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    The Official MosaD Thread

    Your skin is pretty good. The sketch is ok, the face really bothers me, as for the body, that seems fine. That's about it, I think you just need to practice creating more striking facial expressions / designs. - Ewok
  2. Reminds me of the wacked map hd_house I made. Cept it seems even more crazy and extreme. Nice work ferret, keep it up. Nice to see the texture I made be put to good use. 10 points. Pitty it wasn't made for Household DEATH! - Ewok
  3. This is my new map i've been working on, dod_harvest. It's still in it's infancy. I am posting this now in hopes that it would force me to finish this. These shots are already old, but hey, most the terrain hasn't been finished (areas are still flat). Anyways, tell me what you think. Later. Don't complain about redundant shots of same areas. - Ewok
  4. I'm really keen for Half-Life 2 and Counter-Strike Source. So cool. Weee. - Ewok
  5. Heh, I'm from Durban. Yeah, i've read NAG, I used to be their biggest fan. I used to buy all the issues I could every month. I still rate it's the best Gaming Magazine i've ever had / read. For all of you nubs, http://www.nag.co.za. By the way, welcome to mapcore. Later. - Ewok
  6. Word, it's another South African. How could this be, I just don't know. Besides all that has been said already, I suggest just making a showcase. One part of the map where people can say wow, that looks fricken great. Those are always nice and refreshing to look at. It's also often what maps now days are remember by. Power of association. A while back I would say, just map and add on, like Frie said. Sometimes earlier on you have so much inspiration driving you, making the map and what you want comes easy, it's just your knowhow on the tools holding you back. But in hindsight I would say plan on paper and do it room by room (in the editor). It sucks when you have to go back to areas and touch them up because you don't think they look good or right. Inevitably this will happen anyway in some areas, but it reduces time wastage and gives the map and you a feeling of progression. - Ewok
  7. I don't know what it is with this infatuation with FarCry. Comparing a game that's already out to the limited screens for something yet to be released. And I hope that screen isn't supposed to impress anyone. It's simple with bump mapping on the walls. The only thing that really makes it look kinda good is the lighting. In which you pick any arb picture to compare it too. That's unfair. I've seen other Half-Life 2 shots that own FarCry. Not to mention the talent behind Half-Life 2 as far as texture artists, modellers I think kill FarCry's cartoony attempts. Half-Life 2 is still the most realistic looking game out there in my opinion. I just love the lighting and sharp appearence, everything looks crisp. Another thing is this, "Looks blocky". I laugh at those remarks, what do you want. Go take a walk in your neighbourhood or in the city for that matter. You'll find most buildings are square / retanglular. It's realistic. Not every place you go in the world is going to have stunning, striking architecture. Remember, this is based off Europe. And pulls the look off well. And even if some other engine happened to be better than Source by a long mile, Half-Life 2 as a game is going to rock and you all know it. And DD was talking about the water, and it isn't similar to Half-Life 1's in any way. - Ewok
  8. Pericolos0 is my witness. Yes it is quite hard to make out, but it's defintely there. Well played. Please DD, I take offense. I'm not the one with a big fact 208 number of posts next to my name. Why don't you stop posting. And the last time I checked, most of your posts are you arguing with someone. So if anyone is an asshole, it's you. - Ewok
  9. I wasted my time clicking this link. - Ewok
  10. Ewok

    Adobe Photoshop Retail?

    Well played DD. Buy it.
  11. Wasn't that mapcore.com Mojo? The failed one. Yeah, agreed, people in mapcore are too headstrong. But I don't see anything wrong with releasing maps from our community. If you keep it minimalistic, not much can go wrong. Small steps, rather than trying to do a massive big picture. And Frie, that's what I also worry about, that would suck ass. As it is there are alot of "mapcorians" that say and do jack. There's really only a select few people that actually are part of the group in my opinion. Those people know who they are. - Ewok
  12. A thought acured to me (i've thought of this before), but even more so now. I think it would be great to do something with the mapcore site besides forums. - Purhaps reviews of mods and games. - Downloadable maps from the mapcore community and reviews on those by say 4 respectable people who can make a educated opinion. - Maybe a decent help center and tut center to help out people, the only problem is that it attracts nubs. Just an idea, I wouldn't mind putting some time into it. Besides there's loads of people who know how to design websites well, and I know a little. And art I doubt would be a problem. Think if it as a forum filter, all the best stuff becomes available on the main page. - Ewok
  13. No Stratty, don't post anymore more pictures of your ol party days or whatever. You've posted lots, i think we know what you look like kthnx. Heh. - Ewok
  14. Hahaha Mazy, it's not many opportunities you need to scroll both ways. You draw the mark of zee beast on your hands, sman is so hardcore = loose. But I still wubs smanie. - Ewok
  16. This is me, I had a haircut recently and shaved it all off. Well ... number 4. - Ewok
  17. I'll map for Half-Life 2. If you too lazy it's your own problem. If you took the time to research you would find world / prop models in general are rather easy to make. Use Milkshape 3D or something, I don't care what anyone says, it's good enough for any world / prop model. - Ewok
  18. You guys dissapoint me. He DOES say it in Half-Life. Ewok = True fan. The last you are, The last you are, the last. I remember hearing that IN Half-Life, quote me and tell them to play the game better next time in their lil forum. I can't remember exactly when, but to my memory it's when you see the final teleporter. Where the sky used is black and the floating rock has spires on it with electricity coming off the ends. Bam. - Ewok
  19. Yeah, I realized that, and because you're Duffy probably alot sooner than you did too. Well because your dumb. The one sound sounds exactly like a Ster-Aug. BTW, Izuno I said that once before. When talking to NPC's sound would be good. In-game cut scene ya know it. So far it's the best neutral option that will probably make everyone happy. - Ewok
  20. I think I speak for everyone when I say this mod doesn't have anything that will get anyones attention or give anyone the urge to play. Sorry. Maybe you can prove me wrong. Who knows. - Ewok
  21. Sorry but I never liked this mod. Maybe I should play it more, but I highly doubt I will. I can't see how a particle engine can be used in this type of game warranting the development time. Anways best wishes on the development. - Ewok
  22. The El Camino looks great. Great skin as well, besides that Jebus line. Its so stupid, to top it off, it's so old. - Ewok
  23. Counter-Strike has a good balance between realism and fun. Yes, it may not be the most realistic mod by any means, but it had enough of it before it became boring and drab. I still love it. On your mod mawibse, sorry to say but if I see another m4a1 or mp5 tactical op game I tend to puke. So far what you've mentioned offers nothing new to what all the other mods of the genre have done already, besides one or two little things that wouldn't be enough. Maybe if your mod was set to getting the genre done right maybe. But this genre has been done fairly well and enough times. For example, I know there's TONS of Dragonball Z mods, but none have done it right yet, there has been like 2 out of the hundred that aren't completly terrible crap. Further Counter-Strike 2 is going to give people what they want with better and more impressive graphics which further shows that this mod idea won't work. I really think you just have to consider what I and the people are saying, when we say, "This mod isn't going to work. Bad idea." As for creative ideas, I would tell either way, they're mine. - Ewok
  24. Ewok

    The Collective : URBAN

    Great one [email protected], those wads are huge. I'll be posting my old nub wad that I used on cs_thestation soon once I get it uploaded. It has like lots of crappy old style textures but it has a couple good ones that I still use today. - Ewok
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