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  1. I like all of 'em and want all of 'em! I'm sure there are tons more coming, because I remember "Jeffrestler" (the wrestler) in some video mentioning about Hanjo skins being worked on.
  2. Focus on few heroes only, mostly DPS (other classes get way less SR gains, even though they drop just like the others).
  3. It seems a new closed-beta wave starts for this weekend?
  4. Abilities might be insignificant (and I'm okay with abilities, they could maybe be even bigger thing), but not the health/armor/speed/hitbox differences and "styles" (aircontrol, friction, etc).They should be equal to all.
  5. You mentioned that this is 'level design'. What game is this for? What are the game play elements here? So far to me, this looks like environment art type of deal.
  6. Let's just say: you most likely won't see me in the game shop buying this game.
  7. I did get in and I think new "wave" starts today! So get your game ready!
  8. Shambler mask!
  9. I have a feeling, PTR is a mirror-build from DEV, when this kind of stuff gets overlooked almost constantly:
  10. Don't worry about them too much. At the worst, you are placed ~300SR lower than you last Season Final SR.
  11. Oh I wish Blizzky would do something about trolls and griefers. So many smurfs playing Hanjob/Widow/Ginju/Sombrero-only accounts and throwing the match if asked to switch. :/
  12. Yeah, but Overpass looked pretty cool already when it was released. Maybe this time they didn't want to spend time on visual-polish, because they know things are going to be changing.
  13. On my placements, it went 6W-3L-1T and I got 3330, when last season I was 3500. Now I'm 3200. I like how I'm matched with people who have DDOS in their brain.
  14. What SR did you get after those placement matches and what did you end your last season with?
  15. New patch: Blizz actually went live with the ridiculous Bastion buffs. Also, the only change to competitive play is really minimal and not about fixing real problem, which is: trolls and players who throw the match after one disagreement. Amazing stuff.