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  1. That is awesome, awesome news. Half-Life 2 is going to be incredible. I eagerly wait for the 16th of November. /me get's ready to put "anti-spoiler.core - Half-Life 2 spoilers get BANNED". - Ewok
  2. Ewok

    tp_zorn (The Trenches)

    I know it sucks when a texture doesn't have a full set but in picture zorn10.jpg, you can see the building on the left. The window is repeating, doesn't look very good, although maybe it can be seen as decoration. And as someone already mentioned, i'm not too found of big pavenments, I would down scale them, make them like half the size. Add a trimming or border around the bases of your buildings, therefore it wouldn't have the repeating texture problem and your windows wouldn't be right near the floor, which is pretty unrealistic in most cases. Also in the second picture, zorn02.jpg, i've never really liked the building on the right upon seeing it in the promo's. The damage just doesn't seem realistic. I think it's the roof. And from the shots, it seems kinda small. The dullness I don't mind so much, since it is meant to be a World War 1 mod afterall. - Ewok
  3. Ewok

    mapcore wallpapers

    Nice work guys, whoa the wallpaper just loaded, way too much sharpen there son. It would be so awesome otherwise (like the Max Payne text on the top left). I really like Kreigore's skyscape one on crete, embodies the community in so many ways if you think about it. The texture look, cities could be associated with level design and even people from all over the world. I might try my hand soon. - Ewok
  4. Ewok

    Where do you live?

    Native? Heh, well I was born there, but no, I know what you mean and I am not black for the last time. - Ewok
  5. As much as I hate being the "ass" type, I also am put off but modern warfare mods of today. Besides CS, I won't really try anything else. It's too boring. But I won't let that preference detract from the fact that those are very nice renders and it seems some very hard work has been put into this mod, provided by a very able team of guys. And i'd like to say congratulations on having your mod supported by PC Gamer, that is truely awesome. Best of blesses for the future. - Ewok
  6. Ewok


    How incredibly sad... - Ewok
  7. Ewok

    Where do you live?

    Yup, South Africa. - Ewok
  8. Ewok

    game studios hiring

    Blitz has an awesome site indeed. Man, it sucks to see everyone moving forward and me staying behind. Would love to apply for some positions, but my work is not good enough I guess anyways. Love developing games, level design, directing etc... Besides, wouldn't want to move out of my country and leave everything I love behind. Catch 22 really. A BIG suck one. Well done Klein, at that age, you do really have big balls. That's what I call growing up real fast. Oh and by the way, excellent post Zaphod, you're doing an amazing job. - Ewok
  9. Even though I don't like iceworld, there has been many cool idea's flying around. The mapcore logo in the semi-transparent ice would be cool. It would have to be made a little better than the first, not just a port, because blocks carved badly doesn't look like ice. And about the textures, what are you guys talking about!?, CS:S cs_office has nice snow textures Also I doubt VALVe would remake iceworld imo. - Ewok
  10. Utterly amazing. - Ewok
  11. Sup, cool to see you finally hit the forums. Great avatar. - Ewok
  12. I defintely recommend the Final Fantasy series. Best games ever. If anyone doesn't like them it's usually because they haven't played through the first cd. And if you still don't like, I really think there's something wrong with you or anyone who doesn't like Final Fantasy. Also, yeah, I didn't fully enjoy Baldur's Gate but yeah, if you want classic CRPG that's it. Play 1 and 2. Good games. Nothing on PC is quite RPG anyways Mazy. There would have to be endless options for it to be so. But i'm not going to get onto that debate now. - Ewok
  13. To NotDuffy No, I do not tag my name at the end for security reasons. That would be a little extreme don't you think, and pointless because it wouldn't help. If they did and put "-guy who stole ewoks account" after, that would be like having "NotDuffy" as a registered name. Both stupid. Also, you say ... Did you notice I did not have an avatar? In fact don't most avatars show the users name? Hey wait, most people have an avatar and signature. Even though one usually always has the persons name it is still stated twice. So there's nothing really different in my case. Signitures are automatic once you've done your profile. By putting "- Ewok" at the end everytime manually I tag and affirm to myself what I just had writen at the moment. Almost like going by my word, it adds extra importance and forces you to think about whether you stand by what you've just writen. It's not for anyone else, but myself. And is not conceited in any way. I think you summed yourself up quite well there. I really dislike you, mainly only because you feel compelled to insult against me often. I should just get you banned, because your the biggest loser next to Gamer55. Rather stick to being good at nothing, because well...you have no choice anyway. - Ewok
  14. Ewok

    Remake HL textures

    Stolve, that looks great. Too big a res for a pipe imo, but it looks sex. You've really come a long way fast from you first nub textures. - Ewok
  15. Yeah, i've got GIMP as well. There is something to be said about seeing the map first. But by taking all these comments it seems decided that. It doesn't take much time. Neither too much effort (maybe some time if it's going to look sex). So then that means, why not just make it for the guy? If it's take little time, even for a n00b, then a prof. should pull it off quite quickly. Also, as Tayl0r said, this is Slapshot, give him some credit. I can see what you guys are saying, but for those of us who have been around a bit, I still think it's pretty weak. BTW, I don't think i'd pull off a road sign very well and i've been hella busy. - Ewok
  16. Ewok

    Remake HL textures

    Yeah, it's nice to see MacMan and Waldo signed up. The more industry heads, the better. Welcome to MapCore guys. - Ewok
  17. It's actually quite sad. I don't even know why we have requests. No one gives to ***** anyways. Sorry Slapshot, but it's sad that no one really helps out in these requests. - Ewok
  18. Ewok

    Remake HL textures

    Wow, Zaphod, that has to be one of the more really realistic textures i've seen lately. And it suites the old one well. Love it. - Ewok
  19. Ewok

    Remake HL textures

    I decided to give it a go. This is actually like one of my favorite if not the favorite Half-Life 1 texture. Creates that whole lab style. Yes, I know, should've made a 512x512 version, but it was too late. Either way it's a higher resolution than the original. OLD MINE - Ewok
  20. Ewok

    Remake HL textures

    I feel exactly the same way as Frie. It's always pleasing when you post something clown, I almost always make a good sigh everytime. Keep it up dude. Oh and Bolteh, as someone said, I think it was ol. The pipes on that tunnel set are pvc. In other words plastic. Conduit piping. Although you have made some stunning textures none the less. - Ewok
  21. Ewok

    Remake HL textures

    I must aggree with D3, some of the Half-life textures you can clearly see they're photo's edited. That's why this is hard imo, they old texes and with maybe bad resolution, but I still mantain that they (not all, like most of the fifties series aren't real looking and are hand drawn) are generally quite realistic looking. So making new ones at higher res's in my opinion doesn't classify them as better. - Ewok
  22. I really dislike Morrowind. It was such an incomplete and buggy game. It was soon uninstalled. - Ewok
  23. First I can't believe more than one of you didn't get what I meant. Anways simply put, why would you want a pentagram in it? Was it to try and make it seem hectic ? Or Hardcore <-- there's that word again. I know it's meant to be like hell, but I doubt hell would have stupid symbols in it. It's a lake of sulphur where people experience horrible deaths and torture. Most games and people usually can't come up with more imaginative ways to make something seem evil, so they settle with adding something called contraversy to their work. In order to give it that edge. Player sees pentagrams, player thinks oooo, this must really be an evil place. Whereas other games like Silent Hill rely on pure genious to push that accross (Not saying a cs map is similar to a 3rd person puzzle survival horror). I'm simply talking from a design perspective. - Ewok
  24. I got what you mean TWTW if it makes you feel better As they say, "Flogging a dead horse." heh. Anyways, I will if I have too. Currently working on Master Sword : Continued, and until my jobs done, I'll continue to work on it. I've really only released 2 and now a third map using Half-Life (excluding all my private maps), but I've feel i've done enough. I just wish I created my Half-Life sp project I made all on paper when I was still a super uber fanatic years ago.. Pitty I missed my opportunity for that. Anyways, that's another story... - Ewok
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