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  1. I have been LD job hunting for the better part of a year now and it can be a bit taxing with all the work assignments and rejections stacking up so I decided to take a break and go ahead and study full-time at a university. Not to completely derail this topic into Japanese 101 but that's funnily enough what I'm gonna study. So thanks for the tips!
  2. A little bit disappointed that Pedro doesn't seem to have that awesome voice from the Launch trailer in the actual game. Game looks sweet though.
  3. Baldur's Gate 2 and Divinity: Original Sin 2 are two of my fav RPGs so I am very excited to see what Larian does! A bit worried about story stuff though which I think DoS2 did a bit poorly. My worry from the trailer is that they've taken Mindflayers and turned them into a faceless army for the player to massacre through, like Dragon Age Origins and the Darkspawn. Think Mindflayers are the coolest in BG2 where they can be plenty challenging in smaller numbers. Shadows of Amn also had such a great main villain I'd hate to see him be followed up by a army of Illithids that just wants to take over the world but we'll see. If it uses the same engine as DoS2 you're probably in luck.
  4. Hey, I think that the design of your site is very clean and easy to navigate. It took me a while to notice the menu button in the corner though. All of the pieces look great but I think they might be lacking a bit of documentation. Most of the texts you have feel like summaries and to me it doesn't feel like they go into any depth about your designs. A gallery of pictures don't tell me much about your design choices so I think it would be great to get to know what your thought process was with some smaller descriptions here and there. Moonshine looks awesome but the top down don't really tell me much about how you can progress the level. I think a video playthrough of the map could be a great help to showcase how the level is played. I've noticed a few spelling errors so I think it could be a good idea to copy paste your texts in a google docs just to get some free spell checks. I'm not familiar with CS:GO but it looks like Invade have some great Workshop numbers that I would feature somewhere and brag more about. ;) Overall I think the portfolio is great, it's just that I want more documentation on the pieces to get to know you better as a designer. If you'd like some inspiration I sometimes look at Plubo's portfolio because he does an awesome job documenting his work on his maps. You do however have many pictures of really good looking and polished areas that I'm sure will impress a lot of peeps when they're looking over your application. :) I hope you found something I said helpful. :)
  5. I have been playing the game for a bit now and I enjoy it! I'm currently a Level 8 Soldier and at 30 or so deaths. If you're still taking feedback on stuff here are some of my thoughts, bugs and things I've noticed: - The weapons all show current ammo / ammo clip total. Not what your overall total ammo is. So it becomes a bit of a surprise to me whenever I have no more ammo left. - Zooming in with a weapon moves the camera into position right away which is a bit jarring for me. I think that the camera needs to be actually moving over there in a quarter of a second or something instead of teleporting there to smooth the transition. - Some of the weapons feel like they're floating in front of you because you can see the trigger and nothing pressing it down. It looks fine for most weapons like the sniper and shotguns but with the Blaster it looks a bit obvious that it is just floating in front of you. - The flashlight light is a bit far away from the player and not centered. This becomes most apparent when activating it right in front of a wall. - The corpses on ground needs to have their necks and feet constraints locked to an angle in their psychicsbody so that their feet and heads don't dangle by themselves when they're on ground. - "Levels" is a term that you use for both the character stats and the different stages of areas. I get confused by it now and again. I would change the location "levels" term to something else, like stage or area or something. - The landscape looks a bit too smooth and round so it clashes a lot with the blockier parts in my opinion. I think you can get away with the more blocky approach for the outdoor terrain too. - Towards the end of "Behind the Wall 1/3" I feel there's a giant uptick in difficulty. There's this spot (See screenshot) where there's a scripted event with the mini gun guys spawning in front of the exit as well as some demons spawning in the room behind you. You get completely surrounded and quite screwed. After dying a lot I chose to just finish that part by running straight to the exit, somehow not triggering that event. - I have just finished the "Behind the Wall" stages and now have the choice between Soldier's Overlook and The Dark Base. I am level 8 and underleveled for both. Is the idea to grind more in The Behind the Wall maps? If so I feel there needs to be something new to it, like a new optional secondary objective or something. I think the game is pretty solid so far and some of these points are just nitpicks so good job! You've really nailed making the shooting feel great and satisfying. The weapon arsenal feels unique and varied and each weapon I've tried has a become my new favorite. Is there a public bug report sheet by the way?
  6. I think it's done a pretty good job on the offers/sales side though. I think it's pretty cool that there's always a free title to grab from their store. Currently it's Slime Rancher. Got Subnautica for free in December and as far as exclusives go I look forward to seeing Journey hitting the store. :)
  7. I haven't played Revulsion yet but it's my strong belief that no matter the genre: the more Dark Souls-inspired interconnected areas a game has the better it becomes. Especially if it's Tetris. I'd like to try it out if you can spare a key. I've been meaning to give it a try but just haven't had any monies as of late. Just saw that there are also two recent negative reviews that are both from players with around 40 hours played which just made me more curious to play the game.
  8. I journeyed over here to drool at the art some more but looks like the images have been taken down or the links have stopped working. Hope it gets fixed!
  9. Got to do a level design work test where I had to create a TPS level using cave assets and stuff. A million things I want to iterate on but deadlines are a thing.
  10. Really like RE1 remake and watched my brother play the original RE2 when I was super young but I barely remember anything. So kinda avoided this thread like the plague in case of original game spoilers. I just finished the Claire playthrough of the new Resident Evil 2 on PS4 though and here are just some of my non-spoilery thoughts. When it comes to the variety of levels to explore as well as the variety of enemies and boss fights I feel that this is really crappy compared to the the Resident Evil 1 remake. Environmental art at the police station is absolutely amazing but that level of quality steadily declines as you progress. Story wasn't as fleshed out or long as I'd hope and was really rushed. And to get the full story for each character you apparently have to new game+ it which I am not the biggest fan of. Since Leon has his own thing going I might look into a Leon playthrough but kind of leaning towards looking it up on the tubes without having to redo the more frustrating parts of the game. TLDR:
  11. I think this video does a good job of explaining why it's well worth its price tag. 10/10.
  12. As a person of the minority who has never played CS:GO this is my favorite sentence in this thread: I'm not sure what it would do to the amount of entries, since most people seem to focus on CS:GO here but the Door Challenge seemed to have a somewhat big amount of entries.
  13. They've shown more than I thought already: Also a playthrough of the Stratholme mission though there's commentary and stuffz: And apparently the story will be expanded upon a lil' bit to include more Jaina and Sylvanas stuff: https://www.polygon.com/blizzcon/2018/11/2/18057924/warcraft-3-reforged-classic-compatibility-blizzcon Really looking forward to see what they'll add to it.
  14. Seems Blizzard is remastering Warcraft III next! https://www.gamespot.com/articles/warcraft-3-remaster-reforged-revealed-at-blizzcon/1100-6462974/ Those super saturated team colors wakes up a lot of memories, would've thought they'd tone that down a bit for a remaster.
  15. Yep! Just watched it yesterday, was quite the experience. Your turn!
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