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  1. penE

    The random model thread!

    Now, that I have more time again for personal projects I want to pick up some new stuff. First on my list is Substance Painter, and it's been really awesome so far. So I decided to rebake an old piece of mine and to retexture it :). It's still work in progress, details like decals and small stuff is missing, but wanted to share anyways. All pictures are from inside UE4. The mesh has around 22k triangles and I use two set of 4k maps.
  2. I moved back from Berlin to Darmstadt to go back to university and finish my studies; 3 semesters left . And while I enjoyed my time at Yager a lot and worked on a bunch of really cool projects there, it feels good to have some more time again for personal projects as well :). I'll post some stuff I am working on soon, it's fun!
  3. Awesome year for the core! Thanks for the write-up!
  4. Still working on my scene for our little collaboration. Together with the character artist for the project (you can see his latest progress on the character here: http://www.polycount.com/forum/showthread.php?t=138052&page=2) I went to a park in Berlin to scan some rocks . This is one of them in the scene: Two Highpolys: and here you can see one of the pics we used for building the scan. We took around 20 per object. Some new shots from the scene:
  5. penE

    [UE4] Warrior Scene

    Made some wooden beams, holding up the ceiling . The actual wood grain is done with the tiling textures of the master material.
  6. penE

    [UE4] Warrior Scene

    Thank you guys for your feedback. Very much appreciated! I haven't got so much feedback on the other sites I posted, so please keep it coming . And I agree, I got carried away a bit with all the pp, will fix it for the next update, cheers! Edit: Toned everything down, thx again!
  7. penE

    [UE4] Warrior Scene

    Small update with some new props
  8. penE

    [UE4] Warrior Scene

    Sounds good, will try that, thx!
  9. penE

    [UE4] Warrior Scene

    Decided to give this one an own thread. So I updated some stuff, brought in new props, hope you all like it. Here is the link to the warrior, Bao is doing: http://www.polycount.com/forum/showthread.php?t=138052 ------------------------------------------ Latest update:
  10. penE

    The random model thread!

    Working on some props for a totally secret new cs map
  11. Thought I'd share a bit of progress of the scene I'm currently working on. It will be for a character a friend at Yager is doing right now (you can follow his progress on http://www.polycount.com/forum/showthread.php?t=138052). Basically a little old kinda viking like church. Someone at Crytek will probably rig it and another dude from Yager will do some animations for a small ingame cutscene , VFX will be done by a chick from Yager, so we have a nice little colab going on. The VFX in the scene are mine though so far. Hope you like it.
  12. Awesome work, thx for sharing and great interview as usual!
  13. Finally some good words about the AAA-studios, I've been hearing so much shit about them in terms of overtime et cetera I've lost quite a bit of interest in applying for the bigger studios. But maybe, since the game dev business is still in its infancy (in comparison to others), there will be a time when working in this industry could mean an economic security and not be as volatile. Yep, I kinda felt the same before joinging AAA because of all the horror you get to hear, but I guess you have to experience it yourself to judge. Awesome to have such a positive suprise!
  14. Loving it so far, agree on the FX part + the trees. The one bg building reminds me of the IAEA headquarters in Vienna, was that one of your refs?
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