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  1. biaty

    [WIP] nameless

    http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=683784888 Havent created a big map since the last contest. I decided to start mapping again for fun. Have been working on this map. Started as an idea on one bombsite then branched out. Any feedback would be great on layout anything really. Some areas may have awkward lighting, bad decal work and prop placement. Which will be fixed in the future :). Here are some quick screenshots I took http://imgur.com/a/kleLy/
  2. biaty

    [WIP] de_facility

    Wow you actually have some great ideas. The T boost area I was unsure about, wasn't even going to add it. So I really like the suggestion of reducing it a bit by moving the scaffolding. I will definitely be doing it! I will add further clipping to bombsite B so you cant boost ontop of everything on the site lol. Im not too sure about your idea on the garage door, I always felt like it was a way of making my map unique as no other maps do this other than office. Bombsite A tho I feel is fine, it plays pretty well but it might be bit crowded might need to change it a bit. You did say the boost spot is easy to get onto but it is really hard to get there before the ts see you, which makes it sort of like a high risk high reward area. I really liked your idea and will definitely add some of your idea to my map .
  3. biaty

    [WIP] de_facility

    Here is a workshop link http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=509039690 The map is fully done now. Any and all advice will be great! I will accept and try to incorporate all advice given Here are some random screenshots of me running around enjoy :).
  4. biaty

    [WIP] de_facility

    Workshop link will be coming soon ^.^
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