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  1. What keyboard is that? I'd guess mechanical but can't recognize among those i've read about. Also is very compact, is it a layout? its a noppoo choc mini. Cherry blues, plate mounted, and tiny.
  2. Hi mapcore- i put together a video comparing normal map outputs in source and I thought it would be useful to some people here:
  3. If you aren't very comfortable with web design just throw all your images on a single page. example porfolio: http://www.peperaart.com/
  4. Based off of the feedback I have received I'm going to be adding ~20 pixels of padding around the container. That way when the layout starts to scale there is still a little breathing room.
  5. Hi everyone. I have a new layout I am testing and I am looking for feedback. I'm using css so that if you have insufficient window resolution it will dynamically scale the page. http://www.alecmoody.com/newsite My goal with the design is to produce a very low effort website that provides an immediate impression of my work and allows for large images. I have some new work coming soon so I'm not so much looking for feedback on the content right now.
  6. http://gamasutra.com/view/news/33702/TH ... hipped.php It appears to be selling pretty well. Good news for me since I did some work on it. While I don't necessarily disagree with the review scores for this game, I cannot understand the score discrepancy between black ops and homefront. I really didn't like the single player but I find all the tightly scripted shooters really dull. However, I played a few hours of the multiplayer and it was pretty fun. The maps are huge and well designed, and the battle commander thing works pretty well. It feels to me like black ops in hardcore mode a
  7. I totally agree about how frustrating managers who aren't developers can be. Ugh, I'm getting that right now with a client for one of my freelance gigs. He doesn't really understand the process of building a model and keeps asking for changes upon changes upon changes. Sometimes those changes affect another part of the model, then I end up having to changed that, or he asks for a change, then changes his mind, etc. So frustrating. Never worked with someone as picky or difficult as that =0. I think this just comes with freelancing and you have to accept it as part of the job. If you
  8. I hope the drop in texel density isn't because of something lame like ID realizing the final build of the game will be 70gb or something.
  9. No live stream of Rage. Fuck knows why.. But apparently they've shown the same level as the e3 trailer. Obviously, there's a leak or two: They are really pushing that date back. It was supposed to come out this fall before E3 and then it was supposed to be something like feb 2010 and now september. Thats like a year of delay in 2 months.
  10. my download is going soo slow. Its going to take 24 hours at this rate.
  11. Ugh, the color cast on the dead city image is way too heavy.
  12. This promo must be working really well for them, I normally don't buy much on steam but I just picked up dirt 2, the new stalker, and left 4 dead 2.
  13. It shouldn't be an effect it should be part of establishing an aesthetic. Aesthetic decisions should be functional/communicative and not tacked onto an image for seemingly no reason. I agree the original is a little brown but I think that's more a function of whats in frame than the actual color balance of the scene.
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