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  1. Pericolos0


    Awesome! I just finished Subnautica a little while ago, absolutely loved it :). You guys really made something special. Getting the cyclops is easily one of my top 5 gaming moments haha
  2. Pericolos0

    2018: Mapcore's Year in Review

    incredible work everyone!! Mapcore keeps inspiring
  3. Pericolos0

    What have you watched recently?

    Annihilation was weird. Came out of the movie theater hating it, and then couldn't stop thinking about it for weeks
  4. Pericolos0

    What movie is this?

    the Maltese Falcon (? not entirely sure.. been forever since ive seen it)
  5. Pericolos0

    What movie is this?

  6. Pericolos0

    What movie is this?

    The Neon Demon
  7. Pericolos0

    What movie is this?

    I am dissapoint
  8. Pericolos0

    What movie is this?

    hard for some, easy for sci-fi aficionados
  9. Pericolos0

    What movie is this?

    event horizon
  10. Pericolos0

    [CS:GO] DE_Breach - Released!

    Finally got a run around in this, really awesome job guys! Super clean, excellent detailing and materials :D!
  11. Pericolos0

    Black Mesa Source

    Those limit's were set 15 years ago as well, probably no one back then imagined anyone would ever need more than 2048 displacements :D. Thanks for the update! Awesome to see how you guys are pushing the engine!
  12. Pericolos0

    Goals for 2018?

    My goal every year: release GIBHARD lol More specific for 2018, gonna take a really deep dive into programming. It's really grown on me as a passion over the years, and I want to get a lot better at it. Thinking about writing my own game engine, and level editor.
  13. Pericolos0

    Blender: Square UV map for models?

    Any reason why you want it to be square? Any texture size that is a power of 4 should work in most game engines!
  14. Pericolos0

    Source 2!

    yup, models update instantly and textures as well, it's really nice! You can also turn any models into hammer geometry and edit them in hammer.