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  1. Retro Studios is looking for Entry-Level only Environment Artists and Animators. What is Entry-Level? Well, more specifically, we are looking for those that do not have any industry experience, so sorry Mid and Senior-Tier Artists and Animators. We are looking for someone who is passionate about games and takes pride in their work. Someone who wants to be part of a creative and collaborative team and who will be thrilled to work on Nintendo’s awesome IPs! This is an excellent opportunity for someone to get their foot in the door at an awesome studio! Retro Studios is in Austin, TX, USA and is known for our work on the Metroid Prime series and lately the Donkey Kong Country series: both Donkey Kong Country Returns and Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze. Associate Environment Artist https://nintendo.taleo.net/careersection/10000/jobdetail.ftl?job=1600000099&lang=en#.WD4U-CFo28U.email SUMMARY OF REQUIREMENTS Portfolio website that demonstrates art examples showcasing creativity, technical skills, strong composition, and a basic understanding of environment asset creation Prior experience in games industry not required Knowledge of Z-Brush, Maya, Photoshop, 3D coat, etc. preferred Ability to identify areas where help is needed Fluid and eager problem solver Undergraduate degree in art related subject or completion of an intensive art training program or equivalent preferred. Specific experience can be substituted for formal education Associate Animator https://nintendo.taleo.net/careersection/10000/jobdetail.ftl?job=1600000096&lang=en#.WD4RdTo0tN4.email SUMMARY OF REQUIREMENTS Website highlighting examples of animation that shows creativity, skill, and promise Prior experience in games industry not required Knowledge of Maya, Photoshop Fluid and eager problem solver Undergraduate degree in animation or related subject or completion of an intensive animation training program or equivalent preferred. Specific experience can be substituted for formal education
  2. (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ was looking forward to this
  3. well after dusting the resume after, its sooo crazy looking back, almost 10 years now in the industry, which means mapcore is like ~12ish years old!
  4. Was definitely a sad day, but I know that we'll bounce back and find jobs. Also, first post in like a gajillion years
  5. GOTCHA That was rather cool to watch. Old school mapping for life.
  6. The DC made that move so much more awesome than it already was. I am looking forward to Friday, I have been on a video game draught and haven't bought anything since November (when I lost my job ) but now with my upcoming job I can start to get back into the groove with Co-Op Resident Evil 5 and maybe some Halo Wars with the gf. This is preemptive "Look what I bought" post
  7. Ruffian looks really cool and I remembering thinking of sending my resume back in January when their website first went up, but being in Texas I did not. I wish Ruffian the best and hope that some people from the forums here take a chance and follow up with Ruffian.
  8. Mojo


    ok that just sounds plain delicious. Right now I am drying out (roasting) some peppers. Good god my apartment smells heavenly.
  9. Mojo


    Yes I know we mainly deal with mapping and games and to a lesser extent movies/tv. But maybe some of you out there are some culinary experts. So what are your favorite things to cook (it can be anything from just Mac and Cheese to Chicken Florentine). I've been cooking more and more in the past few months and am trying to branch out to new and different things. I have cooked Indian, Italian, Asian and my parents got me this 660 curry recipe book for my birthday (which is really awesome), so I am trying to do more Indian and maybe new fusion dishes. Tonight I am cooking Curry Chicken Enchiladas, or at least going to try to . I can make a wicked Sweet and Sour Chicken (thanks to Fletch), and I have studied up on the Curry Chicken so I think things will go well. If my camera phone can take some good photos I'll post the aftermath, hopefully it is nom nom. So how about you?
  10. well didn't do any civ4 or much tf2 this weekend at all. Hardly got any Rock Band in. Just sat on my couch and was lazy. I did pick up the Simpsons game again. Even as a rinky dinky platform its quite fun.
  11. I see absolutely nothing wrong with this post. :Cheers:
  12. up at 7am, still at work at 1030pm. Had a good couple rounds of TF2 :X and a sort of easy going day at work (thank god tomorrow is friday and then the weekend)
  13. people's plans for the weekend? Rock Band, Some old School Guitar Hero Action, [email protected]!!!
  14. Must. Avoid. Hype Train. I want this game so bad
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