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  1. oh i don't know...i always found her a little annoying...maybe that bitchy dominatrix look could work for her ;D
  2. These promos look super cheesy and low production :X?! Don't get me wrong massive fan of 24...but those promos...are awful!
  3. CrazyMAC

    Battlefield 4

    I wouldn't think it's "stunted the game's sales" but fuck me it's been annoying on the xbox one version!
  4. CrazyMAC

    GTA V

    Is there a mapcore xbox crew? gt: DeathByRabb1t
  5. Update on mine, it's now: DeathByRabb1t
  6. I'd say the only major difference i've noticed is the tagging. Movement doesn't feel all that different. Jumping feels a little different but nothing that couldn't be adapted to. The recoil is still something i'm trying to understand. But the maps and speed seem spot on. Removal of the fog would greatly help with distinguishing the teams. I find it kind of hard to tell the difference between a CT and T at range.
  7. Reminds me of RDs beach landing map. That was mental...then again so were most of his maps
  8. I think he used Ax0r or Ax0rBlack back in the day...i know it changed in recent times. Now he's all growed up ^_^
  9. Slightly on topic/off topic subject...but i'm kind of biased as the interview was done by my brother. Some of you guys might remember my brother, he hung around in the old days of the core with CTSwin and Hinkey. The DRM question/answer has been making the rounds on the net today. http://www.tcs.cam.ac.uk/story_type/site_trail_story/interview-gabe-newell/ edit: it's been picked up by a lot of consumer and industry news website. epically proud of my younger bro.
  10. CrazyMAC

    Battlefield 3

    Online activation is required....though since monday i'm not sure if that still applies. Like most, i used a VPN to activate it. http://battlefieldo.com/bf3-launch-changed-to-today/
  11. CrazyMAC

    Battlefield 3

    Just out of personal interest what kind of performance is everyone getting?
  12. CrazyMAC

    Battlefield 3

    I'll second Pampers on that, battle log is great, great staging area. No more bum rushing servers and hoping everyone gets in.
  13. CrazyMAC

    Battlefield 3

    Aye Dark, saw the emails about half an hour later . Shame i only got an hour in before i had to head to bed. Now to get through the working day quickly ;o Don't forget to joint he mapcore platoon Y'all! http://battlelog.battlefield.com/bf3/platoon/2832655391301797620/ As always a suitable camp logo to fit.
  14. CrazyMAC

    Battlefield 3

    I'd be a bit worried about using that, i'm sure Origin sends back info to it's masters. Friday isnt to far away .
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