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  1. It's good to see some nice work being done for Master Sword such as this. I'm not all sure about some of the textures though, reminds me of the first DoD beta maps for some reason. Could be risky changing them though, might lose what you going for. Keep it up Father Brandon. Welcome to MapCore. - Ewok
  2. Ewok


    I'm not going to say "OMW BST EVR~" like some people do but I must say that those new shots with the models look extremely impressive. The benches having the classic paint peel of being exposed to the elements looks great. Nice detail. You map is really coming along nicely. - Ewok
  3. Well, DEFINITELY the Final Fantasy series. Final Fantasy VII and Final Fantasy VIII in particular. Those weren't just games, they we like life experiences. Totally mind blowing stuff, SquareSoft owns. Did have he OST's but deleted them ... piracy. I like Half-Life music too, suited the game, worked well within the game, added loads for atmostphere and ambience. Gave Half-Life that clinical lab feel. Also at the end, when the credits scroll that music was so perfect, made finally beating the game so satisfying. Like it was all finally over ... for now. Diablo has really cool music too. 1 and II. - Ewok
  4. Man, I would be so keen for a mapcore T-Shirt. I can try and help out. I have some contacts in the clothing industry actually. The factory next door is a clothing factory, maybe I can speak to them. Yeah, everyone should be able to get one, so international is the only way to go. Also, I don't think we should have like a billion designs, just like 1-3 really good ones imo. - Ewok
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    Yeah, I'm definitely going to be adding swords and stuff to make it seem right. Was contemplating adding thatch roofing, but then would that be stupid? possible fire hazard? I dunno, your thoughts? Also there will be a harbour, where you can travel and such which should be cool. - Ewok
  6. Ewok


    Indeed. It seems to be the general consensus that the streets need detail. Although I haven't got to detailing the level, i'll make sure to add stuff to make the streets not so bland. - Ewok
  7. Ewok


    This is a map for a mod i'm currently envolved in named Master Sword : Continued. It's a multiplayer fantasy rpg for Half-Life. I've used a few texture house sets to give it some variation so it's not bland, but not too many for it to lose the theme. There's a beacon in the center of the town, for that "beacon of humanity" type effect and acts as a lighthouse for the docks near by that I still have to add. Plus there will be people / npc's walking about in-game to add some life to the town. - Ewok
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    I was thinking the exact same thing as IR. I really don't like a building with a roof that follows the vertical wall, look shoddy. And the texture being all wrapped around that roof even underneath it. Doesn't seem polished. Though that's about the only thing that bugs me. The overall effect and impression of the map is great, nice ambient feel. Keep up the good work, pitty about the nick though - Ewok
  9. To be honest I've always wanted to make a Jurassic Park Counter-Strike map. I'm glad that someone actually just decided to do it, I was always to lazy. It's looking like it has great potential, especially if it's 60%. I would suggest darkening the lighting in the indoor areas some, to give it that atmostphere. Jurassic Park has crap loads of atmosphere. Maybe if it's possible to have some more dense areas of flora. Some areas don't really scream Jurassic Park to me, like the parking area, but I guess i'd have to play it. Some variation maybe, it feels like there's floor with trees randomly planted, try adding in some other things. Oh and by the way, you're not making money of your map, so therefore they can't or should I say, you shouldn't worry about being sued. Funny enough, I just came back from talking about the Jurassic Park.
  10. Well I kinda left Mazy hanging. I think it's rather bad not to answer the questions the people ask you when they the ones you recieve advice from. After all, that's what forums are for. I hadn't been in the forums in a bit, so alot of comments I make are in old topics. Like this map, I haven't really touched it since, now i'm busy helping out in a mod and don't have time for this map for now. And duffy, apartheid was kinda like ages ago. I live in the city of Durban. - Ewok
  11. Ewok

    Mushroom Model

    Reminds me of HHD. Not bad model. - Ewok
  12. The r_speeds usally are like round about 800 if I remember correctly. One area right at the back of the grassy hill area hits 1300, but it's where no one would play. But still high nonetheless. - Ewok
  13. First off, I do actually think Half-life 2 looks superior. But that I think is due to personal preference. DOOM III has a rather plastic look to everything, it lives off it's great lighting and I don't think there's too much else too it when compared to games today. Though I could be wrong. Now, I must say the world has seriously gone downhill. People get so distressed and say really extreme things like, "I won't play it now" which as Mazy said is utter crap. We know VALVe make games with excellent gameplay as well as thrilling atmostphere. They also make excellent platforms that can be built upon as Fetter said. I mean look at Half-Life compared to some of the mods today. Stuff can be asthetically changed. Half-Life 2 is going to rock, i'm behind it 100% even though it doesn't blow me away anymore like it did first E3 press release. - Ewok
  14. Indeed it has. It does determine alot of gameplay, since it's the backbone. The graphics look bad, not terrible. It isn't a feature, it's an aspect. It is not a development mess up, rather a marketing lie. So I guess that kind of ends it. It probably shouldn't have been mentioned, sorry. - Ewok
  15. It was actually directed to isb, not to you. But after reading your reply I editing it there with something for you. - Ewok
  16. To InsaneSingingBlender ----------------------------- It's like no one even listens to me. I have never claimed Dungeon Siege being a shining example of gaming goodness. Yes it has like no classes and character choice. I KNOW. But that doesn't make Morrowind great either. Morrorwind was more hyped than Dungeon Siege. DS didn't set any ridiculous goals for itself to my memory. Oh and the npcs that join your party lose ALL personality when they actually in your party and they seem pretty pointless. So don't bother mentioning that, stop bringing in arb information about DS I didn't claim to be amazing. I said it had good music, yes it did. I said it was a pretty game when it came out, yes it was. That's all. To Taylor ----------- I totally agree with you, you are right here. I've read comparasions on 3rd Edition rules, if the game is based off the ruleset, I don't need to play it to know how you level up and the game mechnics so it doesn't make my statements untrue. So I still disagree with you there. Also, you don't need to be a pilot to see that when an aeroplane is heading to the floor that somethings not right. Just like graphics, if it looks bad, it looks bad. I don't need to play the game to "understand" that. So I totally disagree with you there too. - Ewok
  17. I did indeed say ... I recognised the gameplay and didn't even try judging it there. I said it looked shod, it may not have had flaws, but the design was mostly blocky and I felt most the times I could do better. Because I've seen people playing that game. I didn't say it wasn't a good game, so please don't take my statements the wrong way, I just think for a revolutionary game, it needs to excell in all areas. That's why I can see it as a blunder, although a little extreme. The reason you level up quick is because it's based on new AD&D rule sets, which in itself is a joke in comparasion to the old rules. Oh and Morrowind didn't have multiplayer. Which made it incredibly more suck when I realized I coudn't run around with my friend, which I think would be a standard feature in games like that today. Oh, I didn't say Dungeon Siege was a perfect game, not even close either Taylor. I used a few examples from which I could draw upon from the game. No offense, but unless I state otherwise, please don't assume. - Ewok
  18. Hmmm, for me in no order in particular really ... Half-Life 2 and the Source ------------------------------ The VALVe Source code being stolen was a major set back in my opinion. As a result the games visual impact is a little lost even though I think it still looks awesome. But it's not mind blowing anymore. Morrowind, award winner? ---------------------------- The second one for me would have to be Morrowind. It actually makes me sick to think that, that game got any awards. When you actually play it all it screams to you is incomplete. Everyone (mainly the press), cumed in their pants at this game and when I played it I was immesly dissapointed. The "AMAZING" character creation system was laughable. The elves looked like homer simpson or something retarded rather than elves. There were little to no options to define your character look, rather "options" in which you could choose between a couple of base heads and hair. If you've played Smackdown for PSX you would be severely miffed because their character creation system was incredible. The options were in their hundreds. It had hardly no ambient sounds (hello rpg?), like two actually songs I think in the whole game, the people were dead (some call you outlander even though you saved the world and own the town), and a BIG hole ... there are no ... children. Like in ... the entire game. Each and everylittle area is a separate map, you can't creep through windows at night like in thief because all the peoples windows are closed and every inside area is a separate map. Therefore, what even happens inside, doesn't effect outside really. Guards don't follow you through and hunt you. Feels exactly like those old games where you knew games weren't advanced enough and used it's flaws against itself by just going to new areas where they couldn't follow. The game engine must be cruddy, because it's so demanding, when there's better looking games out there that eat alot less. With all this, I don't even need to go on (which I can), it's way past forgivible and not deserving of any award at all. Neverwinter Nights ass --------------------------- The game may have been fun and to be fair I haven't really played it. I just think it looked super ass. For something that was going to be the 3D Baldur's Gate it failed horribly. Dungeon Siege came out eariler and was a supperior graphically and had an abundance of atmostphere. Music was supperb. Dungeon Keeper II ---------------------- The first game was dark and atmostpheric. Not to mention the gameplay was incredible and unique. The second one lost most of that effect and changed things that didn't need to change. I couldn't bare playing on...\ Theme park etc, etc, etc... ------------------------------- The first and original theme park was great. Then they used the sequel, changed it's underpants everynow and again and *poof* a new game. World, Inc whatever. Final Thought ---------------- I know this seems more like games I hate rather than actual blunders at times, but stuff like this makes me see certain companies differently. Some of the titles I mentioned, were extremely press hype induced rubbish that was supposed to change the world. Instead, that made me puke. In my eyes, a massive bunder. - Ewok
  19. Ewok

    DM_Fairytale Beta1

    The fact that I have to reply to this is stupid. Good and bad meaning, in some areas it's ok and in some it's bad. Gosh, not that hard. I was being general, just ask (like you eventually did while saying I didn't make sense.) That doorway by the mill and one in like a kids room looks silly. It doesn't look wicked like in Alice. But in the inside area there is circler doorways which does work ... good and bad see. Wow, nicely put, basically you don't really care what anyone thinks as long as it's great for you. The point is the average gamer can't make it up there without "practicing", which in turn makes it crap NOT nice. Because in Deathmatch, there is meant to be SPEED, not oh **** I fell down and lost health because of the cliff face ergo -bad brushwork-. You want to have a flowing map that you don't get stuck while rushing about causing mass carnage. Take [email protected] for example in de_quarry, the fire extinguishers on the wall are walk throughable because it's annoying getting stuck in extruding objects while in a gun fight. Before taking offense to criticism at least try and see where the person is coming from before dismissing. Cause then you piss them off. *EDIT - Sorry, I was angry and you didn't derserve they method in which I typed this* - Ewok
  20. Ewok

    DM_Fairytale Beta1

    Nice overall effect but I think rough around the edges for sure. I can't bare tex misalignments much and there's some really messed up examples in your map. I know some are meant to attain an effect but i'm talking about the general. Also, the brushwork is good and bad, some areas you achieve a certain freaky style and others it almost seemed as if you didn't know what to do and ran out of ideas. Like some doorways are awesome and others are just ineffective. Very intricate work though, must be hard. The waterfall idea is cool, but screw that in multiplayer because that thing is faulty ass. It needs to be easier to get up there, right now it's lank hard (well for me.) You keep on bumping into the cliff. I suggest just flattening the brushwork in that area. Also add some custom sounds to your level, it adds loads of atmostphere. I like seeing someone else but me use sprites well to glow the window lights. I must say, you have a very good lighting in my opinion. Models are sex. Keep it up fetter. - Ewok
  21. I choose not to believe Duffy isn't talented at anything. Except being a tard. - Ewok
  22. And you have my hand I've already offered my services where possible a while back in an email. But if you need further assistance, I will gladly help if wanted. I can't say I have enough time to be a full time mapper now, but I could definitely cook up something in my spare time. - Ewok
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    Nice work so far. Glad you did the green lighting. Just think the fan mill things must go. I must test soon. - Ewok
  24. 2 - 3 years here. Somewhere in-between there, I'm bad with time. I know it's more than 2 but less than 4. - Ewok
  25. Ewok


    I was going to write some negatives at first, but as I paged through the map got better and better. Bravo. All I think, in general, looks a little bland, maybe some trimmings on the walls rather than just plain walls with windows everywhere. That's about it that I can see from the screenies. Doesn't compare to morningstar in my opinion. - Ewok
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