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    [UE4] Prison

    Hi, This was a quick environment made for a class. It's not finished (time...time...) I know I know, I start a lot of projects but finish very few. I admit that. Tried some moving volumetric lights and some rotating beacons. Colors are too saturated I know, may have to adjust that... Most assets come from The Corridor Tutorial by worldofleveldesign.com (used with permission). The remaining ones were modeled in Maya and textured in Substance Painter. As usual feel free to comment.
  2. Thanks, glad you like it. I agree, it's too boxy. I'll try to break it up. There will be rounded shaped reception desks and I'll probably change the big pots into something else. I'm not sure what you mean by adding more. You mean more concrete elements, like the floor, reception desks, etc.?
  3. Interior environment Most of the assets come from "The Corridor" tutorial (worldofleveldesign.com). The remaining ones were modeled in Maya and textured in Photoshop and nDo. This environment is still WIP and what is shown here was made in 3 days, so still lots of work to do. I plan to change the trees, plantas, probably the floor material, surrounding buildings. I also want to make a city which would be visible throught the windows, partially hidden by fog. I'll play with the light (4.16 volumetric light, I want to try it), add some particles. The empty space in front of the elevators will be filled with reception desks and some info signs. This is part of a research facility in a near future (not very futuristic at the moment ) building in a semi-decadent atmosphere. I don't want it to be trashed or abandoned, just a bit neglected and in need of maintenance. Suggestions, comments ? Thanks.
  4. Exactly what I thought!. I had started this scene 2 or 3 days before 4.16 preview came out. When I saw the new volumetric light I realised I would have to update it just for that feature!
  5. It has to be! Goodness all the way!
  6. Hi ! I'm going to make an environment in UE4 inspired on the following image: I'm not trying to copy the original 100% but rather take inspiration from it. I'm aiming for a realistic look. What I've got so far: Blockout (Camera angle is much wider than the original. Will ajdust as I go). Zbrush damage on the column and some SUbstance Painter early tests: I'll try to update soon. Cheers!
  7. It's been hard to get some time to work on this, but here's another update. New windows. Playing with LUTs.
  8. Here's a quick sketch I made for the new windows with a super dirty paintover in photoshop. Instead of being a station in space this will be a station settled on the bottom of a sea of methane, in the moon Titan. I thought it would look cool with an underwater (methane in this case) view. Some of the ground mud and rocks would be in contact with the external glass for a cool effect. I imagine submarines passing by with strong spotlights to illuminate their way.
  9. Sci-Fi environment WIPSmall update. Changing the look of the large windows.
  10. Testing my brand new fern, made with megascans textures.Also testing sound occlusion. You can hear the sound change as the player goes to the back of the column (turn up your sound!)
  11. Sci-Fi Environment WIP (UE4) Here's a small update after a long pause. Sorry about that, I'm going to post more often from now on. The fern is from megascans
  12. Concept for a sci-fi column that I'll be modeling next
  13. Thanks for commenting. Yes it's still some sort of sci-fi environment. This is a mall/restaurant area. Right now it's not looking very sci-fi, I agree with you. When I looked at these last images I had the same feeling. My goal was a low tech not very futuristic sci-fi but I guess I have to "sci-fi-it" a bit more.
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