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  1. Hey, this whole thread is awesome from the environment art to the industry pipeline insights, thank you. I was wondering if you might answer this too... how much time is allocated to the development of one level like this? How much time for your blockout, modular pass, environment pass, light baking etc?
  2. [RELEASED] de_Summit

    This is looking great! Just wondering about the middle pathway that runs north to south in between the two bomb sites. Was the reasoning to that to provide both teams a method to quickly scoot around behind the others' defense? I'm wondering if you could increase tension on the map and drive players to each other faster by not having that central path? But that's totally up to you! Just thought I'd mention it It's looking awesome and yeah that skybox is A++++ haha
  3. Abbey

    This looks amazing! Very grey though, which is true to life - but hey maybe a splash of colour throughout could be an improvement on the original
  4. [Unreal Tournament] DM-North Tower [WIP]

    Thanks! I'm not too sure yet what to do about the large walls. I need to break them up somehow. Oh and I realised low grav / translocator totally breaks the map. WELP. More things to solve
  5. [Unreal Tournament] DM-North Tower [WIP]

    Hurrah! I was able to fix my problems with the help of the awesome people in the Unreal Discord! Turns out I just had to delete one pesky material from my map and it's been fine since then Update! Layout: - I'm mostly happy with the layout (besides some view distances I need to divide up, but will be an easy task) so I decided to spend today and yesterday testing some basic meshes and lighting to start building the style and feel of the map. Lighting: - I'm experimenting lighting the areas a little differently but all in a purple/blue/green palette. This is so players know immediately where they are on spawning but still the map has an overall consistent feel. - Lighting is too dark! And the sun rays, though awesome in editor, are just annoying in game. So I'll be tweaking that too. It's got it's hiccups and imperfections, but I'm just happy to be working on it again haha. Anyway, here's some more progress shots
  6. [Unreal Tournament] DM-North Tower [WIP]

    Thank you! Yes I had plans to work closely with an artist to detail the map with trims, handrails, gardens etc and have the colour green throughout as a motif for highlighting and helping to define spaces. However I met a dead end with a compiler error that I was sadly never able to sort out So this week I'm completely deleting and re-installing the Editor, which means ~ 2-3 days worth of waiting for downloads to finish on Australian internet. But the silver lining is... I haven't given up hope yet!!
  7. Hello Everyone! For the Unity developers here, have you ever wanted a scripts package that comes with a bunch of handy and quick to use tools to make your level design process easier? I've been working away on an asset pack inspired by features from old Quake/Radiant level editors, and today it is available on the Asset Store! Asset Store Link:Quick Scripts For Level Design Quick Scripts Features Demo Reel Includes the following: Quick Doors - Easy to set up doors, which can slide or pivot (with audio!) Quick Trigger - A ready-made Trigger Box with drag and drop connections to everything in your scene, making it easy to set Trigger Enter, Stay and Exit functions without ever opening your code. Plus the ability to set input requirements such as key presses, mouse clicks, etc Quick Mover - Moving platforms on quickly customisable node-based paths Quick Spawner - Spawners to allow you to spawn waves of any game object(s) Quick Teleport - Simple teleporters with the ability to add particle effects and sounds Quick Light - Animated lights. Just choose a preset from a list and it will pulse, flicker, imitate fire, flash like lightning, or more, and with the ability to change color Quick Hover, Rotate and Pendulum - Scripts to allow you to make your objects spin, hover, or swing back and forth Plus... - Extensive documentation and video tutorials!
  8. Thank you both for the tips. Knowing this, I'll have a further look into it and at least now I'm better informed on what sort of questions to ask if I need to go to the Unreal discord. Will let you know how I go!
  9. Anyone?? I'm still encountering this problem
  10. [Unreal Tournament] DM-North Tower [WIP]

    Thank you! Still no luck with the packaging issue The map is a little quiet with 6 players. I think it would suit best 8 - 10. It has four closely interlinked areas so there's a bit of downtime between frays. There's also definitely some rookie errors in this map haha. I'm not used to the high intensity gameplay of UT so at times the gameplay can feel a little slow in this map. Something I'm looking into. And yes, if I can sort out this bug issue and bring this map back to life it'd be great to get you to test it!
  11. [Unreal Tournament] DM-North Tower [WIP]

    Here's those photos I promised... DM-NorthTower after an initial texture and lighting pass. The shadows are doing something weird, not savvy enough with Unreal's setting yet to know how to fix it. Feedback pleeease (All photos are in-editor. I'm struggling to package it atm. I put a help request in Students/Beginners and also over at Unreal's help forums. Hopefully figure out what's going on soon so I can show off the level's gameplay with a video)
  12. Hello, I'm struggling with a packaging error and I'd *love* some help because surely I'm not the only person to encounter this. I'm having a real issue with packaging my map from Unreal Tournament Editor. The issue only arose after I applied materials to the BSP geometry in the scene. I just loaded in materials that showed up when I searched for them, so I imagine it's borrowing from other Unreal Tournament maps. When I package, the output log gets hung up on this line: LogPackageContent: Publishing: UE4Editor-Cmd: [2017.07.09-08.06.04:603][ 0]LogCook:Display: Forcing save package ../../../UnrealTournament/Content/RestrictedAssets/Epic/Infiltrator/Env/Underground/Infrastructure/Material/CeilingMetal01.uasset because was already requeued once And will not progress, even if left packaging for over two hours. Quitting the package process is the only option, and I tried to see if it somehow magically completed in the background but no, the map doesn't load in UT. Again, this has only been happening since I started applying materials to the BSP geometry. This issue was addressed here: https://answers.unrealengine.com/questions/542285/forcing-save-package.html but the answer is very vague and only posed more problems to me when I tried to follow it (ie Unreal then needed me to add most of those folders back in, the ones which I was told to delete, before it would even open. And then other problems occurred, so I'd end up just Verifying the Editor, installing it again, and bam... back to the original issue) I can see it's a problem to do with the materials. But I've no idea why it's struggling. Any advice would be amazing, thank you!
  13. [Unreal Tournament] DM-North Tower [WIP]

    Hey, thanks! There's some new screenshots coming soon with a basic texture pass over all the brushwork that might inform the art direction somewhat. But basically it's a big metal/concrete/sci-fi structure. Im thinking a palette of white/grey/black/green. (green being plants/ patches of grass/ electronic displays, etc) Models would be needed for trim, doorways, railings, plants, basic furnishings (like seating benches, a public info screen) and pipes. Plus whatever else that comes to mind. Their style would be very blocky/industrial like something out of the recent Doom or *sniff* Starwars 1313. Overall the map will have a brutalist theme, just more sci-fi I have another artist who might be interested too, but yes would love to collaborate from here! If you're still keen shoot me a message. I'll post some new screenshots soon
  14. [Unreal Tournament] DM-North Tower [WIP]

    Update July 7, 2017 Greybox is pretty much done! I'm really happy with the layout of the map. It flows well and caters for a number of different play styles. I guess the next step from here is working with an artist to dress up this giant sci-fi palace and then do some final lighting tweaks and spawn point/ pickup adjustments.
  15. [UE4] Prison

    Hi, this looks great! Just wondering how long did it take you to put this together? What was your workflow/pipeline like and what problems did you encounter (if any) ?