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  1. Could you update my info to Lead Level Designer at Rebellion Oxford please?
  2. Jord


    Awesome. Gonna grab this later.
  3. So for starters what you're doing so far is awesome. Taking the time to teach yourself a level editor or game engine and the source engine is a great start. I want to put your mind at rest a little and try to give you some focus if level design is really what you're aiming for as opposed to full blown indie developer. I'm not saying you shouldn't try to progress your skills in each area, just don't stress about it if you're not that great at one particular thing. I'm going to try to speak broadly and not really specifically about a shooter or CS:GO maps or the source engine. The role of a Leve
  4. The Vive Portal Aperture demo blew my mind. I'll be getting a Vive I reckon.
  5. https://shop.oculus.com/en-us/cart/ $600 :/ About £100 more than I thought it'd be.
  6. Welcome to the community Robin!
  7. I'm loving my Steam Link and Steam Controller so far, it's meant that I didn't need to buy a console and I can play local multiplayer steam games much easier than on my pc monitors. Also HTC Vive hype, the Aperture VR demo with the Hive was one of the greatest gaming experiences I've tried, it has huge potential but I'm worried about the space limitations in games where you could walk around due to the cable attached to your head.
  8. I think these stories need their own thread.
  9. Would love to get in to snowboarding but I live in just about the worst country for it. It would cost a fortune.
  10. Add me plx. http://steamcommunity.com/id/DLJord/
  11. I've started playing CSGO a lot recently, I'm not great but I'd be interested too.
  12. Could quite easily grab a flight from UK to Holland so I'll try my best to make it, dates pending.
  13. Grats on the feature, really stunning piece of work.
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