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was in a server that switched to this map ( I had remember seeing the name somewhere until I was actually in game and realized that it was your map). Had a blast playing it, though seemed a bit tough for axis with pretty good teams. Allies just seemed to have a bit of an advantage :oops::oops: Anyway I had fun with it and enjoyed it

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ya, this map looks really nice, you are always really good about keeping the layouts, while overhauling, when i played it i was axis and ya there was definetly a hard time getting out of spawn to axis' 2nd flag, but ive been told that 6v6 with even skillsets its pretty even, ya...not much else to say, it looks really good, and i really like it, i really like the new apartments too, i havnt been able to play it with hdr, my awesome computer is in georgia so i'll have to wait for that


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