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  1. I Try to Explain... I think that this corridor where the bombsite is could be moved to the left, to more or less this junction of the wall... The only space used is a corridor that joins the A in the middle, which can easily be rethought... On this map, the time from Spawn and Bombs is a bit longer, but I believe that this change would greatly improve the map... The same ideia in A could be used Here...A Direct passage... Do you Think to Invert the Spawns? I Think CT Here is SO MORE LOGICAL... And turns it more Dynamic... And I think this wall is very useless ... I could take it off, just put some pilasters, and make a GREAT Control Room And there create options, reversing the Spawns, the TR enter and protect from the CTs, they would have to react quickly from that entry "Medium to B"... The Map has potential, and I think these details would greatly improve the dynamics of the Map. Otherwise, details and things like that, I think you're better than Nobody can think about! And one more Thing: The Shad in A is Useless too... You can use a Open space, to create Options for Smokes, Mols and Bangs
  2. I liked the idea of the Map ... The design of the paths to A and B are good. A little more detail would give the map more life, and more interesting Greybox has a lot of potential in my opinion, but the biggest defect for me is in the ways The map looking from the radar looks smaller, but the paths are too big Think of staggering the map. Let the paths less long, and with more dynamics, it has Potential even for Competitive Pool Believe me: The map will be a lot more fun if it's smaller, more compact ... =)
  3. Rafael Oliveira


    @Noodle King There is a Base position that cannot buy items in CT... You Born, and cannot Buy... =/
  4. Rafael Oliveira


    @Noodle KingCongratulations for the Map! Looks Very Beautiful... But i have one thing to Say: B is SO MORE DIFFICULT for Trs... Because It had a crack in the container that facilitated the use of smokes, and it doest't exist anymore =/ I Smoked for corridor, the Doors in B and the Passager for Mid, and Plant... And it is not possible I'll play more in the coming days and give more feedback
  5. I'm Really Excited for the Release in Workshop!! Me and my Friends really like this map...
  6. Do you think to create a Corridor who connects the Middle to the Dark? It Give more ways to TRs to Enter in A and More position in CT to Watch... A lot of Positions who i talk in the Feedbacks loses Power with a new way to entrance in A And i Think that gives A more competitive. TRs needs a Strategy to enter, and CTs needs that Too...
  7. Thanks... But i need to say... Its an Awesome Map! Me and my Friends plays a Lot this map in Weekend, and all of us Like The idea of The map, and this design... I give only gameplay feedbacks, and some little things to improve. In general, is an Awesome Map!
  8. Noodle... Some Things that i have to say... Playing CT on this map sounds a LOT More Easier Than TRs... The A Bombsite have a LOT of Hidings Positions that you can stay and not be seen Ex: Outside the Boxes with a Boost, in the Flowers, on the Bar... And in B Bombsite, if you are an AWPer, you can jump in the Box and Zoom in the corridor. You can see all the Other teams Movements, not mattering the TR Respawn... The Path connecting the base to the corridor is Very Long... I Think if a bit shorter, the B is More Competitive... In A, the Boxes in the Bombsite should be smaller... If i Bang a Flash in A, I do not blind the person who is on top of the box, and this is a major disadvantage... I'm Continue to Playing and give some more Feedbacks... Peace!
  9. That's an Awesome Map! I'm Planning to Play Competitive Matches in that, and give some Feedbacks... I'm a Normal player, and i really like Community Maps... I hopo to help as i can... Thanks for the Awesome Work! And, if Someone here is Brazilian, call me, and play!!!
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