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  1. Just saw a HURG sign on the CS:GO's Grand Final stream, around 10 mins ago. Was it one of you guys? HUUUURG
  2. Hi mom! But there's no closure until we have HL3... there are lots of loose ends that surely won't get addressed on a game set between HL 1 and 2 (Alyx)
  3. Robert Briscoe is there too
  4. Half-Life 1.5 confirmed!
  5. Ah, and it was insane to see the player moving the stuff around the shelf to find a hidden ammo! The (eastereggs) possibilities are endless!
  6. So, it is indeed a VR-only game. There are many movement options, but physically moving around your room is not one. Yeah, VR has its limitations, especially considering a game's genre.
  7. VR stands for Vortigaunt Rampage Poor creatures will me massacred by Alyx
  8. HL confirmed! I hope the game turns out really well, I miss playing HL. 7 hours left until the announcement? wooooooo (Also, I'm back. I miss you guys!)
  9. Please update me as Level Designer and Senior QA Analyst as I've been doing it all officially since last December
  10. I might as well purchase this. Braid is one of my favourite puzzle games of all time and after reading your reviews, I'm even more inclined to get Tha Weedness. Let's see what mr. JBlow has been cooking.
  11. I am back! Just kidding, I am Anselmo. (wat.jpg) It's been a while since my last visit to this great game dev temple! My life has changed, a lot busier now but improving a lot professionally. So it's all good. You guys can update the OP mentioning me as TFG Co (Sao Paulo, Brazil) Website: http://www.tfgco.com/ Al Anselmo - Senior QA Analyst Thanks
  12. And for all of you Android fellas, here it is: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.fungames.sniper3d
  13. Very proud to announce the latest game I've been working on! Honoured to be part of this team and achieve such results. It's already #37 overall and #9 games free app, and rising. Sniper 3D Assassin: Shoot to Kill https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/sniper-3d-assassin-shoot-to/id930574573?mt=8 Let's see who can find some eastereggs... /hehe
  14. oh wait guys, the Italian police has appeared! (jk) I got lazy with the sauce and had it "premade", that's why it doesn't look good But the spaghetti was al dente... I prefer more solid sauces too, prepared with real tomatos and all that. A lot better! Thanks for the tip about the pan! I'll use that next time
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