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  1. always a banger more Richard Joseph (RIP):
  2. Pericolos0

    Corona Virus

    This sounds insane and would be huge news if true. all I can find about it is a comment taken out of context and spun into fearmongering by conservative pundits (of course). Might be worth reassessing where you get your "news" EDIT: also, please don't derail the thread with conspiracy stuff guys. There's EOT for that
  3. Pericolos0

    Corona Virus

    you have the right not to get vaccinated but that choice doesn't deserve any respect lmao its not the big pandora's box you think it is. We live in a society. You don't want to get vaccinated and do the barest minimum effort to help protect the people around you? Maybe you don't get to go to the restaurant then.
  4. Just sold all my bitcoin
  5. probably would think it's cool i have a girlfriend and am allowed to drink beer
  6. just sold all my bitcoin
  7. yes it rocks, been enjoying it a lot the past couple of days
  8. Quick jump in and out of bitcoin to raise tesla profit margins lol. He'll probably do it again too
  9. Pericolos0

    Corona Virus

    I was planning to visit family in october 2019, delayed the trip to march 2020 because of a busy time at work.. Then covid happened. Been 3 years since I've been back home :(. Meanwhile I got vaccinated last week here in the US but my parents (both 60+) still don't know when they will be in Belgium. Hope I'll be able to travel before Christmas. It's been an weird time. For me and my fiancee its not been too bad, we've been blessed to have a small bubble of good friends we've been hanging out with, and actually did a lot of camping and road trips. Feeling a weird guilt when I talk to family in Belgium, where they've had very strict measures, not allowing people to travel or have gatherings for a long time.
  10. Bidding is ending soon, only 236.32 picoseconds left! Taking final bids now
  11. argh, apologies for this, this link should work: https://bit.ly/3cT86Wy
  12. I am proud to announce my first NFT, titled "carmero" You can bid on it using the link here: https://bit.ly/3lsY4zi
  13. I've gone through a series of wireless gaming mice, the tech has really improved in the last couple of years. Currently have a logitech G603 and I'm very happy with it. Takes 2 AA batteries and them seem to last 6+ months at least, with me using them all day for work and also personal use in the evening. Very impressed
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