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  1. A 2018 Harley Davidson Softail Fatboy that I worked on for around 3 months. The final product is something I'm pretty happy with. There's a bunch more renders and wireframes on my Artstation, so go check it out if you'd like: https://www.artstation.com/artwork/NXBDP And tell me what you think!
  2. Sorry for the "spam," but I just wanted to show my second attempt at a vehicle. This time I put some more effort into the materials and presentation, hope you enjoy! It's based off of a mix between a 1969 Ford F600 and 1970 Chevy C10. Tell me what you think!
  3. Yeah I missed those trim curves thanks for pointing it out I prefer to use the edge split modifier, they pretty much do the same thing and i'm just used to using it.
  4. Been working on some assets in blender. I'm not quite sure what i'll use them for yet, most likely something to do with UE4. Thought id show em here. The jeep isn't quite done, but the rest is pretty close. Also I've set the jeep up so that I can tint it's paint color with one material. In total it comes out to around 11,000 poly's.
  5. Noodle King


    Id just like to say good luck to everyone! I'm excited to see the judge's decisions! -Since the full release I've fixed some of the issues you guys brought up. The wing models now work, and floating brushes can't be seen anymore. I've added clipping to the crates on B-Long, and also made it easier for T's to throw smokes onto B.
  6. Noodle King


    There's no 100% correct explanation, but here's the main idea: -Terrorists stowed themselves inside shipping containers which were loaded onto the plane, then got out once the plane was airborne. -Ct's were already on the plane, which could be for a variety of reasons. (Protecting precious cargo and ensuring it arrives at its destination, already suspicious of terrorist threats, guarding a VIP, etc.) -As for the actual player models, the T's are professionals because they have an agenda to fulfill, and bringing down the plane is apart of that. Ct's are the FBI because the plane took off from an American airport and is owned by an American company. If there was a government run security force on the plane, it would be the FBI. -Oh and the jets are the CT's, and are tailing the plane after receiving a distress call. Neither are damaged, the exhaust coming out the back is meant to convince the player they are airborne and moving a little bit more. The rest you can fill in yourself, it is a CS map after all. The scenario that Aerospace puts forward is plausible, but the central purpose of the map isn't to tell a story. No problem Thanks for asking!
  7. Noodle King


    I guess I wanted a bit of a challenge, and to do something new. There a lot of wonderful csgo maps out there at this point, covering tons of themes. While the idea of a flying plane map isn't a fully original idea, it is unique theme that isn't used often. The whole idea of playing in an environment that is constricted by the linear shape of a plane is appealing to me because it's a breath of fresh air. While the map doesn't fully constrict to the shape of a plane, both geometrically and in scale, it still gives that feeling of something special, in my opinion. I can personally say that Aerospace was the most enjoyable project for me to work on. In fact, the challenge was very enjoyable. But that's me personally, If you want to know who the idea for a flying plane came from, that's all Gz. When we were first brainstorming map ideas we both kinda agreed that we wanted to do something that would stand out. Gz flung out a ton of ideas, admittedly I waved most of them down. It took some convincing when he came up with the idea for a flying plane, but I agreed to try it out. We started by testing if we could make a convincing flying effect with the clouds. When it turned out we could pull it off, I started on the actual layout. Fast forward a bunch of months and we finally have the full release out
  8. Noodle King


    *One surpasses the other* Top 10 Anime Betrayals
  9. Noodle King


    Yeah I can do that for sure
  10. Noodle King


    Gonna postpone the update till tomorrow to get a couple more things done
  11. Noodle King


    Oh wow yeah i'll fix that too
  12. Noodle King


    Releasing a small update in a few minutes that half-fixes the wing problem and fixes the CT spawn that was outside the buyzone. I also added a little vent to throw nades through in mid, just to test it out.
  13. Noodle King


    Yeah the wing glitch thing i'm aware of. I had it working in an earlier build of the map, but i'm still trying to recreate it. It's on top of my to-do list. As for smokes and stuff, I'll be tweaking the map a bunch so don't worry, things like that will get fixed Oh yeah and as for the custom assets, I may consider releasing them Though they are pretty specific to a plane theme so it would be interesting to see what people would use them for.
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