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  1. I have this screen and can confirm there is no backbleed. Life-changing monitor!! I can't go back to 60 fps lol
  2. GIBHARD is coming :p, but I'm just on a little break because of ~life stuff~. STRAFE is awesome! I've played an earlier version so I can't wait to try the final product
  3. I just set auto smooth to 180 degrees. Whole model will be smooth except for the marked edges. No need for a modifier :). Coming from Maya figuring this out was confusing lol, but I think I actually like the tight control over hard edges in Blender more!
  4. +1 =)
  5. 50-50 split between Devil Daggers and Shenzhen IO for me: Probably spent most time on Dark Souls 3, played through it twice lol. But it's really more of the same so I can't really call it a GOTY
  6. sooooooo cool!!!!!
  7. This looks super awesome!!
  8. I went to see this thing yesterday at the SpaceX headquarters in Los Angeles. They have it standing outside on the street corner and it's absolutely massive. Photo's really don't do the scale of it justice... Definitely recommend to go check it out if you are in the area! There's a fence around it but you can just walk up close to it .
  9. I've had a few of these as well, <3 twitter :). It's a really awesome platform for staying up to date and interacting with other game developers as well, especially indie stuff. Heck it's probably the best platform out there for that.
  10. looks great!
  11. super awesome!! <3 shadertoy and i knew i recognized that music from somewhere:
  12. meatwalls the fps
  13. This is looking great!!!