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  1. How did you make the skybox to show up like that in editor? I also build my maps in GZDoom Builder.
  2. When does HURG Studios/Software start working on games and doing a Kickstarter thingie?
  3. Competitive? If yes, then I get ya. It's so toxic, it almost needs a concrete cage for it like they did in Chernobyl to contain the reactor.
  4. So, where do I sign up for HURG Studios to make HL3/Episode3/The End?
  5. I was surprised to see the new map Oasis in Competitive-rotation already, as I (and many others) haven't played it for one minute. Eichenwalde was at least introduced first in Brawl, before throwing it into Competitive. I wasn't surprised in a good way to be honest. What comes to the map itself from one play: It's gorgeus and seems to have a lot of routes and ways. Not really into it that much though gameplay wise yet. Too much vertical-space, my virtual neck breaks when trying to find someone on the upper platforms. Also, I noticed a lot of areas that go pretty much unplayed totally. Anyway, we'll see how it goes once I get more used to it learn the map more. Only mentioning the first impressions here.
  6. In TF2, enemy team's players aren't highlighted with red outline and their names, which IMO makes a huge difference in noticing players.
  7. Great article Puddy! Even though it was more of a "scratch of a surface", it was still definitely worth a read.
  8. Good reminder would be also, that the game got update recently which added some new monsters and altered the waves a little. Things are a bit more interesting now, especially with new upgrade for your hand too! I read somewhere it requires 150 gems, so don't use those homing daggers or it'll take a while to get the upgrade. Also, got a new record: ~310s.
  9. Eichenwald looks good.. but that's about it.
  10. This game needs votekick. I just a had a round where I was playing as 5-man team, yet that one random was enough to ruin the game. That player did absolutely nothing, besides walking around and feeding to enemies. In the last 30sec, s/he switched to Bastion and shot one magazine. I'm not kidding. Votekick should be there for these kind of situations. Sucks to play overall a pretty good round otherwise, close to victory where that one player at least shooting to general direction would help a lot, yet losing because it didn't happen. So many mentally incapable players in this game
  11. Meh, still looks quite boring and missing that something.
  12. Didn't they modify the overtime to work so, that it's shorter and can't be dragged on forever? Maybe not, but I've also had few matches where I saw my friend on point but match ended anyway.
  13. I think the D. Va being immune to her self-destruct blast is just not needed. Junkrat, Pharah, Bastion and Tracer can be killed by their own ultimate, why make a change to this rule? It will make very unfair situations, where D. Va can hold the cart while using the mech as a shield before blast, then clear the area with the blast, call a new mech and keep on going. The other buffs are already big enough to make her almost a one-star hero in difficulty.
  14. I wish there was a dislike button for these forum posts, at least this time. Smurfs are fucking awful and ruin games for others.