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    RD Just stop

    Don't worry RD, I still love you. - Ewok
  2. It's good to know that there are other believers out there. Don't worry Posty, we'll just shrug you little attempt off, because it ... was ... reeeaaal funny. - Ewok
  3. First of all, I recently played FarCry and it's voice acting is fucking retarded. It should get a prize for being so crap. Detracts so much from the game for me. This is NOT what you want for S.T.A.L.K.E.R i'm assuming that is the game in question. Cause that game looks kickass and I don't want to see it fucked up. Second of all, the game seems to have a dark silent atmosphere, if anything go with the choice that suites the game itself. If you can get good voice actors I would say go for it. But something on par with Grim Fandango's voice acting, which is brilliant. You could always try it out, if it's not great, don't have it. That simple. I personally feel for some reason the game should have voice acting, if so a it shouldn't be overdone. Just a average guys voice, slightly deep, but not try hard. He's not Wolverine. This would help with scenes between NPC's and avoid it being a one-way conversation. It would even be stunning if there were at times choices. The problem with FarCry is also that the voice comes too "unannounced", if you have a scene where marine hard ass man comes into contact with a npc woman character, you could have ambience music / sound to aid the voice actings punch. Two way conversion also makes it feel like there's a "connection" between characters. On the other hand I aggree with Taylor, that's the catch Half-Life had, no voice does work well in making YOU Gordon. If the character spoke in Half-Life the experience wouldn't have been the same. ANYWAYS, that's my opinion ... hope it helped. - Ewok
  4. Ewok

    The Collective : URBAN

    Well played madcow . Silleh Zaphod, get to work. - Ewok
  5. Yup Frie, that was a definite rant. Just wanted to say what happened and ... /me purrrs. - Ewok
  6. Ewok

    The Collective : URBAN

    I've come to the realization that I don't like my textures that I own anymore. I came up with the idea for a thread that would combine or rather act as a active source of textures. By placing them here you must acknowledge that all textures are free for use but if so credit must be given. I know alot of maps and people hold out on some good stuff to use for themselves, but if you can ... share and share alike. The theme for now is URBAN urgo city buildings, pavements and stuff of the like. If you have full wad links that are GOOD then excellent, if you want to pimp singles, go for it. Try not to spam the shit out of this thread please. Just want it to be a cool source to help people in the know. - Ewok
  7. I hope this isn't an April fools joke, if so it ain't funny. But anways, if it is true. I'll say my bit. I may not be old school, but it was cool talking to ya for the time that I did see you in the core. Goodluck, being with loved ones seems to be a major theme in my life lately. - Ewok
  8. I don't know. Everyone one knows every now and again it's Ewok VS Mapcore. But so what, I know it sucks when someone is being a bitch, but you haven't seen me bitch in the forums yet have you. - Ewok
  9. Recently I glanced the mapcore forums once again. Since I hadn't done so in a while. Then I saw the Gay Marriages topic and my mouth started to water. Then I proceeded to click on the topic and prepared to post my reply. Then I saw 6 pages of replies and guessed what the debate had become about. So instead of just inserting something I decided to read all entire 6 pages (took awhile) so as to equip myself to say something relevant to the matter at hand. As I get to page six, Mojo locks it. I nearly died. That's just not funny. I really wanted to have my say, but out of respect for him as moderator I won't. It just sucks. This topic was written twice as upon posting something went wrong. It took a while to wright out the fricken' first time. Something doesn't want be to post. It's not my day, someone throw me a coke. - Ewok
  10. Ewok

    DD in Plano :D

    Love seeing certain people trying to be funny. Forcing it on. Anyways, can't believe that place has real life jocks. Shame, what losers. - Ewok
  11. Very interesting article rd. Yes, it's obvious that Satan would want the project to be stopped and interfere with it as much as possible in the fear that good things may come from it. I haven't had the priveledge of seeing the movie yet, but I can't wait. BTW, Jesus loves you. - Ewok
  12. He meantioned and acknowledged Satan. Proof that God exists. How people can do such things I don't know. I would personally say it was the lack of God in that man, even people with no christian belief though don't do such terrible things as he did. Seems he had no moral standing or maybe he was aware and just doesn't care. Either way, he shouldn't be allowed to walk the streets every again in his current state. - Ewok
  13. I disagree with Arc back in page 1, VALVe wasn't the one that polished those models really. It started getting pretty and smooth before they officially got there hands on it. <-- Talking about Counter-Strike btw. - Ewok
  14. Ewok

    Household Death

    Yeah, that's a first in my books too. It's the first negative remark i've heard about the maps. I feel inclined to ignore that remark too. I don't see the Quake anywhere in either. - Ewok
  15. Ewok

    HL1 map fence prop

    Frie is talking about the map in general. Yeah I agree, it's a fresh idea. Looks somewhat different in theme to most Counter-Strike maps out there. Lighting isn't very good so far, but i'm sure it'll improve. My complaint would be that the terrain on the right when it comes to the road is like perfectly vertical, and doesn't look too good imo. Like the model, 10 points, very practical to use. The map area to the right also kinda reminds me of dod_avalanche. Anyways I'd say good job. *EDIT* Btw, you can make func_walls block light, which would then create a shadow for you. Just make the func_wall loosely assume the same shape of the fencing. - Ewok
  16. From what i've seen I kinda like this mod, it's a lil buggy and can be annoying at times, but I like the asthetic value in the maps. Although I don't think the maps play very well as far as gameplay goes. Animations are seriously lacking, guy just dissapears at death. But as a mod goes, i've seen far worse. I still want to try it with more people. Cause gun fights feel cool in it, if a little slow to react. - Ewok
  17. /me takes notes. - Ewok
  18. Agreed. I don't even know where that came from. I guess being an asshole comes easy to Duffy. Fat? um ... no, far from it. - Ewok
  19. Not bad, but as you said the border must go. I really like the earthy bit under the paint at the bottom of the texture, looks great. Btw, welcome to mapcore. - Ewok
  20. This_is_the_clown is getting really good imo. 1 thing that I think that will help your doors and such is shadowing on the rims / patterns on the doorway border. Hard to explain, but you have the door, then the border. The border seems to have lots of paralel lines that don't have depth. If they create shadows they would seem more real. Also more detail on the door's wood itself.
  21. Happy Birthday Izuno! Hope you have some awesome years to come. To old to map!? Never too old. - Ewok
  22. lol people. Keep them coming. And Holeman, I ruined a good joke? It really happened nob, but yes it was meant to be humourous. And I don't like always walking with shoes, you must have some real pussy feet if you can't take walking on tar with your bare feet. - Ewok
  23. Good Idea - Take the dog on a walk on tar with your shoes on. Bad Idea - Take a Amstaff (American Staffordshire Terrier) showdog on a walk without shoes. To get pulled downhill (had to run to keep up with running train-monster-dog) and slamming on anchors with your bare feet on rocky broken tar roads with only your skin to slow you down. Conclusion - Ewok's feet got messed. Take shoes next time. _____________________________________________________________ Want pics? Give me a host heh. - Ewok
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