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  1. I've gone through a series of wireless gaming mice, the tech has really improved in the last couple of years. Currently have a logitech G603 and I'm very happy with it. Takes 2 AA batteries and them seem to last 6+ months at least, with me using them all day for work and also personal use in the evening. Very impressed
  2. lmao, almost a million bucks to live in a blando suburb where theres nothing to do but go to the mall and you have to drive to get anywhere home prices are nuts all over the west coast *cries in seattle*
  3. oh boy 8 years! Yeah the game is quite CPU intensive
  4. Hah, I guess I've had this problem in every 3D modelling package :p. I believe this was one of the reasons adding a gizmo to blender was so controversial for so long! I agree priority could be different
  5. welcome to 3D modeling lol. You can use middle mouse to lasso select the vert
  6. workshop tools are out! We included sources for all the maps as well. Enjoy! https://steamcommunity.com/games/546560/announcements/detail/3758762298552654078
  7. paging @RD fy_iceworld mystery needs to be cleared up once and for all!!
  8. smooth turning just got added: https://store.steampowered.com/newshub/app/546560/view/2100307193365928744
  9. I did a bunch of props but not those :p. I spent most of my time on architecture, textures, lighting/athmosphere and vistas
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    lol I might somewhere
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