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  1. Dea

    Insomniac's Spiderman

    So the Shocker is the sixth sinister Six member and the brain behind it all! Odd that they would show the final boss fight in a gameplay trailer.
  2. Dea

    Insomniac's Spiderman

    Awesoooome! A bit happy about Mr Negative not being main villain and just a part of a Sinister Six. Still cool such a C class villain gets a chance to shine though. Would also be cool if they dared to do a Sinister Six without Doc Ock as leader but doubt it a bit. Only thing that has me a bit worried is the chase segment which gives me some Vietnam flashbacks to Ultimate Spider-Man.
  3. Dea

    Battlefield V

    Since Fortnite had that mode where you could play as Thanos, EA has added a mode in BFV where you can play as Thor I see!
  4. Dea

    The Steam Sale Thread

    SWEDISH SALE: https://store.steampowered.com/sale/madeinsweden/ Have been wanting to give SOMA and Mad Max a try for some time now so this was fun to see! Available til 19:00 GMT +1, Friday night apparently!
  5. Dea

    Marvel Cinematic Universe

    I loved the environmental CG a lot in the movie! The city of Wakanda in particular. Some of the design choices might've been a bit questionable though... like this the rightmost building with the hut roof...
  6. Dea

    What have you watched recently?

    I watched it fairly recently and quite enjoyed it too. Think its low score is mostly due to the typical Bay trademarks with big testosterone-ridden men wielding giant guns for 'MERICA. Historical accuracy is probably a thing too, which I've heard Bay is a big fan of neglecting ever since Pearl Harbor. However I found the movie to be a very held back (for Bay) and cozy movie with substance over style. (Can't speak to the accuracy of how things actually went down though.) I think the movie shows that Bay still have some range and can make something without super fast edits and a sickening orange camera filter over everything.
  7. Thanks! Thank you! Water Hazard is hands down my favorite part of HL2 so it's a bit of a challenge to live up to but will do my best. I haven't started on my first lightpass yet so it is indeed temporary. For future testing I will add the HEV suit, I keep forgetting, thanks. Thanks a bunchzors for taking the time to test the level!
  8. Saw the core game was on sale the other day when Steam had it's autumn sale thing. Avoided buying it for being scarred by Hitman Absolution. I'm considering buying it when it's inevitably on sale this christmas though! It at least looks gorgeous! In my opinion Hitman 2 had some of the greatest levels in a stealth game everzors. I think a big factor to that is the lack of triggers for people to start being alive.(which is something I feel Absolution really overused) The world was more alive in Hitman 2 as people walked around all the time and I believe the scripted encounters were kept to a minimum. So I was wondering for you guys who have played the new HITMAN: How does the level design fare against other Hitman games?
  9. Bought a PS3 to play MGS4 so might as well buy a PS4 to play this. But since the game hasn't been in development for that long: I get the feeling that as fast as they have a somewhat done cinematic they run out to post a trailer with it. Without a little hint of gameplay it's indeed too early to build a hypetrain but it's working for now I guess. Gameplay could be a Tetris clone for all I know.
  10. Shore Outposts Game: Half-Life 2 Map Name: HL2_Odyssey_M9_ShoreOutposts Context: Part of the HL2_Odyssey project Time spent developing: Week 4 of 8 (at 50% work hours) Estimated playtime: 5 mins Description & Background This map is part of the HL2_Odyssey project where I am one of the level designers. This level is the ninth in our campaign. It is a continuation of a water segment, started in the previous level. The level takes place in a river surrounding different combine bases and leads out through a gate to a secluded combine town. For the player to reach this new area he must escape the combine outposts by infiltrating one and unlocking the gate to the town. Role in the Campaign The level transitions the second act into the third, this means a bit of an environmental shift from the rivers and outposts to a more mountain populated area. Since this is the ninth level in the campaign, the player has access to many weapons and most enemies, except for the elite soldiers, have been introduced so that the level can present the player with some challenging encounters. Throughout the game you've been chased by a helicopter and during this level the helicopter will swing by as a reminder and further buildup to a future helicopter showdown. Alpha Screenshots Alpha build Here is the first build of my map. It's currently in a alpha state and I would love some feedback on it!