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  1. Dea

    WIP in WIP, post your level screenshots!

    Been playing around a bit with the Far Cry 5 level editor Some of the editor's assets are simply just too amazing for me to use though.
  2. Dea

    New/Old Diablo Game.

    A third person action-RPG take on the Diablo franchise feels like it could be amazing.
  3. Dea

    [UE4] Operation: Beehive

    Hello everyone! I am currently making a Stealth Shooter in Unreal 4 that is heavily inspired by games like Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes and Hitman. The game has you trying to avoid detection while completing your objectives. You play as an operative that is equipped with a tranquilizer gun. It kind of works like the Metal Gear sleep gun and the dart crossbow from Deus Ex. Headshots with this tranquilizer gun causes enemies to fall asleep instantly while hits to the torso, arms or legs make the tranquilizing agent take about 10 seconds for the enemy to fall asleep. If you get spotted by enemies they will try to hunt you down and shoot at you. If they find any victims of your tranquilizer gun snoring they can wake them up, so hide their bodies well! In this first mission you are trying to infiltrate and get a cartel leader's ledger. The level itself is an old digsite that has been repurposed as a hideout by a drug cartel that are trying laying low. If anyone would like to try it out and give feedback on the current blockout level before I move on to work on visuals for the level that would be awesome! You can download the latest build here(2.4GB .rar file, continually working on lowering the size for future builds.) Below is the current top down draft of the level (shows patrol routes and locations of stuffz, so I would avoid peaking if you plan on playing. ) Here are some screenshots from the latest build: Here is also a video from a playtest my friend did on an earlier build(0.03): The game has gotten some new features, bugfixes, areas and stuff to do since then but hopefully it showcases the gameplay pretty well. Here's also a list of the assets I've been using for the project if you guys see something you would want to use: Soul Cave Asset Pack Soul City Asset Pack Animation Starter Pack GameTextures Material Pack Paragon-Twinblast Feedback on anything at all would be greatly appreciated but if you just wanna play it a quickie that'd make me super happy too!
  4. Dea

    Hitman 2

    That feels like an odd move considering Definitive Edition has just been out for like only 3 months before a better alternative has come along. I wonder if they knew that this would be part of Hitman 2 when they released Definitive Edition.
  5. Dea

    What movie is this?

    Yeppers, there you go!
  6. Dea

    What movie is this?

    It's not Philadelphia but that was a very interesting train of thought that lead you there! The movie is indeed from the last ten-fifteen years though. Might be a tad difficult so here's another screenshot from the same movie:
  7. Dea

    What movie is this?

    100% sure that's David Lynch's Dune! So here's another one:
  8. Dea

    Insomniac's Spiderman

    Yeah the suits and their modifications are a bit confusing to me some times when they're mentioned. Though from what I understand (I could be wrong) suit modifications are stuff that are related to the suits you've unlocked but that you can move them to a different suit once you have it. So Peteypants can technically be right when he says that "each suit serves a different purpose". And then gadgets seem to be another things that don't necessarily have to come from a suit.
  9. Dea

    Insomniac's Spiderman

    Fun idea for a trailer! I wonder if Spider-Man is turning all the frogs gay in this universe.
  10. Dea

    What movie is this?

    Sweet! Here's a bit harder one I think:
  11. Dea

    What movie is this?

    Yay, this one I know! It is "Why Him?"
  12. www.deasportfolio.com As I've been searching and applying for LD jobs for a while now I am currently thinking about what pieces needs to get improved (or removed to hold a higher quality standard) on my portfolio. So I would really appreciate any kind of feedback or critique on the portfolio pieces or the site design in general.
  13. Dea

    What movie is this?

    That shot looks somewhat artistic, which I cannot remember that the movie ever really tried to be, but I'm gonna guess it's The Accountant?
  14. Dea

    Unreal Engine 4

    That moment when you've accidentally pressed a Paragon asset and there goes the next hour.™
  15. Dea

    Games W.I.P Thread

    I've been working a lot on developing a stealth game in UE4 lately. The idea is to create a playable level for it as fast as I've got enough features for it so that it can spice up my portfolio a bit. Here's some WIP gifs of some of the features that I got going so far: 1.webm Enemies have a patrol route they can break if they see someone hostile like the player. Running out of their field of view causes them to hunt after you. (Also the weapon you have is kind of like the sleeping dart gun from Metal Gear Solid) 2.webm Shooting enemies makes them look around for what could've "stung" them. Bodyshots causes them to fall asleep after 12 seconds, while headshots make them fall asleep right away. 3.webm And you can't have a stealth game without some good ol' body hiding.