks like it can see the skybox like with r_drawworld 0 Here's with props but no world: EDIT: also, maybe im wrong but why are you using $basealphaenvmapmask 1 You don't have an $envmap set for the material - so there are no reflections for the Envmapmask:
  3. dimes2dope


    Easy Re-Takes, well done! I'm assuming you have quotes on this line: $basetexture de_scepter\scep_windowglass01b It may not matter but doesn't hurt to be safe!
  4. dimes2dope


    Yea, my apologies - and I totally agree, there doesn't even need to be a downvote button. The real issue is that de_scepter is a very impressive map, and definitely deserves the exposure it would get being on the front page. Hopefully it can make it's way back to the top if it gets enough positive ratings.
  5. dimes2dope


    Honestly the issue needs much more exposure - part of the problem is that it takes Sooooo few votes to destroy a map... Your map has about 40 votes on it, I bet all it would take is 10 or 15 downvotes to take you off the front page of the workshop... My map had 62 ratings: All it took was 16 downvotes to take my map from 2nd place - all the way completely off the front page 2 pages. (for 1 week most popular) Basically anyone could go to their friends list - message 15 people and ask them to downvote someones map. (assuming it is a very new map, with few votes) And they don't even need to Own CS:GO to vote on the map.... it's awful
  6. dimes2dope


    @grapen Very nice work on the map. I noticed that your map was on the #2 spot on the workshop Screenshot: However, it seemed that it suddenly got spammed with Down Votes or something - possibly because of these aim maps? Last I checked, your map had fallen down to PAGE 3 - when it had been in 2nd place on the workshop... I don't mean to start a witch hunt, I'm just bringing this up because the same thing happened to me with my map, it was up at second place and suddenly got a bunch of downvotes and disappeared from the the first 2 pages.... although it has recovered some since then. This guy has 4 maps all of which were posted in the last week or so starting June 30th - every single one - except the most recent one, is filled with Ads for Crate Gambling Sites.... Don't mean to start a which hunt but I just wanted to bring this to your attention, and share with others because I hope that Valve will do something about it. I've seen that same thing happen to other maps posted this week, it's a joke - it shouldn't be that easy for people to control the workshop.... Lol yep - That's such a huge pain - Valve need to do somehting about that
  7. So this is a first time release for me on Mapcore - some of you may have seen this map elsewhere, but I figured I'd share it here as well. This map takes place on a Moving Highway (infinite scrolling) - to accommodate the entire layout onto a Single Vehicle, all the props have been Scaled around 12x larger than normal, which makes the players about 6 inches tall compared to regular maps for CS:GO. Everything takes place on the back of a flatbed semi-trailer where the T's goal is to destroy the Radioactive Waste container. *Note: The layout for this map is extremely free/open and probably wont play like a typical defuse comp map. It's mostly meant for fun and messing around, but I'm open to suggestions for future updates* de_rats_highway Layout: Hard to get an Idea of the "Moving" part without some videos, so here are a few. HD Gfycat Videos: (no embed I guess - sorry) https://gfycat.com/RepentantAcceptableGecko https://gfycat.com/OrangeScaryBorer https://gfycat.com/PlaintiveVioletFlies Gifs (same as videos above): I hope you guys enjoy the map, please Like and Favorite if you do! Download - CS:GO Workshop: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=968271567
  8. dimes2dope

    [CS:GO] Thrill Assets

    Very nice, thank you for all the props!
  9. Very solid looking prop design, the Player model space suit is great too! Nice animated light up arrows and weapon highlights! Looks great.
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