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  1. I think this is a fantastic idea; and something Unity sorely needs. I found modeling simple rooms and shapes in Blender a chore, especially when it comes to texturing. Sometimes I don't want to unwrap, and it'd be nice if I could just apply textures to a face like in Hammer, and be able to stretch geometry without the texture stretching with it. Rather than having a custom level file format, wouldn't it be better for the program to output a model in a few common formats? That way, you've got a truely generic and cross-engine level editor basically from the get-go with no implementation necessary. Either that, or you keep the custom level file format, and have an export function that can save the level in one of a handful common model formats.
  2. Ewok


    Personally, I like the colours, I think they work very well together. I also enjoy the funky pipework. I think this is the most valid point so far, it's the one thing that stood out to me as well. Upon checking out the screens for some time, my mind just couldn't become accustomed to those rocks. Also, because the area is highly developed, it seems odd that there would be natural rock indoors. I must say though, I looked at the screenshots and immediately thought Mirror's Edge. Well done. I've also contemplated stuffing around with that style.
  3. The point is, it wasn't DOF but tilt-shifting. So Hessi was off base to start with. Let's keep this argument going forever XD No, really, I'm just kidding. Pretty cool experiment Psy, I didn't even know you can do that in a game engine. Ignorance would probably be why. Mind you, that technique freaks me out on photos, looks cool though. popcornjake, cool scene, kind of has a Stalker aesthetic / vibe to it.
  4. Ewok


    I realize this is an old thread, but just had to share my appreciation for ns_hera. That was an awesome map, and by the looks of it, this one is as well. - Ewok
  5. Looks really neat. Nice design. - Ewok
  6. Ewok

    hessi's tree thread

    You've always been really good at making tree models Hessi. I enjoyed using them Posty's suggestion is really good, it always hate it when placing models that are perfectly flat at the bottom on uneven ground (which most terrain is). A root base is always prefered, can add to detail value too. - Ewok
  7. Ewok

    Merry Christmas!

    Merry Christmas Mapcore p33ps and gam0r7. Good to see these forums last another year. Jesus rocks, God bless. - Ewok
  8. Yeah, that's great stuff. I really like the second display pics, very sexy, almost feels like I am at the Drakensburg again. - Ewok
  9. Yeah, about that, sorry Mojo, you made the right choice. I've been pretty pre-occupied with life this year and haven't had the time to to any real moderating. I should've spoke to you or Zaphod about that. Also, I see mapcore has no front page still, if you're keen, I can do the HTML code side of things (frontend, no crazy backend crap), if you want, we can work in cohesion to get something going. - Ewok
  10. Ewok

    cs palmrich

    I think the map looks rather impressive, it does have a rather real world feel. The only things that seems to bother me is the fact that the cliffs seem rather low poly and unrealistic. At times it feels like what old maps in Half-Life 1 used to do, make like a wall box effect around maps. Kinda like DaanO said. Keep it up, it's coming on great. - Ewok
  11. Ewok

    Hello all

    Hey Backslidder, welcome to mapcore. As far as I recall, Illa doesn't really hang around the core very much. Would be a nice addition but hey. - Ewok
  12. Merry Christmas mapcore! It's been cool being around the core for another year. It reminds me of how old some of us are getting :-? Awesome season to celebrate the time Chirst was born as a gift to save the world. (For all the Christians out there). Also, have an awesome New Years as well peeps, I know I will. Later. Godbless, - Ewok
  13. Thanks Klein for clearing that up. Actually saw the diff ones at the shops here today. CE Retail blows abit in comparasion to the Steam GOLD. So next month in Jan when I start my new job I think I'll buy Steam GOLD and the retail box with Gordon on. GOLD better not be a limited offer, doubt it though, as they would want their other ports to go to the public. Meh, time. - Ewok
  14. Wait a sec. I'm confused. I want to buy it soon, but don't know how. I want GOLD because I want everything. But I saw Steam GOLD is the package without the hardcore copy of the game. Which totally sucks. I want the game hard copy and the goodies. I'm thinking of getting Steam GOLD and the retail box with Gordon on it (Is that the collectable?). Just like KFS. Or is there a GOLD package for retail, that has a hard copy of the game and the cool extra goodies? - Ewok
  15. Heh, i've been waiting a long time JonM, for you to show your stuff once more. Since checking your skills on your website a long time ago i've been hoping that you would produce some work for mapcore's viewing pleasure and I must say great job! I like you choice in theme / style, just great. Keep it up. - Ewok
  16. I often think people should try actually reading and assorbing mapcore's current slogon. A GAME DESIGN COMMUNITY. Lets get serious people. EOT's there so people don't explode and gib into little pieces from keeping it in. The rest of mapcore, should maintain a professional and serious approach to game design, which I think, it's slowly loosing. I'm checking the WIP Level Gallery less and less nowdays. - Ewok
  17. Ewok


    Wow, that maps uglier than I remember. Make at least look a lil pretty. Must have mapcore logo in the transparenty ice, and my name too of course okay rd! Or else... - Ewok
  18. Lol, thank you Taylor, I couldn't have put it any better myself. Silent Hill rules. - Ewok
  19. Ewok


    I actually didn't even know if this was the same guy that the stole work. Highly pathetic. I disagree with him being here then, but there being another 2 moderators I think it would be incorrect of me to make a decision on my own. Also, yeah, your lighting isn't THAT great, it's ok. Besides even if it was great, saying it's great is really making you a rater. No one likes self-proclaimation of greatness. On the other hand, the first shot is quite nice. - Ewok
  20. Having known Zazi a bit and seeing him come this far is great. Congratulations sir, best of blesses for the future. I'm sure you put your time there to good use. - Ewok
  21. Ewok

    Remake HL textures

    Looks cool, but the grill area looks a little fake / unrealistic / handrawn. Like the car interior area, lights and pretty much most of the rest of it. To answer your question, read the previous pages please. - Ewok
  22. Interesting that you are trying the whole Q3 style. You kinda pulled it off. Unfortunately other than gameplay wise I find most the Q3 A maps hightly boring (not all, most) in regards to design. Your map seems rather empty and plain, there's not much too look at. The lighting is also quite blunt. That one area really does look like a skatepark heh, (ahh the memories of Tony Hawk 1 and 2). Still not bad considering DOOM3 has only been out a short time and you're experienced enough to produce something to that calibre. - Ewok
  23. Ewok


    As far as I remember, yes, they were cellshaded, defintely not CJ's idea. Like he said, besides Cellshading I really cannot see any similarities in style. Nice map, looking quite cool, basically my main critisism would be the same thing everyone else has mentioned. - Need a more completed cell-shading feel. (some things don't look CS.) - The last pic has a metallic, enforcing to pipes or something which looks way too realistic mainly in detail, which is a contrast to the plain cartoony look. Also besides all these things, "flawless" doesn't mean good really, I think you'd have to add some more interesting things to give it a little spunk or character rather than just relying on cell-shading. - Ewok
  24. Ewok


    Sorry I haven't replied earlier about this map (spotlight gallery can be handy) but anyways. Yeah, looks quite impressive Minotauro, I don't think Peri's reply was usefull especially in the sarcasm, but I think you should keep it up. The only thing that really bothers me is the lighting in the first picture, I think the geometry and concept is good (shape, fan shadowing on the floors <-- suites marines btw) but it's just the intensity of the blue. I would settle (as many most don't) for plain white light. I really don't know why people always feel compeled to just have RGB as their scheme. Try it was some white lighting and see where that takes you. A little much on the red too, but looking good bro. - Ewok
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