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  1. This is very nice! The map needs more work and improvements, but I'm liking the map!
  2. @KOLARI @Thewhaleman Hey, guys, make this maps playable for arms race as well I really like to play this mod.
  3. K

    The random model thread!

    Some new props for a future csgo map (wip) Nothing special...just part of study.
  4. @Bevielis These were my only references,...and will be a hostage rescue map
  5. Some new ideas, (old theme) docks. I'll try to finish this map using only original content,...maybe some blend textures.
  6. K

    Goals for 2017?

    Study more and more about game development. Improve my modeling skills (studying blender, for now). Learn UE4. Finish some maps. Improve my english. Get married (my girlfriend is almost killing me) Play HL3, L4D3 and Dod3 ...
  7. @Minos This is... Amazing work, Minos, congrats!
  8. @nikkoship Yes, it's a full map (hostage rescue mod). @jUST_RUSH Thank you! Credits for Warby, for that beautiful roof texture.
  9. Hi everyone! I did some more environment tests... This is one of the areas where the hostages will spawn. Hope you like!
  10. K


    Looks amazing! I'm loving the arches!
  11. I had the same problem here. I fixed it, by removing the light_directional,...try to do it, if you have one. This is sad.
  12. Yes, both! There's a lot of brushwork, but i'm using the source sdk propper, to avoid the brush limit so now, the most of details are models. Being a hostage rescue map, i didn't think much about this...i'll try to make some changes, tests,.... and post more screenshots, soon! Thank you!
  13. Hi everyone, i'm new here! Something that i'm working for csgo It's a hostage rescue map "cs_leika" Hope you like Ct Spawn: Some foliage models by Thomas 'Hessi' Hess (cypress and ivy models)
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