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  1. tnoh


    Can players use those energy balls as a weapon like in hl2, that would be nice feature
  2. This is best entry so far that i've seen. Looks so pure and holy outside, but evil inside. I really like it
  3. tnoh

    TS & CS_normandin

    it always pisses some people off :wink:
  4. Some people are just sick in the head. I read from newspaper that people have been looting the bodies shortly after the tsunami. Jeez, why not to give a little respect to the dead.
  5. Thats exactly what i thought.
  6. tnoh

    The new de_prodigy

    Yeah, it looks very good now, but i never liked to play de_prodigy anyway. I stick with cs_italy and cs_ office
  7. tnoh


    I like it. Keep working on it
  8. /me downloads some textures nice work Hourences
  9. tnoh


    I hope they release the bots soon. Much easier/faster to test a map with them.
  10. tnoh

    First try...

    Thats quite neat.
  11. Very impressive! I see you used my name suggestion
  12. tnoh

    Evil~ riddle!

    I played that few weeks about a month ago. I got on level 13... or was it 14. Anyways it's quite fun for a while. I hate those haunted ambient sounds, they make me paranoid :x
  13. What was the time limit on this? I did not spot any date there.. If there are months, I will propably try to make something by my self. Hmm.. or small team with 2 or 3 guys.
  14. it's fun to nail enemies on the wall with crossbow, so yeah, it's pretty cool
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