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    Me and mikes post came round about the same time, so it made me look like I copied him heh. My point is, like I said and mike did too, there is NO real person that is in charge per say of #mapcore. Sure there is ownership, but no one is going to get "corrupt" anytime soon and if they do, they will sorted out accordingly. Hinkey it can't be any clearer, just come back. I enjoyed your company as I do with most people in mapcore. Don't take offense, mikezilla was just pointing out that no one has complete control over the channel, which seems to be the general concensus. As I, mikezilla, mojo and i'am sure everyone in mapcore agrees. Nuff said. - Ewok
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    Hinkey, I know I haven't been in mapcore as long as most people, but in regards to the unbalance of power and it being unchecked I think you wrong. Don't worry so much man, you think if mikezilla or anyone for that matter got out of hand the WHOLE of mapcore wouldn't have something to say? Don't want to sound cheesy but don't forget, it is a core. Everyone is a part of it, so come back and chat it up dude. Don't leave. I hope this clears your decision up a bit. Later. - Ewok
  3. That does sound sucky CrazyMAC...life can really suck at times. FrieChamp about your question, the way I see it, it depends on your devotion on the game you're working on. I'm sure that plays a factor, if you like the shit you doing, you'll put in overtime. This can prolly be better answered by someone IN the industry, like mikezilla or Zaphod. - Ewok
  4. I always thought those looked really cool PhilipK.
  5. Ewok

    My Rock Texture

    OK first of all, I would like to say...SWAK! I think it would be better to give Splash helpfull tips like Zilla did in the begining than to rip his texture off with the whole sandpaper or paper bag thing that seems to be an ongoing lil joke. Constructive critisism is what gets people to strive for a higher level. Splash personally I think it looks kinda cool with its 3D like appearance, but tiling is highly important for textures to be used effectively during mapping. Some really cool textures will be just chucked away if they don't tile properly no matter how cool they look. My opinion, just speak to someone about how it's done (such as using the right tools and such) and continue your work...seems to me like you have a lot of potential. - Ewok
  6. My server is down now ... looks like you interupted our plans of world domination CrazyMAC. BLAST YOU! You win this time...
  7. Hmmm...becoming a hitman, sounds like a tempting idea. But I think I will pass heh. Wow, it's good to see that other people have had shitty ass jobs as well (such as phone operating), at least i'am not the only one. Well I have worked for 2 days at this place (2nd day I came very close to quiting ) but I stuck it out. I have decided to try stick it out and carry on on Monday and hopefully it gets better. Thanks for the advice people, who knows what the future will hold. To DD, yeah the maps progress has slowed down, but since it's a very small map it's not too far from being finished. This week-end expect some screenshots of the map. Later. People keep them replies coming, this is interesting...
  8. Lol great one The_One. Very funny guys.
  9. Well it's a photo edit, so I did some major changes to the real pic. The original picture was way more from the side. Eyes weren't sinister, and there was miscolourations on the sides of the ewok. Sill far from drawing the whole thing myself, but at least I did something... Original Picture
  10. I'm busy at work right now...I HATE IT. I'am prolly going to be recieving shit pay and this job is totally repetuously boring. Plus i work on saterdays too. I'am unhappy here and prefer working freelance before, just get less stable work that way though. So the question I ask is, is your job worth your sanity? Soul or whatever. Come and testify your story and tell me what you think on the situation, i'am thinking of quiting today and being jobless
  11. LOL MAC, Fletch and Mazy. fap~
  12. [email protected], do you have like anything good to say about anything. C-132 is very far from a CS clone pls. I don't remember CS having single player(as far as mod is concerned)...so for your sake you better pull out the to save face.
  13. It was John Carmach, he couldn't stand losing.
  14. lol. It should be werking ... maybe you people are blind or something. Or maybe it's Steams fault ... yes teh Steam!
  15. On VALVe, yes the company was fricken thick to actually let something like that happen. There are such simple measures to prevent something like that from happening. But anyways...live and learn. On LEAKERs, the fact that some GAY stole some of the source, I think he should be found by some gamers and get the shit beaten out of him. It took 5 years to make and that cunt messes it all up. But hey, it's trendy to leak games, DOOM3 and Half-Life 2 did it...why don't you?
  16. page 1, mike and jynxdaddy hahaha...make me laf.
  17. Ewok

    Funniest thing

    I'm just wondering CrazyMac...why would you make a sig in a format that some people wouldn't even be able to see. Defeats the point. But don't worry I'll forgive you
  18. I was bored, so I posted this heh. Stone me if you like, I don't care...
  19. Nice texture mikezilla, heh, I spent some time looking for repeats...didn't see any. Guess everyone is not as cheap as me when making textures Pitty there is only one, but it must take some time. And X-tender ... er ... it hasn't been 3 pages of pimp really on just 1 texture. If you don't like the amount of pages on this topic, don't contribute with replies to make it grow bigger.
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