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  1. looks quite nice. Please show us mor
  2. The map and the greybox you've posted look quite promising, especialy the paths to B are quite interessting.
  3. Again very usefull as all your other articles, yet even more straight foward and I think easier to understand for everyone who's new to optimizing a map at source. Well done, great job!
  4. Shibou


    Thx to everyone who participated in the playtest on sunday. The feedback we received will be very benificial for future iterations.
  5. Shibou


    for those who are interested in the callouts:
  6. Shibou


    that'll be great ;-)
  7. Ernesto's All Natural EXPLOSIVES - those Terrosists realy seem to take care for our envireoment
  8. Most screenshots give me the impression of a blocky enviroment as you seem to have overly used 90 degree angles and straight lines... You could genrate some alteration by using displacements on the ground and some less intense displacements on the walls - i would not expect tp find so many perfect straigt walls/grounds in an old temple like that. Adding some decals like dirt and cracks to the walls will also help. If it fits to the theme you'd like to achieve you could also use some wood here and there like: wooden planks, walls, crates, etc. ... If you add some more foliage where the walls touch the ground you can also add some more aleration here and there. Besides that keep up the good work.
  9. that looks very promising, I'll check the workshop version out!
  10. Shibou


    Thanks for the compliment. There will be alot more dirt when we come to more detailing, it is already on the todo list.
  11. Just my first impressions from seeing the images: Judging from these screens you got a lot of verticality there which can be very beneficial for the layout and gameplay, but please dont overdo it for a CS map. The layout overview you've posted looks a bit to complex and both bombsites seem to be kinda cornered.
  12. Shibou


    everything i've seen so far is just impressive!
  13. the times to reach the bombsites are very different for the teams. CTs will get bored whilst waiting for the Terrorists. The layout looks very promising but i'd try to shorten the timings for Ts.
  14. I realy like that skybox, but I can hardly imagine a theme on CSGO that would fit to it. Maybe some terrorists on mars? If the light gets adjusted it could also be a a dessert on earth.
  15. that decorated car-wreck gives something special to the bombsite
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