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  1. I dig it. I'm excited to check this out
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    Update 9/20/19: Fixed various bugs related to sightlines, lighting, and cover from the previous round of testing. Adjusted light and fog settings for gameplay and aesthetics. Adjusted color scheme and height adjustments of minimap.
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    I got TAR setup and produced a TAR radar. Way cleaner and easier to understand. Good call!
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    Thanks Roald. I have been running some playtests with friends as I have been building it and you are correct that the open nature of some of the streets/bomb site A does complicate things. We have been doing some smoke grenade tests, and I have made some changes over the previous iterations to help make these more effective. So far, those changes seem to be helping. However, there's always room for improvement. I was checking out the TAR tools the other day. I just downloaded them and will try and have that up and running for the next version.
  5. atrocity


    Hey everybody! It has been a while since I have posted anything, but I thought this would be the best place to share my next personal project de_distillery. Distillery is based around a fictional distillery and is set in a loose version of Edinburgh Scotland. Since a trip I took to Scotland a few years back, I have been dying to build a level that is set there. After being inspired by de_highlands, I knew I needed to start making my idea come to life. I started the blockout a few weeks ago and try to work on it when I am free after work. I've been able to iterate on the level after hosting some small playtests with friends. I am hoping to have this public on the workshop here shortly, and then having larger playtests to gather more feedback. Update 9/18/19: Swapped out the old Minimap with a TAR version. Update 9/17/19: After a playtest this evening, I pushed the map live to the workshop. I will continue working away and posting updates. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1843682152
  6. Thanks for the honest critique Shawn. I think your critique is spot on. I really dropped the ball on providing any sort of real narrative, and it shows. When I originally built this, it was meant to be able to slip into the middle of the HL2 universe somewhere, and was strictly for a portfolio piece. Unfortunately, when that lens is no longer there and it is in the public eye, the mod doesn't hold up as well. So needing to teach the player the grenade and plug mechanics feels repetitive instead of part of a bigger scheme over the chapter/game. I would definitely say that it is one of those projects, that looking back on, I see so many things I could have done better. It would be quite interesting to work on a project that has little to zero combat. I could learn plenty from that, that's for sure.
  7. Yeah of course! Both albums are free at Laden Bandcamp Page or it can be found on Spotify at Laden Spotify Page
  8. Unfortunately, probably not. After I made Year Long Alarm, I taught myself to play guitar and got into writing music. I ended up writing two albums, and continued pursuing that in my spare time. While I would love to do a full fledged single player experience, I don't have all that much desire to get back into Source these days.
  9. Thanks for checking out my mod! I think your review is completely fair. It was originally built to feel like it slotted into the middle of a HL2 Episode, and I was using it for a portfolio piece to get a job at the time. So I knew I ran the risk of it being too short and the ending being kinda meh and abrupt.
  10. Hey Everybody! This past Friday I released my Half-Life 2: Episode Two mod, Year Long Alarm, on Steam. This polished 30min-1hr Half-Life experience was originally created as a portfolio piece. The design of it was to create an experience that felt like it could fit right into the middle of one of the Half-Life 2 games/expansions. While I felt like I achieved my goal, and it helped me get a job at Respawn, the mod was never really pushed out into the world by me. (There's a story there.) Six years has passed since I finished it, and after playing Half-Life 2: Downfall I thought... maybe Year Long Alarm should be released on Steam. After spending some nights bug fixing, and wrestling with the Source Engine, it was finally time. That time just so happened to be Half-Life 2's Birthday. If you are looking to dive back into the Half-Life 2 universe, check it out and let me know what you think. Edit: It is also probably worth mentioning that I decided to pack the source files for the two levels into the mod as well. Half-Life 2: Year Long Alarm Steam Store Page
  11. atrocity

    A CS:GO Editing Thread

    Alright so I figured out how to get demolition mode running. The server must set game_type to 1 AND set game_mode to 1. I did some digging in the gamemodes.txt and figured it out.
  12. atrocity

    A CS:GO Editing Thread

    So I am assuming we can run a server command when the map runs that sets this? Seems... dirty.
  13. atrocity

    A CS:GO Editing Thread

    Does anyone know a resource that explains the required entities for a Demolition map? I wanted to make a small Demolition map but have no source files and haven't found any tutorials.
  14. That is really cool Pampers. I think I might have missed your initial post discussing what this is. Small side project? Learning new things? Full game?
  15. Thanks Kikette! When I get the Skybox back from Spence I am going to spend some time tweaking the ambient lighting so it's not too dark. Spherix: Like Spence said those are reskins. Spencer is actually working with me on this project. He is building the 3d skybox for the level and helping out with some detailing. I can certainly release all of the extra content when it's done.
  16. Thanks guys. Yeah running around with bots in the interior it was indeed hard to see people. I have a 3d skybox that's coming in soon so I will start trying to tweak the ambient to soften things up.
  17. Hey guys, it's been a long time since I have visited the forums but I figured I would dive back in again. I wanted to share some screenshots of a small Overgrown art project in source. It's purpose was to simply test what methods and tricks I would have to deploy to get some sort of overgrown look and feel into a CS:GO level. I had a few materials made for the trees and I made some blend maps for tiles and bricks, but other than that it's all standard stuff.
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    Thanks Shinobi hows things goin on your end? Been awhile. e-freak: I actually used the light settings valve used for badwater, I looked em up on their wiki. freak: That actually may be one of the larger complaints I got. I think it could use some props but with how tight the game space is I got worried about people running into the extra details.
  19. atrocity


    Arena_Goldtooth: Here is an Arena level I made and tested with the guys from Gearbox. It took about 2-4 weeks to make with some pretty extensive testing. The level consist of 2 Spawns that have 3 exits each, and a center building that houses the Capture Point. Players will spawn and have the option to drop down and head straight for the action, go our the side door and on the ridge, or take a set of stairs and down the coal chute onto the roof. The center building is a 2 story building with a large roof that allows players to gain higher ground while being very exposed. The capture point will activate after 30 seconds into the round, and there is a medium health kit in the center building on the bottom floor. Hope you guys like it. Images: Download Links: http://www.onboarderror.com/downloads/a ... dtooth.zip http://www.fpsbanana.com/maps/download/69235
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    Level is looking excellent man. Love the lighting, and it seems you got great control over the TF2 theme. You going to have beta of this soon?
  21. atrocity


    Map is looking excellent, shame on you for using assets.... shame on you I kid, working at Red Storm we opened maps we had worked on and reused assets all of the time. It saves time, and your typical player will never notice. Keep up the good work.
  22. Method: No shit, that picture you posted for reference is the Carrie Furnace. I have been there many times and have taken all kinds of pictures Awesome industrial reference.
  23. awesome I know a guy who did the long red bearded viking model
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